Deck Spotlight: Chiv's Aquarium Aggro, Top 5 Plays of the Week

Deck Spotlight: Chiv's Aquarium Aggro

In tonight's Deck Spotlight we're taking a look at another type of Warlock Aggro, where the Zoo meets the Aquarium. The goal of the deck is, like any aggro deck, to establish board control and tear into your opponent. By changing up cards that you would normally find in a Zoo deck over to Murlocs, you will likely catch your opponent off guard and within a few turns, he will meet his demise.

Aquarium Aggro is a budget friendly deck clocking in at 4000 Arcane Dust if you include Leeroy Jenkins. Like all aggro decks that call for Leeroy, if you don't have him, an Argent Commander makes an excellent alternative. Head on over to the deck guide to learn more about the deck!

TheChiv's Aquarium Aggro
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Top 5 Plays of the Week

Giantkiller is back with the Top 5 Plays of the week featuring Hysteria, Puffin, Silhan, Noxious, and Maltomies.

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