Elementals Are Invading the Hearthstone Website

Update 2:33 PM EST: Added note about change of carousel cards.

Elementals Are Invading the Hearthstone Website

The official website has been updated with a fancy animated elemental on top of the navigation bar. It is definitely a reference to upcoming content, which is pointing towards something in Blackrock Mountain.

Only four days remain until PAX East, where Blizzard will be making a Hearthstone announcement. What are you hoping for? An expansion? Adventure?

Carousel Cards Changes

After careful examination of the website, the cards that rotate through the carousel on the front page have also changed. Previously home to Illidan, Bloodlust, and Grimscale Oracle, we now see the following five cards.

An interesting thing to note is that the Twilight Drake and Dark Iron Dwarf on the site are using outdated card images. Blizzard has fixed their mistake as of 11 PM EST.

All creatures in the cards above can be found within Blackrock Mountain in World of Warcraft. 



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