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    posted a message on New Card Reveal - Witchwood Piper

    Can definitely also be useful for fetching a Battlecry card like Hydrologist or the upcoming Cathedral Gargoyle. In other cases, people might be obligated to use Call to Arms as their Turn 4 play. 

    Still though, drawing a Minion from your deck cannot be underestimated, and she can grab more late game hitters like Sunkeeper Tarim if a game gets drawn out long enough that early drops have already been either drawn or played out.

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    While not exactly someone worth building a deck around, this Bolvar does have some merit in already existing decks, provided one has room for him. Tirion and Wickerflame are typical auto includes these days, then there's people considering new cards like Corpsetaker and Righteous Defender, that's already a decent amount of Divine Shields there.

    Also, it should be worth noting how 7 health with a shield can be a pain in the neck to quickly remove, especially if played on curve. Sure, the enemy can ignore it, but Spikeridged Steed on 6 can land a handful of them in a world of hurt unless they have sufficient removal.


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    posted a message on [77% WR Rank 9 to 5] Elemental Curator Control

    I have a feeling that Tarim will be hard to replace, but is there any substitute for Wickerflame? Maybe a second Tar Creeper, perhaps? I can actually make this Deck since I have all the other cards except for those two Legendaries.

    Edit: Recently crafted Tarim, though I've decided to put in Elise the Trailblazer to replace Wickerflame for long term value.

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    posted a message on New Paladin Card - Vinecleaver
    Quote from DirtyGoons >>

    People are underestimating this cards. It will most likely see play as a 1-off in midrange/control paladins.

    Before Un'goro got released, 2 SHR were "worth" 2 mana, playing Justicar Truehearth on turn6, using your hero power the following 3 turns was already in some control decks an option. This weapon has more value  than that and if you synergize it with Sunkeeper Tarim / adapt poison / high cost buffs you are fine. The opponent hardly can clear all little dudes efficently over few turns.

     I suppose that's true, but there are plenty of Decks coming from Un'Goro with a superior Late Game than Paladin. Taunt Warrior can behind all the Taunts in the world while putting you on the clock with the Ragnaros Hero Power, Priests try to stick high health Minions on the Board and keep them fighting with Healing (and this is before an N'zoth turn), Hunter and maybe Discardlock has plenty of viable tools to make them strong contenders in the Meta, Elemental Shaman has a potentially strong curve with powerful effects that blow Pallys off of the face of the Earth, and Jade Druid is well...Jade Druid!
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    posted a message on New Paladin Card Revealed: Hydrologist
    Quote from Nanoarciere >>

    yeah you right, blizzard should make a 2 mana 5/10 taunt divine shield   for paladin for balancing the early game 

     I'd be perfectly fine with a 2/1 for 2 if it had Divine Shield only. Everything we had post-Whispers was gimmicky or requiring an external factor to gain value from them.
    Selfless Hero requires your opponent not killing her immediately AND having a Turn 2 play other than Hero Power for gaining early Tempo and value.
    Vilefin Inquisitor has decent Stats, though the Battlecry leaves a lot to be desired. It also has anti-Synergy with Anyfin Can Happen.
    Nightbane Templar is arguably a pretty good replacement to Muster For Battle, but Dragon Paladin never took off, and will stay as so with Blackrock and Azure Drake leaving Standard soon unless Blizzard makes new Dragon cards.
    The 3/3 for 3 that can give 1 Health Minions Divine Shield is just like Aldor, not something you would want to play on curve.
    Grimestreet Informant's performance varies on how many Minions you can Buff, and even then, it's no better than a Recruit for fighting for Early control. Plus, the Handbuffs telegraphs to an Aggro Deck that you won't deal with their threats immediately, ultimately resulting in the mechanic labeled as 'Too Slow'.  
    Early Tempo and the ability to snowball it dominates the Meta. Why are we getting Cards like these when Rogues and Warriors have Pirates, or Shamans having Jade Claws ALONG WITH Trogg into Totem Golem, or even Dragon Priest having Twilight Whelp into Wyrmrest Agent into Kabal Talonpriest for a formidable 2/7 Taunt inb4 Twilight Guardian?
    This Card, Hydrologist, is OKAY, in my opinion. I just hope there will be more for Paladins when it comes to Standard in the future. 
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    posted a message on New Paladin Card Revealed: Hydrologist
    Quote from NovaGlacial >>

    Paladin has a 2 drop again... YAAAASSSSSS

     It's alright I suppose, considering the Card replaces itself with a Secret, even though they suck on their own. Without Divine Shield however, a handful of Meta decks could easily beat this on Turn 2 or 1 + Coin, even in post-Un'Goro.
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    posted a message on New Paladin Legendary - Sunkeeper Tarim
    Quote from SirRandsborg >>

    So heres the big thing about this card I don't see a lot of people talking about: It has 7 Health

    This is a small detail that makes a huge difference. With 7 health, it trades into and kills 3 of your opponents 3/3 transformed minions, and has Taunt to keep you alive. People are complaining about it not having good consecration synergy, but it in itself is a big board clear. And if they do waste hard removal or damage on it, that's less damage going to your face and less removal for your other gigantic (maybe Dinosized) minions to wreak havoc. All in all, playable card, if not amazing or creative.

     Opponent running their 3/3s into the Taunt would be an ideal scenario. But the thing is, Spells and some Hero Powers exist to play around making unfavorable Trades. Mage has Hero Power to deal 1 more Damage, Warlocks have Mortal Coil, Druids have a large assortment of ways to do 1 damage, Warriors have Whirlwind effects, etc. 
    You'll definitely be a bit worse off if the you're behind when an opponent uses a Spell, Black Knight or Book Wyrm to quickly remove the Sunkeeper. Same goes for anyone with a Minion advantage, especially Shamans. Also, couldn't Jade Druid simply suicide the 3/3 Jades just to add stronger Jades to the Board?
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    posted a message on Dragons of Valor *New Update 7/30*

    Aside from Mistcaller, I feel like Hunter's Dispatch Kodo would've been a great addition to Handbuff Paladin's arsenal. Free damage for a Battlecry on top of having a Minion in play could be nice.

    That being said, I highly doubt I'll have enough time go get Consort and Corruptor before they're sent to Wild, and getting Deathwing or Rag Fire should be feasible if I don't get Kazakus or Wickerflame right now.

    What are some worthwhile replacements for them? 

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    posted a message on Reno Dragon Pally with Curator

    I'm guessing Book Wyrm isn't good enough to consider in this Deck? Or the Netherspite Historian for that matter?

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    posted a message on Book Wyrm

    With Humility, Aldor Peacekeeper and Keeper of Uldaman, Paladins also seem like a decent Candidate for Book Wyrm too.

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    posted a message on Tempo Paladin
    Quote from xGodOfUnityx >>

    To be honest, the only Card I'm missing for this Deck is Ysera. Is there anything that can replace her?

     Also, how much Cards do you tend to have in games? Having plenty of 1 cost Cards could very well warrant Divine Favor being necessary.
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    posted a message on Tempo Paladin

    To be honest, the only Card I'm missing for this Deck is Ysera. Is there anything that can replace her?

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    posted a message on Divine MR Pally

    I suppose I picked a wrong day to post this?

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    posted a message on Ragnaros, Lightlord

    Placed this Card in my Divine Shield Paladin that has Late Game power. If the opponent can't handle him immediately, it's close to over. Aggro can't usually rush the Paladin down with Rag Light on the Board.

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    posted a message on Stand Against Darkness

    Clearly, this is meant to combo with something like Steward of Darkshire. 5 1/1s for 5 is too vulnerable to immediate response from the opponent. Name one Class that'll actually struggle against a bunch of defenseless Recruits on Turn 5.

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