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    posted a message on WE NEED MORE NERFS!!!! Here's how I would do it!

    Funny .. good job!

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    posted a message on Wrenchcalibur

    i crafted two kobold stickyfingers.. for a rogue/warrior meta, it feels safe and good to play them in all my decks nowadays

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    posted a message on Shaman is so garbage hahaha

    He lost in bronze to some totems.frustration put him up to a whole new identity in the world , so he can post this

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    posted a message on Scholomance Legendary Tier list
    Quote from SinAscendant >>

    Yeah terrible tier list.

    Polkelt is not staple. I've literally never gone against a deck that's played Polkelt that's done anything but fuck itself over. It's literally a "tell your opponent exactly what you're going to draw for the rest of the game" card so you can play around everything they have.

    Jandice is also mediocre. 

    Literally have not seen Gandling used in a single game so I have no idea why it's so high.

    Sphere should definitely be A rank.

    Rattlegore is staple for Big Warrior.

    Wildclaw is staple for Big Druid.

    Turalyon is staple against anything that buffs and Libram Pally is huge rn.

    Fireheart is staple for spell/quest sham.

    Omu is gimmick and not used that much.

    Keymaster is situational but definitely not dust.

    And Stelina is a good card by itself that just doesn't have a place rn. Once Control gets big again hand disruption will be important.

     Maaaan .. have a break .. you re far from what HS is today

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    posted a message on Secret passage is perfectly balanced

    I find that in every match vs rogue.leeroy was better to face than this 

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    posted a message on BGH in control/shudder shaman (tech against a certain deck?)

    I crafted 2 copies of it.great tech in this meta.it doesnt hunt only mages,it can kill a magnetised huge stuff in hunter matchups and warriors,and all swarm decks bring a sea giant(druids,warlocks).pally eggs crack in bgh too , a miracle van cleef goes home quickly as well. And gives shudderwock the power of a big board clear.

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    posted a message on The HearthPwn Tavern Is Closing Its Doors

    Sucks to hear this man

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    posted a message on Rise of Shadows Card Nerfs - What Do Pros Want To See Smacked?

    Conjurers calling - up to 4 mana 

    Evil miscreant - 1/3 stats

    Elysiana - up to 10 mana 

    Dr boom - lose ability of discover a mech 

    Elekk - 4 mana 

    Magic carpet - cost up to 4

    Nourish - cost down to 5 


    I think this will bring balance between 9 classes

     Edit... barnes up to 6 cost and 4/5 stats! Good for control decks , but not OP

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