How to Get Cheaper Hearthstone Packs - Buy Amazon Coins!

How to Get Cheaper Hearthstone Packs - Buy Amazon Coins!

Everyone wants card packs, and we all wish they were cheaper - they are! Amazon is constantly running promotions via their Underground App Store on Android which allows you to use a special currency called Amazon Coins to buy digital goods in your favourite mobile games.

Amazon is always running promotional discounts (5-25%) on purchasing the coins, which alone makes buying packs cheaper than from the regular Hearthstone shop. The real deal comes in though where Amazon refunds you back some of your coins after you make a purchase! Talk about #Value.

Note: All links to Amazon on this page use Amazon Affiliate Links. When you purchase Amazon Coins through them this helps support the site!


  • An Amazon account in a region which supports the discounts.
  • A credit card or gift card to buy the Amazon Coins on the site.
  • An Android tablet or phone capable of installing Hearthstone via Amazon Underground App Store. An Android emulator on your PC can also be used.

Active Amazon Deals

Last updated October 13, 2017

How it Works

  • Amazon Coins have a value (in the US) of 100 Coins per $1.
  • Buying Amazon Coins gives you a discount depending on how much money you're willing to spend. Spend more, get a bigger discount.
  • Throughout the year, Amazon runs additional promotions for some titles which gives you Amazon Coins spent back to your Amazon account so you can spend them again. This has gone as high as 20% coins back.
  • After buying Amazon Coins, you load up Hearthstone on your Android device that you downloaded from the Amazon Underground App Store and visit the normal in-game shop. Here you can spend your Amazon Coins. Buy larger bundles of cards to get the usual discounts for buying in bulk!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which devices are eligible for the promotion?
This is currently only available on the Android platform. You may use an emulator on PC.

Why can I not spend my Amazon Coins? Prices are in my normal local currency.
You need to install Hearthstone via the Amazon Underground App Store, not Google Play.

I've already completed my collection, is it worth buying discounted coins?
Of course! Coins don't expire so it's worth buying them on discount and then spending them on a future Hearthstone expansion or adventure.



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