MG Decklist Round-Up, Hearthstone Mythbusters

MG Decklist Round-Up

It's been another busy weekend with the Friday night NA & EU Swiss tournaments and the MLG/ManaGrind NA & EU Opens. If you're curious as to what the best players are playing with in their decks, read on! If you're interested in interviews with the winners, we'll have those available later in the week.



Hearthstone Mythbusters

NightlyGoNews uploaded Episode 2 of Hearthstone Mythbusters, a series in which your Hearthstone myths get put to the test. If you've frequented any Hearthstone forums, you've likely seen some of these questions asked with varying community responses. Now is your chance to find out how long Fatigue lasts, and what kind of experience you earn if you die as Lord Jaraxxus after successfully casting Mind Vision to get Jaraxxus as Anduin Wrynn.



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