Hearthstone Patch 8036 - Blackrock Mountain, Three New Card Backs

Update 7:21 PM: Patch is now live! Restart your clients to grab the update if you haven't gotten it already.
Update 11:06 AM
: Added note about Blackrock Mountain.

Hearthstone Patch 8036

A small patch has appeared on the Blizzard download servers which contains information about three upcoming card backs.

Blackrock Mountain - Possible New Hearthstone Adventure / Expansion

Speculation: We may be getting a Blackrock Mountain adventure / expansion. There is a string which points to a presale of it becoming available and buying it will reward you with a Molten Core card back. This may not be final, it could also be Blizzard just messing around with us. Keep that in mind!

If you are not familiar with Blackrock Mountain, it is a massive Mountain between Burning Steppes and Searing Gorge (Warcraft zones) which is home to Ragnaros, Elementals, the Dark Iron, and Nefarian. In World of Warcraft, it houses several instances and three raids, and the first Hearthstone adventure, Naxxramas, was based off a raid in World of Warcraft.

Read more about Blackrock Mountain on Wowpedia.

New Card Backs

Three new card backs have been datamined, but no images are present in the client at this time. It looks like Ragnaros will be an upcoming Seasonal card back, and the other two are related to achievements.

  • Molten Core
    • Reward From: License Detected
    • Note: purchase brm presale
  • Ragnaros
    • Reward From: Ranked Season Play
  • Golden Celebration
    • Reward From: License Detected
    • Note: golden celebration cardback

Historically speaking, Achievements / Rewards which trigger off a "license detection" are related to owning a game (Warlords of Draenor Collector's Edition) or ticket (BlizzCon) on your Battle.net account. We cannot say for certain how Molten Core or Golden Celebration will be obtained at this time, but Molten Core does currently point towards a content pre-sale.



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