New Heroes are Coming! Magni Bronzebeard Confirmed, New Card Back

3:41 PM EDT: You'll be able to set a favourite hero for each class. The favourite hero will be used in play mode and arena. (Source)
2:49 PM EDT: Added clarifications: no bundles, emotes will use old categories, gifting.
2:24 PM EDT: Cleaned up the post. Added clarification confirming no new gameboards.
1:58 PM EDT: Added clarification that new heroes are animated whether the hero is golden or not.
1:22 PM EDT: Added a couple of clarifications to the post regarding release schedule and deck slots (not happening)

New Heroes are Coming! Magni Bronzebeard Confirmed

New Heroes are coming to Hearthstone! Magni Bronzebeard has been confirmed to be the second Warrior hero.

  • Heroes can be bought for $9.99 USD per hero ($12.99 AUD, 8.99€ EUR, 6.99£ GBP). (Source)
  • Heroes are purely cosmetic. They use the same class cards that are in the current game and use the same hero power.
  • The hero package includes the new Hero, a special hero-exclusive Card Back, and unique hero-specific Emotes.
  • You'll be able to set a favourite hero for each class. The favourite hero will be used in play mode and arena. (Source)

Hero Details

  • The portraits come animated by default, unlike the base heroes.
  • When they enter the game, it plays a special animation.
  • Heroes come equipped with unique emotes.
    • The new emotes will use the same categories as the old ones. (Greetings, Thanks..) (Source)
  • The area surrounding the hero, the tray, is themed to match the hero. (Source)
  • Each Hero has a unique Hero Power animation. (Source
  • The Hero Power border will become golden once you have achieved 500 wins with the class of that Hero. Otherwise, it is wooden. (Source)
    • Example: If you've obtained 500 wins with Garrosh, that's 500 Warrior wins which would give you golden hero power Magni.

Further Clarifications

  • The new heroes do not come with new deck slots. (Source)
  • No new gameboards are included with the new heroes. (Source)
  • Heroes will not all be released at the same time. (Source)
  • There are no current plans for releasing a bundled discount. (Source)
  • There are no current plans to allow for gifting of portraits, or other content. (Source)
Quote from Blizzard

“Well, look who it is!”

Some new faces have just shown up at the inn! Hearthstone®: Heroes of Warcraft is happy to welcome new Heroes as they pull up a chair at the game table!

These new Heroes put a fresh face on the classes you know and love, and bring along some unique surprises of their own.

Picture Perfect


These new Hearthstone Heroes will feature beautifully detailed animated Hero portraits, including all-new art never before seen in the Blizzard universe. The first new Hero we’re introducing is a famed Warrior—the mighty King of Ironforge himself, Magni Bronzebeard!


Aside from the vibrant new Hero portrait artwork, these new Heroes also come with unique Hero power animations. Magni’s version of the Warrior’s “Armor Up!” Hero Power is sure to reinforce the fact that his majesty is not to be trifled with!


New Heroes also come with unique emotes and voices that convey their individual personalities, a play area featuring a custom visual theme, and nifty “entering the game” animations so you can greet    (or intimidate) your next opponent in style.

If that wasn’t enough, new Heroes also come with a unique card back that will impress even the mightiest of dwarven kings! The steadfast “Magni” card back is added to your collection immediately after purchasing the Magni Bronzebeard Hero, and can be used with any deck of your choice.  


New Heroes will be available for purchase from the in-game Shop for $9.99 USD! Usurp the traitorous Garrosh Hellscream and bring down the hammers of dwarven justice with Magni Bronzebeard; the first new Warrior Hero for Hearthstone—coming soon!

New Heroes do not add new cards to your collection or change the classes’ activated Hero Power and are not considered new classes. 


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