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    posted a message on The true skill in Hearthstone
    Quote from parishbishop >>
    Quote from Scorpyon >>

     It's skill when I pull off a cool 200-IQ play out of nowhere.
    Obviously, it's just RnG bald-faced luck when my opponent does it. :-)

     LOL 200 IQ gets used way too much for this game IMO. Yes there is skill involved, but finding  the simple math equation to clear a board is not even close to even 140 IQ! As a guy who used to play tournament level chess, the amount of comparable skill between the games is not even close, yet, in the chess community, we dont say "wow, that was a 200 IQ move you just made" very often, or at all. 

    So, why is this phrase used so much in HS? Do players really feel that playing a game where 4 beats 3, and 3 beats 2 is that complicated and warrant such a saying? Or is more copy pasta going on, where he said it, so I say it too?

    Your discussion about Grit really is appropriate, and is a totally different skill than pure intellect! The Grit you talk about is what is needed to climb the ladder with home brew decks especially because most others are using top tier decks. I  admit to crumbling into a salty guy, when i get on a losing streak, and having more Grit helps alot for sure. 


    I think the dumbing down of western society is prob one of the reasons why the 200 IQ saying gets used in regards to simple HS plays. Kids today, generally, just arent as intelligent, as kids who grew up 60 years ago, playing Chess.

     Making conclusions about the (maybe not even existent) dumbing down of western society because of HS is a bold 200-IQ move dude.

    Maybe this helps you understand in what situations this saying is generally used.

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    posted a message on Zephrys = Broken AF

    this undermines any thoughts or skill going into deck building, setting up turns, or following any kind of gameplan. 

    this card ultimately killed HS.

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    posted a message on Dust inflation is real

    Well, i didn't read every reply because too many just didn't hit the topic but instead told people/me how stupid we are.

    Ive been playing hearthstone for quite some years now and I'm totally aware of the real definition of the word inflation.

    My actual point was you could craft decent and fun meta decks for way less than the average 10-14k dust we have these days. Sure the dust value per card stays the same, however when epics and legendaries become more mandatory it is some sort of inflation. You must be stupid to not see this.

    Also my other point was: either change the reward system or change rarity of legendaries and epics. Right now it feels terrible to buy packs/pre orders within reasonable spending ranges (like 50-100 bucks per expansion maybe).

    So this actually discourages players WILLING to spend money on the game to do so. The middle ground they had before is gone and instead has become a super greedy strategy of more expansions per year,  more mandatory legendaries and adventures you have to pay for.

    PS: Please stop telling people Blizzard is a company and needs to make money. Jesus christ we are not retarded... Given how much Blizzard invests into HS this point is a fucking joke though. HS is a holy cashcow for them.

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    posted a message on Dust inflation is real

    I used to buy every pre-Order + some extra packs every now and then. I actually stopped spending money because of how bad the reward system HAS BECOME. Dust inflation is real and its a shame that most fun/meta decks these days cost around 10k dust  if you don't wanna play the most straightforward aggro deck. 

    Given how bad the rewards from playing the game itself are and how much most decks cost now it does not feel good to spend 50 bucks as it doesn't provide as much of a decent start into a new expansion as it used to do. Might as well stop spending completely then 

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    posted a message on RNG shitshow

    the most pathetic posts are those who say "no one cares you're gone" but also feel the urge to post a freaking WALL OF ARROGANT BS to the guy.

    seems you care a lot and you should be made fun of lol

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    posted a message on gasping for air as I laugh and laugh

    people are so stupid for still hating on CW. most decks beat it right now. might not be an easy (decided before mulligan matchup) w/e..

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    posted a message on Pack Bundle Promotion: Explorer Bundle!

    lol new bundle already... really shows how bad the recent expansion sold.

    game is a sinking ship gg

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    posted a message on Nerfs Confimed - Coming this Week probably

    why is everyone still crying about control warrior? it gets annihilated by every not-trash-tier deck in this meta. mage, shaman, pally, hunter all beat warrior easily.

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    posted a message on Are the forums on Hearthpwn dead?

    the game dies so the forums just go along

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    posted a message on IDEA: Season rewards for both Standard & Wild ranks
    Quote from Synthetikmisery >>

    Stingy?? Hey, here is a game to play that you don't even need to pay for. On top of that here are lots of free packs too. We have brawls. Win once and you get a free pack each and every week. Need gold to buy more packs.. well here is a quest each and every day and some are even worth 100 gold on top of the gold you get for winning matches.

    Stop asking for more free stuff.

     sToP aSkInG For MoRe FrEe sTuFF

    as others said other card games give away a lot more free stuff but besides that this is a forum to discuss such game topics. OP isn't exactly asking for free stuff anyway.

    youre acting like some kind of greater jurisdiction who can tell people what to do and what not, I've noticed that in other threads too. its really cringey

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