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Xzirez: Token Miracle (Legend #2 Twice S7+S8)

  • Last updated Nov 29, 2014 (Naxx Launch)
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  • 12 Minions
  • 18 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 6680
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 10/6/2014 (Naxx Launch)
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Legend on asia got in at rank 11 legend two losses from rank 7- legend. Took me a couple hours met a lot of priest and other miracles. Legend on eu got in at rank 43. Took around 4 hours from 3-legend on eu had some trouble  because off hunters rank 8-3 was one big winning streak for the most part around 80%+ win rate. For proof go on my stream and watch when i play dont wanna upload picture as people will always say its photoshopped. Twitch.tv/vbsof 

Thx too donnie aka voltarin for helping me make this deck and a lot others:) Twitch.tv/epicvoltarin

Got #2 this season aswell. forgot to take a picture at #2 but took on at #3 at thats were I'm currently at.


Meta Slots For Counters Too Different Decks:

Zoo: Edwin, Earthern,Belcher,Senjin.

Handlock: Iladin, Two Sap, Owl, Two Sinister.

Shaman: Two Blade Flurry, Any Weapon, Bloodmage.

Hunter: Ooze, Owl, Belcher, A lot of aoi,earthern.

Mirror: South seadeckhand, Shade, Shadow step for loatheb.

Priest: Double Azure, Illadin edwin + loatheb in same deck, senjin, ysera(only if priest is only class).

Warrior: Illadin, Double conceal always, cairne, double sap, assasins blade.

Freeze Mage: Illadin always, Edwin,shadow step for loatheb, two farseers for heal,ragnaros(only if freeze mage is only deck)


Its very hard too set general rules for mulligan when it comes too miracle rouge so these are not always accurate

Huntard: Backstab,preperation, si7 (if you have a combo card), evis(if combo card), fan of knives, deadly posion.

Warrior: Actiouneer, shade, deadly posion nothing else.

Priest: Backstab, Deadly posion,shade,earthern si7, Acitouneer,Azure drake(if good hand), Loatheb(If good hand)

Zoo: Same as huntard.

Handlock: Actiouneer, Violet,Sap, Any 3 drop,Eviscerate.

Druid: Minions, Sap(not always), Backstab, fan of knives(if token build)

Paladin: Actiouneer, Minions, Deadly posion,fan of knives.

Mirror: Actiouneer, Always loatheb, All Minions, Backstab, Shiv.

Mage: Concede if they play ice block my win rate is close too 0%.

Some matchups you need too look at how many cards they  mulligan like warlock. Here are some mulligan rules too see what there hand early on might look like.

Warlock: The more cards they mulligan the more likely there handlock.

Druid: If they keep two cards keep sap or removal.

Mirror: If they keep there whole hand or have coin keep sap incase of edwin.

Priest: The more cards they mulligan the less removal you need to keep. If they keep 2 cards dont mulligan sap.

Hunter: The more cards they keep the more cards you need to mulligan too get removal.

Shaman:  The more cards they keep the more cards you need to mulligan too get removal.


Reading Opponents Hand/Plays:

An important aspect off any card game is being able too ready your opponents plays. There are different hints your opponent gives off during a game as too what cards he might or might not have. These hints are even more importan for a miracle rouge too read since the combo aspect of rouge means you need too setup for a lot of your plays. For example miracle rouges that dont attack with dagger turn two often has a hand with lot of removal and minions that they want too play in the up coming turns. Im going too list a couple of things people do that indicates what there hand is. These might not always work in lower levels of ladder since players often do missplays like playing in too a removal card for example

1: If your opponent is setting up for a big turn they will always try and remove your board. An example is if priest are setting up for a ysera or cairne which are cards that needs a clear board in order too not be removed or put the player behind they will always kill cards they fell will be hard too remove. If you have a loatheb on board and the opponent knows you have ragnaros and alextrasa in your deck they might "waste" there removal on loatheb if there setting up for a big play next turn in order too not fall behind. When you see your opponent making trades you fell are not neccessary hes most likely setting up for big play in the upcoming turns and these are the turns were you set up a good board clean or just fill the board with minions they have too remove so they fall behind.  

2: If your opponent has a full hand off cards and he decides too skip 2-4 mana it means one off three things: One hes trying too setup for a good trade with a aoi spell and there for wants you too play a lot of minions, Two hes hand is full of useless spells that he needs to save for a big minion or certain combo cards in his deck, Three hes trying too not get destroyed by one off your aoi spells or counter spells to his cards. If your opponent does one off these plays try and read hes earlyer plays or bait him for one turn meaning you do a play that makes him think your hand is crap making him over commit to the board or waste spells.

3: Try and see too what degree you opponent is playing around certain cards/combos. If your opponent is trying too play around everything he has a bad hand and thinks your hand is amazing. If your opponent never play around anything he has a really good hand or is just a really bad player.

4: Look at were the cards your opponent are playing comes from in there hand. If your opponent is saving hes left card for 8 turns its most likely a card like : Black knight, bgh, Execute. If your opponent is top decking the card he plays each turn the rest off hes hand is spells or high cost minions, if your opponent does this you need to try and either out draw him or be greddy with your trades.


I cut  edwin for a shade because edwin means the deck has 5 targets that consume spells which is too much. Shade is slower but dosent take your whole hand to use.

Loatheb is one of the cards that made token miracle possible. It locks your opponent down for one turn and lets you play spells to create tokens for next turn which is not going to get killed because of his battle cry.

Violet teacher is the early game core of the deck and allows for a early game threat that often creates 1-3 tokens the turn it gets played. If this card dosent get killed the turn it gets played you win the game 90% of the time in my experience.

I cut some cards like blade flurry and one azure drake too make room for more damage spells like cold blood and sinister strike which is cards i feel the deck needs too win control games. The double cold blood + sinister strike needs too be played as long as warrior is a meta deck.

The problem i first faced with miracle after the nerf was finding a list that worked well. i tried building a token version for a while but couldn't get it too work properly. My original list last season was just a few cards different from this one but i still wouldn't be able to get a good winrate because the cards i werent using were extremely key cards and the cards i were using instead of these had no real value in a token build. Since I've been playing the OTK lerroy miracle for the last 7 seasons i also had too get used to playing a different build. I found small things like hitting more with dagger and not saving all spells for draw made me win games the old miracle was much more conservative and drawing cards was the way you would win. with this deck i found i only need to draw 1-3 cards and i never have the time too wait for a huge draw turn. 

Miracle is the ONLY deck i am able too win almost every game with on a good day, no other decks does this for me. I dont know if the deck has more options then other decks and therefore always has a good chance off winning but i feel like i am constantly improving with the deck compared too other classes like hunter or warrior were i feel like the plays are mostly set each turn and the only real decisions i have too make is if holding the cards in hand or playing them generates the most value. With miracle i feel like everything i do each turn matters even hitting or keeping blade i find too have a impact on how the games play out. My win rate with miracle was over 80% for a whole week last season and i was able too stay floating around Top 50-10 still playing the game before the patch hit . A lot of people that get top 10 just stop playing and sit there until they start dropping i found this too be extremely boring and i always try and go for rank 1 which i usual fail at since the gap between 5 and 1 is often 10 wins+ in a row.