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    Again, it comes down to predictability. Mortal Strike is a spell that requires a specific condition to be met to get the most out of it. Since your opponent will be struggling to trade efficiently, you won't be taking too much damage to the face. On top of that, Mortal Strike could be ruined with a well-timed Counterspell or Loatheb made as defensive plays instead of utility.

    As far as Coldlight vs. Acolyte goes, Acolyte has a higher survival rate for the same mana cost. On top of that, you're practically guaranteed 2 cards with a possible 3, rather than Coldlight's solid 2 with no chance of a third. Even then, Coldlight draws for your opponent--something that could be viciously detrimental to the success of this deck.

    Hope this helps!

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    Hey, y'all! (Or, "I greet you" in our native tongues.) I've got a pretty standard post-GvG handlock going. Jaraxx, Dr. Balance, both giants, etc. I'm debating as to whether or not to keep Emporer Thaurissan in my handlock.

    I haven't noticed any substantial change in having him played out on a board I already control. If anything, he functions as an alternative to Loatheb in that it helps me keep my board control solid, but in a different way. I want to know what other handlock players (and theorycrafters who have yet to finish piecing together their own handlock decks!) think about it.

    Also: 500 decks lay torn up behind me, so my Gul'dan is shiny. Just wanted to put that out there, too. :D

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    Two things I'm sure were already brought up here.

    Number one is what absolutely fucks my next few games up most. It's the shitty attitudes people get when either making a good/lucky play, or won. "Sorry." "Sorry about that." "Thank you." "Sorry that happened." Seriously, why? How many times did you get fucked to where the 1 time shit plays in your favor in the last few days do you have to be a douchenozzle about it?

    The next thing is simply happenstance, which... Well, happens. Not once, but twice today in ranked, I managed to get ragsniped right past no more, and no less than 4 minions. Fucking 1/5 chance, TWICE. Now I'm no math genius and haven't attended a single formal statistics course in my life, but that's seriously fucked up.

    Thanks for this thread.

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