Weekly News Recap, Handbook: Game Basics, Community Spotlight DK Hero, ArenaValue

Weekly News Recap

With the launch of open beta in all Hearthstone regions, our site update, and a developer interview with Hamilton Chu, it's been a crazy week!

Hearthstone Handbook #1 - The Game Basics

Noxious has released the first video in his new video series titled Hearthstone Handbook. The series is primarily aimed at newer players, but even the old might be able to learn something new! In this video, Noxious goes over a long list of subjects which include: card anatomy, an introduction to crafting, heroes, and card mechanics.

Stay tuned for the next episode, which is going to discuss Deck Archetypes and the Metagame.

Community Spotlight

In today's Community Spotlight, we're going to take a look at FonteTavina's take on the Hearthstone Death Knight, and a new website to help you choose cards in the Arena, ArenaValue!

The Hearthstone Death Knight

FonteTavina on our forums posted a great thread on our forums detailing what their ideal Death Knight class would look like. Check out a couple of cards below, and be sure to visit the full thread on our forums to see all 36 magnificent cards.


From the creator of Hearthstone Stats, comes another tool of epic proportions. ArenaValue is a great little website / program which helps you get an idea of which card in your arena draft is the best card to pick based on its value score. Value is calculated based on data from various high-end arena players' spreadsheets, and the cards that are currently in your deck. The tool is currently in beta, and hsstats would appreciate any feedback you have to go in this thread.

See you in the arena!

Top 5 Plays of the Week

GiantKiller of 2pPressStart published a new episode of Hearthstone, Top 5 Plays of the Week. This week's plays come from Animal, Hafu, Sharpie, Reckful, StrifeCro. Congratulations guys on some great plays!



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