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    posted a message on Dungeon run is a lot of fun, BUT...

    Period,  probably one of the most clever Things I read here.

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    posted a message on What legendaries are standouts after day 1 in your opinion? Which ones didn't turn out as well as intended?

    I am having a blast with Lynessa Mech Pala in wild. 

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    posted a message on Low opening rates :/

    I can imagine how pissed you are.

    I was thrilled when I saw the expansion already live today, so I decided to keep track of my cards...

    Out of 110 Packs, I had 

    17 Epics (~15 % likelihood)

    15 golden cards  (~13 % likelihood) 

    5 Lgendaries (~4% likelihood)

     Not thrilled, especially since I have not found the legendaries I could possibly want (without knowing the meta, of course).

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    posted a message on Kobolds & Catacombs Launches Today!

    Takes some minutes here in the EU as well, probably crowded as hell. ;)

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    posted a message on Boss AI is terrible...

    I am put back by the immense waiting time. A game takes two minutes to start, I guess the servers are busy. :)

    So far I have only seen the first "Boss", killed him with the war axe and heroic strike....

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    posted a message on What about your legendaries drop rate?

    5 Legendaries out of 110 Packs, I feel somewhat underwhelmed by the meagre 4 % Drop rate in Packs, given that in the first 10, there was a sure Legendary.

    Apart from Lynessa, onl stuff that I did not really want....


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    posted a message on Will Harrison Jones be a staple tech card in next meta?

    When you do not need the dust, just keep him. Best case, he turns out to be really useful. Or, what I consider to be more likely, you will have a blast with him the first two weeks into the expansion, after that he will return to be a nice to have tech.

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    posted a message on Should I dust Moorabi?
    Quote from Soltarg >>

    I know i could sound mr obvious but do not do it. The only legendary that needs to burn is Millhouse Manastorm.

    Blizzard is well known for releasing cards that sinergy with other upcoming cards.The same it goes for other games. It might not be the best card now,but with another card that will be released it will sinergize so good that it is gonna be meta define.
    Take Velen for example. Have you ever seen it played before this meta?I never saw it, but ofc it was a good card.
    Have you ever seen Keleseth been played before someone screwed everything with prince rogue and zoos?i never did,but it was a good card.

    Do not do it. Wait at least when the new kobold meta will be out and see what it brings. It might be viable again in some ways. 

    Disenchanting Millhouse Manastorm will lock you out of the meme combo with Call to Arms.


    Honestly, only DE Moorabi if you are in dire need of dust, otherwise keep it as an asset.

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    posted a message on Stranger's Highlander

    Expensive,  but  looks fun,  I will give it a try.  Thx for the Guide.

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    posted a message on Proof KFT is ruining Hearthstone

    Do you lifetap?


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