The Cutest Cards of the Frozen Throne

The Cutest Cards of Knights of the Frozen Throne

Murloc Tinyfin asks: "Mrgl Mrglrlgl Rlglrlrl?"

Hello and welcome to the Cutest Cards of the Frozen Throne! Today we need your help, audience, to help us determine which card is the absolute cutest. Our expert panel of judges have come together to determine the top 9 cutest cards and now you must answer the call and help make the final decision.

The Contestants

Look at how talented he is! Perfect trick execution, 10/10.

Just look at those hearts, she loves you! And I've heard on the internet she's the most broken card in the expansion, too!

No bones about it, this card is top dog. The most fetching card this expansion, you're barking if you don't vote for him!

This little rascal has stolen our hearts. Equipped with a dagger of the North, he's sure to steal yours too.

Her graves may be shallow, but she'll dig deep in her heart to give you the card you want!

Pract-ice makes perfect! This little guy has been eyed by adventurers for years in Northrend for his adorable face.

This adorable little ghoul loves you snow much; How can you not give him your vote?

Not only is he adorable, but he brings you a friend too! Dragons in the North, who'd have thought?

The most adorable little Tuskarr since the happiest turtle-riding Jouster! And he comes with a pet too!

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