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    posted a message on New Druid Legendary Card Revealed - Forest Warden Omu
    Quote from MagusCreed >>

    Feels like a win more card to me.  

     How is this win more lol? This is the opposite definition of win more. It’s combo/super tempo oriented. 

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    posted a message on Can dual class cards be used for both classes?

    This cannot possibly be a real question lol.

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    posted a message on Transfer Student - all effects

    It’s horribly designed. They’ve now caused an aesthetic portion of the game to influence a playable card. A very playable card that is always insane for its cost. 


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    posted a message on I'm just so sick and tired playing against Murlocs

    Murlocs work but are far and away the highest risk tribe in the early game. It is generally VERY high risk the turn murlocs go to 5. 

    They work because other people in the lobby play WAY to greedy, end up being weak because of it, and do too little damage or outright lose to the murloc players in the early game.

    People latch onto the murloc highroll success stories too much as well. For every divine shield poisonous bran winner, there were 5 cases where someone tried going murloc and got destroyed before even seeing 5. 

    Stop being a greedy triple highroll player and get strong early. Murlocs take so much damage in the early and mid game unless they hyper high roll. 

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    posted a message on Why do you want for each class in the next expansion?


    Priest: Literally anything than what it is. I’m fine with the class being viable, they all should be. But when you have people in high legend literally conceding because they know the 30-40 minutes isn’t worth the time, there is clearly an issue. 

    Warlock: More discard support. It is massive class identity, and just fits the class. I also prefer pseudo-targeted discard (lowest cost card, highest cost, spell, minion, etc). 

    Mage: Hero power support. I feel like the “has extra effect pertaining to your hero power” is great identity for mage. Most if not all of these cards were not RNG as well. And mage is an RNG palooza off a class. 

    Rogue: More stealth support. I love this identity and the flavor oozes rogue. They need to be a bit careful as stealth minions are somewhat uninteractive, but I love the theme for rogue. Also, give rogues some damn weapons. They’re entitled to more than just their HP. 

    Druid: Choose one support. I hate the Druid quest, because it alone hinders their ability to make choose one stuff too strong. Choose one is the epitome of the class’s identity and the quest is single-handedly holding this back.

    Shaman: Ugh, just pick SOMETHING. Like paladin, pick a damn direction and sustain it. Shaman and paladin suffer from random murlocs being peppered into their class. Both classes always have 3-4 cards from every expansion wasted to this. Go with freeze shaman, go with overload shaman, but GIVE THEM MORE THAN THREE CARDS FROM ONE EXPANSION AND THEN ABANDONING IT. Zero logic from blizz here. 

    Hunter: Get back to beast/secret stuff. That’s where their identity lies. Hunters got two absolutely busted dragon cards and all of a sudden dragon-based hunter decks became insane. It took two dragon cards to outshine and entire slew of beast options. 

    Warrior: Armor, control. All card games need multiple archetypes and I’m fine with warrior being the control daddy’s. I’ve never been a fan of “damage your stuff,” but I guess that is just kind of part of their identity. When I think warrior, I think weapons and armor.

    Paladin: Oh boy. This is worse than shaman. If Librams get abandoned I’m gonna lose it. Because if zero libram support is printed it just makes the latest expansion moot for them. And this always happens with pally. Also, give them a freaking wincon already. Like what are you actually doing with this class blizz? And holy god give them card draw. What are you even doing? Absolutely ridiculous that they haven’t been given draw. Give them silver hand support. PICK SOMETHING AND GIVE THEM ACTUAL SUPPORT FOR IT. Stop wasting space on murloc crap. 

    Edit: Demon hunter: Control support. The bricks are there, we just need the adhesive. The aggro plan is clearly being abandoned, so we need another way. Slightly less concerned as they will spend this year playing catch-up, but support this archetype. If not full blown control, something midrangey. 

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    posted a message on BG is like a casino slot machine
    Quote from Nicodemus >>
    Quote from RendInFriend >>

    Most matchups in BG now are decided by who goes first too, so gambling in a coin toss followed by lights and sounds is BG.

     What does going first have to do with anything? Minions still damage each other.... going first is better on certain builds... but if it were that good the DH hero would be top tier. 

     It has a ton to do with everything. Bird, spawn buff before they attack you, cleaves, overkills, pirate attack buffs, arcane cannon, soul juggler. There are more builds that benefit from attacking first than the otherwise. 

    And illidan is top tier if you highroll spawns or mccaws, but he’s not because you have to highroll those as stated. 

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    posted a message on Who has got the biggest?
    Quote from Dweight888 >>

    BG = 100% rng

     That’s why everyone is stuck at 4K, or why everyone is at 14k right?  I can never remember. 

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    posted a message on Meta shift
    Quote from pox >>

    Yes the game is back to just lucking out on tavern rolls and staying low tiers in general to be safe. Builds can no longer be assembled without massive luck. The game is also way too fast. No more saurolisk, plus the canon card make games insanely fast and randomly one-sided.

    A damage cap will always go a long way to preventing bad meta shifts but blizzard... they... they aren't too quick on the draw. At least they fix BG faster than they fixed arena.

     The game has always been “lucking out on tavern rolls.” Getting triples early safeguards your climb to 5, and hitting minions within your strategy also does the same. Rerolling and attack RNG will always be the biggest factors so if you dislike that then it’s just not for you. 

    Cannon admittedly adds too much early game damage yes, but as far as the reroll RNG thing don’t even pretend like that’s something new lol

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    posted a message on Dragonqueen Alexstrasza is a bad card

    Lol what!? I mean, I suppose I prefer this to a 1 millionth complaint thread, but what!? 

    She’s absolutely ridiculous. She is tempo and value baked into a single card. Playing her proactively onto an empty or non threatening board is game over for many classes. 

    She can Lowell, but a lowroll for alex is still a highroll compared to any other single minion in standard you could spend that much mana on. 

    Two faerie dragons is one of the lowest of rolls, and even that on an empty board is insane for 9 mana and only one card. She generates value that often generates more value as well. 

    She’s bonkers good. 

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    posted a message on Plague of Flames Nerf ?
    Quote from KingCarnage >>

    Any card that makes complete trash a powerful removal is just poor game design. Much like that stupid card that turns anything into a 4/4 rush.

     Faceless corrupter? Who even complains about him anymore. Isn’t even played in any deck save gala rogue and HL hunter. 

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    posted a message on Monstrous Macaw is 1000 times worse than Mackarel

    Yes yes it is too strong especially on 2 and everyone both knows and agrees on this. Just like hook tusk. 

    Blizz has shown in the past they balance things out, and they will here. 

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    posted a message on How do you feel about the current state of Battlegrounds?

    Hook tusk is absolutely ridiculous. Easily the best hero atm. You can viably play her tier 1 as long as beast isn’t excluded, and she’ll take the entire lobby if both beast and demon are present. 

    She gets to fully “reroll” her turn 1 if she doesn’t hit token, and LOL if she does. 

    Or, just play her “regular” and tier up. Hit triples all day long. Complete your build faster than most. It doesn’t matter. 

    Other than her, I agree with most of your points here. Demons 100% need help. I have no idea why they have virtually nothing on tier 4 to push them other than watcher, which is really more of a wrathweaver build than a pure demon build. 

    I also agree with the Pirates thing. They’re not the worst but no where near as good as beasts. 

    McCaw and hooktusk are definitely getting nerfed though. 

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    posted a message on Battlegrounds or ranked ladder?

    It’s pretty apples and oranges. 

    In bgs, the skill comes in during the building process. In ranked, it comes in during the playing process. (Deck building initially takes skill but once established most everyone copy pastes the established lists). 

    Bgs require faster thought than ranked. You generally have more time and less options during your turns in ranked. The shopping phase of Bgs, especially early and when you’re not established, requires a great deal of thought. Do you play it safe to get top 4? Do you try to highroll to get top 2? When is the right time to pivot your strategy? There are a lot of factors to consider during the shopping phase. The combat, however, is mostly all RNG. Taunts and positioning can somewhat dictate the action, but not much else beyond that.

    Ranked is the opposite. In most cases you know all 30 cards in the opposing deck, and what to play around. The skill comes in on what to mulligan, how to play out your hand, establishing your plan (value, tempo), when to go all in and when to hold. It’s not always a straight line. 

    Bgs are also more difficult in the early turns whereas ranked is generally more difficult the later the game is going. In ranked, the less mana you have the more limited, therefore “easier” the plays are. If you’re holding 2 five mana cost cards, but only have 3 mana, that immediately limits your play options. In late game bgs, you more and more spam roll to find one or two key cards to finalize your build as it is generally nearly fully established at that point. When it gets to the point of “only tripling my baron makes me stronger,” there’s little “skill” in spam rolling to find that baron. 

    In the end, both take skill, but for very different reasons. 

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    posted a message on King Bagurgle and Gentle Megasaur are killing this mode

    Murlocs are a trap, except when they’re not. They are high roll incarnate. People complain when someone makes them work. Because when they work, it is the best build in BGs. 

    What people NEVER post about is the “losers” who get 8th and 7th place, and did so chasing the murloc dream. This scenario occurs FAR more often. More people have lost rating chasing Alice than gained rating finding the tea party. Murlocs are heinously weak before tier 5 unless you triple a seer. Furthermore, you must also speed run to 5 in hopes of having a chance. Then hope to find bran. Then hope to triple. Then hope to see mega in that triple. 

    It’s doable, and when done so is virtually unbeatable, but don’t act like the road there is anything but yellow brick. 

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    posted a message on Well pirates need a nerf already

    Ohh hearthpwn

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