Timestream Tracking - The HearthPwn Year Creation Competition [Phase 1]

Timestream Tracking - The HearthPwn Year Creation Competition [Phase 1]

To celebrate the launch of another card design competition season, we're doing another large, multi-week design competition. This time around we've decided to give you the ultimate challenge - build an entire year of Hearthstone!

If you want to skip this post which only briefly goes over the competition and want to read up on the full rules, visit our submission thread.

Forty-two Minutes Earlier

Chromie, we have a problem. Of course, there was always a problem. Inner Fires being played before Divine Spirit and Shudderwock misfires were common in the Hearthstone world. But, Linkblade91 realized that this might be a tad bit more than the average trifle, as he stared in confusion at the figure who identified himself as Linkblade92.

Chromie, temporal investigator, ambassador of the bronze dragonflight, and temporarily a little charismatic gnome who was snoozing nearby, looked at the two Linkblades…

“Ack! Those annoying Infinites… I can’t even enjoy a summer vacation.”

Hi there! This is Chromie speaking! We seem to have a bit of a problem. It turns out that the Infinite Dragonflight decided to create a temporal loop to shred a part of the future. In fact, an entire year of it. The future has been mangled and we'll need some help recreating it. So, I’d like you to help me out by creating a new Hearthstone year to replace the missing one!

Phase 1: The Concept

Things are just getting started so instead of creating tons of cards, we're looking for your proposals! You should read up on the full rules in the submission thread before submitting, but here's the gist of what you'll need to do during this first phase.

  • The name of your Hearthstone Year.
  • Hall of Fame - 3 cards rotating out for Basic or Classic.
  • Up to 6 example cards (these cards do not have to be in your final product)
  • New keywords are not required but are allowed.
  • No single-player content.

Phase Overview

We've got four unique phases during this competition with each phase giving you a nice chunk of time to make your submissions.

  • All stages of the competition begin and end at 21:00 UTC.
  • The timetable is not set in stone. If we notice people are struggling, we'll adjust times as needed!
Phase Goal Submissions Voting
1 Year Introduction June 28 - July 10 July 10 - July 11
2 Expansion 1 July 11 - July 31 July 31 - Aug 1
3 Expansion 2 TBD TBD (2 Polls)
4 Expansion 3 TBD TBD (Finale)

Interested in Competing? Awesome!

You can read up on the full rules over in our submission thread. If you have any questions or want to comment on the creations of others, we've got a dedicated discussion thread just for that.

When you're ready to submit your year introduction, you can visit the submission threadGOOD LUCK!


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