NESL Tournament Decklists, Deck Spotlight: Dreadmaker's Spellsword Rogue, Reconnect Feature

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 Player Spotlight: [MG] Forsen - Upcoming ESGN Contender

We have made a correction to some of the decklists links in this post.

NESL Tournament Decklists

We've got exclusive access to the latest decklists for last weekend's NESL $500 Cup, and they are now available for your viewing pleasure. The NESL $500 Cup is a weekly event run on Sundays for players of the North American Hearthstone server. For more information on the tournaments that NESL runs, and to signup for this week's cup, check them out here!

NESL 11 Tournament Decklists
 Trickz's Hunter  Twisted's Warlock 1  Twisted's Warrior  Strunk's Warlock
 Trickz's Warrior  Twisted's Hunter  HeftyStyle's Druid  Strunk's Warrior 
 Trickz's Priest  Twisted's Shaman   HeftyStyle's Mage   Strunk's Shaman 
 Trickz's Paladin  Twisted's Warlock 2   HeftyStyle's Shaman   

Deck Spotlight: Dreadmaker's Spellsword Rogue

In tonight's deck spotlight, we're going to be taking a look at Dreadmaker's Spellsword Rogue - a deck which revolves around the use of Spell Power to buff your abilities up to deal massive damage combos. Dreadmaker has written an excellent guide to go alongside his deck which is available on the deck page. See the deck below, and a quote from Dreadmaker himself on why he created this deck.

Quote from Dreadmaker

This deck was made as a means of trying to fight back against the current meta. In my experience, it does reasonably well against most things, but doesn't specialize against anything in particular. With a good draw, it's quite good against aggro (Bloodmage Thalnos + Fan of Knives will ruin most aggro decks handily) and it has a lot of excellent removal that scales well into the late game because of all of the spell damage. It can play fast if you get a good draw, and it can also play slow if you're in a control war. I think this deck works as a strong counter to a lot of popular meta decks at the moment, and more importantly, is really, really fun to play!

Dreadmaker's Spellsword Rogue
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Reconnect Feature

Yesterday, Blizzard enabled the reconnect feature on the NA servers to allow players who disconnect to hop back into game. There have been some issues with it and it is holding back its release in Europe.

Quote from Blizzard

We are still investigating some issues regarding the reconnect functionality and will enable it for the other regions once those issues are resolved.




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