The European Hearthstone Spring Championships 2016

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The European Hearthstone Spring Championships 2016

They're here! Today, June 11, and tomorrow, June 12, are the home of the European Hearthstone Spring Championships. A lot is at stake this weekend as the winner of the Spring Championship will be advancing to the Hearthstone World Championships taking place at BlizzCon during Novemeber 4th and 5th.

We've got all the information you'll need to watch the event this weekend down below. Go go go!

Player Decks

Pilot the decks the players are using during the tournament yourself.


    1. Round 1

      Best of 7
      1. ThijsNL 4
      2. Turna 2
      1. Loyan 4
      2. Georgec 2
      1. AKAWonder 2
      2. Casie 4
      1. Crane333 3
      2. INER 4
    1. Round 2

      Best of 7
      1. ThijsNL 4
      2. Loyan 1
      1. Casie 1
      2. INER 4
    1. Round 3

      Best of 7
      1. ThijsNL 4
      2. INER 3
    1. EU Spring Champion 2016

      1. ThijsNL

Meta Breakdown

Earlier this week we posted a class and archetype breakdown of the decks used during the event. Check it out!

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