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Name Type Class Cost Attack Health
Warden's Glaive Weapon Rogue532
Assassin's Blade Weapon Rogue425
Assassin's Blade Weapon Rogue425
Counterfeit Blade Weapon Rogue442
Obsidian Shard Weapon Rogue433
Poisoned Blade Weapon Rogue413
Spectral Cutlass Weapon Rogue422
Thistle Dagger Weapon Rogue422
Waggle Pick Weapon Rogue442
Cogmaster's Wrench Weapon Rogue313
Hooked Scimitar Weapon Rogue322
Necrium Blade Weapon Rogue332
Perdition's Blade Weapon Rogue322
Self-Sharpening Sword Weapon Rogue314
Shadowblade Weapon Rogue332
Sharp Fork Weapon Rogue332
Swinetusk Shank Weapon Rogue322
The Kingslayers Weapon Rogue321
Mirage Blade Weapon Rogue232
Reno's Crafty Lasso Weapon Rogue232
The Lobotomizer Weapon Rogue222
Blackwater Cutlass Weapon Rogue122
Green Tortollan Shell Weapon Rogue112
Hasty Blade Weapon Rogue123
Hidden Gyroblade Weapon Rogue132
Kingsbane Weapon Rogue113
Plagued Knife Weapon Rogue122
Poisoned Dagger Weapon Rogue122
Poisoned Dagger Weapon Rogue122
Serrated Tooth Weapon Rogue113
Wicked Knife Weapon Rogue112
Wicked Knife Weapon Rogue112