Recent Dust Grants and Missing Cards - Official Answer & Update

Recent Dust Grants and Missing Cards - Official Answer & Update

Blizzard finally posted about the Dust Refund operation gone bad. Their explanation is below, but the TL; DR: is that they are running fixes right now and will resume with the dust hand outs after, not just in the Americas, but in other Regions too.

Quote from Blizzard

Hey all,

We’re working to fix a few ongoing issues right now that we wanted to give you all more information about.

Last night (Pacific time), we started a heal-up that awarded many players some Arcane Dust (starting in the Americas region). That Dust was to compensate those players for a bug that allowed those players to get extra copies of uncraftable Golden cards from various sources, like monthly awards, Arena awards, and some products (but not Packs).

Those uncraftable Golden cards included cards from the Rewards Track and the Battle for Alterac Valley event. The heal-up was supposed to delete the extra copies of those uncraftable cards and award the affected players with Dust equal to the value of those cards. That’s why different players got different amounts of Dust—it depended on how many of those extra copies you had, and what rarities they were.

Unfortunately, as some of you have noticed, there were some issues with the heal-up. One issue was that several cards were included that weren’t supposed to be included, resulting in players getting more Dust than intended. A second issue was that some players got the Dust award twice. A third issue is that some players had too many cards deleted, leaving them with fewer copies in their Collections than intended. When we noticed these issues, we stopped the heal-up to avoid causing issues for more players.

The team is currently working on fixing these issues. We just ran a script to correct the Dust grants for people who got it twice, and are in the process of running a script for people who got too many cards deleted. Once these issues are fully resolved, the team will run a check to make sure the fixes have been run correctly and all appropriate adjustments have been made. Then, we will finish the initial refund in the Americas and start it in the other regions.

We will update this post when we have more information.

Quote from Blizzard

1/20 Update:

The heal-up correction has been completed in the Americas region. That correction included running a script that subtracted the same amount of Dust that was previously added to each account, and also added back in the cards that were previously mistakenly deleted. Then, the refunds were processed as initially intended. The refunds only properly apply to a very small number of players, so the end result is that most players ended up with 0 extra Dust. We’ve seen your concerns, and we’ll continue to investigate your reports, but we’ve looked into it extensively and have not seen any player end up with less Dust than they started with (except for any Dust they spent in between the two adjustments).

The original refund script has been fixed, and is now being rolled out in each of the other regions. Because it was adjusted, most players won’t see any affects from it.

We apologize for the inconvenience and confusion this has caused.



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