Blizzard Responds to Community Outrage on Purify

Blizzard Responds to Community Outrage on Purify

There has been outrage in the community over the weekend after Purify was revealed. It has lead to jokes, memes, countless threads, and a few big-time Hearthstone community members made videos addressing the card.

Iksar stated on reddit that they were already happy with the options Priests were getting from Karazhan through Neutrals and because of that wanted to try something different.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

Quote from /u/IksarHS
We've had similar articles in the past about design stories for particular cards, I think the most recent one I remember discussed all the design iterations that Yogg went through. Card designs have a number of different goals, sometimes those goals are immediate competitive play and sometimes they shoot for something else. Things like flavor, arena viability, or sprinkling in tools for a new or existing archetype. In smaller sets, it can be a little risky to take a gamble on a new toolkit because there are fewer cards to work with. In the case of Priest, we were pretty happy with the amount of options the class was getting from neutral (Barnes, Curator*, Medivh, Dragon Cards) to do some testing with a new archetype that Purify could be a part of. In my mind there is some positive to the outcry over Purify because I think people will definitely try it out and report any successes/failures/stories they had building and playing a 'silence your own stuff' priest. None of this is to say anyone is wrong in their feedback, but just to communicate some of the ideas surrounding a card design. Hearthstone is important to all of us, and we're trying to do better in terms of communication and understanding what different communities (like this one) are most interested in. I've been happy to be here and have a conversation about what you all want from the game, thanks for being so passionate about it. :D

Kripparrian on Purify

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