The Cutest Cards of Karazhan

The Cutest Cards of Karazhan

Oh Magic Mirror within The Parlor, who is the cutest of them all?

Hello and welcome to the Cutest Cards of Karazhan! Today we need your help, audience, to help us determine which card is the absolute cutest. Our expert panel of judges have come together to determine the top 5 cutest cards and now you must answer the call and help make the final decision.

The Contestants

The most adorable book on Azeroth. Seriously, just look at that smile!

It’s a CAT in a HAT. If this card doesn’t win I will lose all faith in humanity.

It’s got the cutest little DWAGON ever. Just look at how fierce the little fella is! (even the Goblin is semi cute with it’s scorched nose)

The cutest little critter since Murloc Tinyfin, and he summons a little friend too! I’d only be slightly terrified if I found one in my pantry.

This card wins in Cute Quantity, for those that want a cute kitteh, bear, dragon, piggeh AND robot.

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