MLG/MG Tournament Winner Interviews, Deck Showcase: High Budget Midrange Druid

MLG/MG Tournament Winner Interviews

As promised yesterday, we've got interviews with the recent winners of the NA and EU MLG/MG Opens! If you're interested in checking out some of the top decklists from the recent tournaments, check out our decklist roundup!

Winner of ManaGrind NA Open #10 - Pkughost

TheChiv sat down with the winner of the North American Open #10, Pkughost! The two discussed his Paladin deck, the opponents he defeated, and hopes for the game. Check out what Pkughost had to say about his sideboard below, and don't forget to checkout the full interview!

Quote from Pkughost

Coldlight Oracle in the finals, the Warrior wants to draw his combo so I decided to help him. *Laughs* I put a lot of taunt minions in the final game as well and I used Acidic Swamp Ooze. against Paladins. Maybe I should have used them in the final as well, but I decided to put more taunts and play it safe.

My best decision is perhaps to keep my Tinkmaster Overspark in the semi-finals. It may sound useless against a Mage. But I used it to tinker a Doomsayer and saved my whole board.
Read the full interview, here.

Winner of ManaGrind EU Open #10 - Peseto

TheChiv also got the opportunity to speak with the winner of the EU Open #10, Peseto! Included in the interview were his three different deck setups that made use of the cards on his sideboard. Topics that were discussed include; climbing the ranked ladder, his experience with the tournament, and the recent changes from Blizzard. Take a look below at what Peseto has to say about what he feels the best Neutral cards are in the game, and be sure to check out the full interview here.

Quote from Peseto

Nat Pagle is really underplayed, Tinkmaster Overspark is useful, and The Black Knight in the current meta is just great. The Black Knight is especially useful against aggro decks with Defender of Argus and in mirror matches with Druids it’s great.
Read the full interview, here.

Deck Showcase: High Budget Midrange Druid

In tonight's Deck Showcase, we're featuring Aishi's High Budget Midrange Druid Deck. I warn you though, this deck is not for beginners, unless of course you're planning on breaking the bank! You can see a full review of the deck in the Midrange Druid Deck topic on our forums, or see the deck below if you're just interested in trying it out. Let's take a look at what Aishi has to say about this deck.

Quote from Aishi

Seems like everyone is making a Druid deck these days, and I'm no exception. Here's a Druid deck that I've been keeping out on the field to push me ahead in ranks whenever a viewer demands it. Ramp Druids often come up time and again, throwing big drops at you left and right while maintaining huge pressure through spells, but I don't think the term "Ramp" without Wild Growth is particularly corrent, that's just my two cents of course. 

Either way this is a deck that focuses on keeping a simple board with honest minions such as Harvest and Twilight Drake alongside control spells until you can begin to hit the opponent with the big minions the second that you find an opening. Your hand will always be full and your options, once you survive the early game, are incredible. If you're looking for a deck that pushes the opponent into a complete sense of hopelessness when they make the tiniest mistake, this deck is for you.

[Pre GVG] Midrange Druid
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