23.0.2 Patch Notes - Duels, Battlegrounds, Mercenaries Bug Fixes & More

23.0.2 Patch Notes - Duels, Battlegrounds, Mercenaries Bug Fixes & More

Blizzard just announced new patch notes for a patch that mostly deals with bug fixes and temporarily disables Sphere of Sapience due to a disconnect bug.

Read more about what's in this patch below:

Quote from Blizzard

We are currently in the process of rolling out a server-side hotfix patch that makes the following updates:

• [EDITED*]: Temporarily bans Sphere of Sapience in Duels due to a disconnect bug it caused. The card will be unbanned once the bug has been addressed.
• Speeds up the rate that minions that have been buffed “for the rest of game” appear in Bob’s Tavern.
• Fixes a bug causing crashes in Mercenaries.
• Fixes a bug causing Murky’s Tasks to not automatically update as intended under the new Task system.
• Fixes a bug where Wildfire could be added to your Duels deck after it was intended to be banned in Patch 23.0.1.
• Fixes a bug that converted Classic Decks to Wild after the Core Set update.
• Fixes a bug causing Paid Reward Track Battlegrounds Cosmetics to be removed from accounts if the player got a refund for an unrelated product purchase.

*EDIT: The Sphere of Sapience Wild ban did not display as intended, resulting in player confusion as to why their deck was having error when trying to queue in Wild. To avoid further frustration and game errors, we are undoing the Wild Sphere of Sapience ban at this time as we continue to explore solutions.


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