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    posted a message on Forged in Barrens full collection

     Yeah maybe the Diamond Samuro is bugged and not counting?

    Don't see any other logical explanation if you have all cards like you said.

    Post this in the Bug section on official Blizzard Hearthstone Forums.

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    posted a message on Daily Quest play 10 Fel spells

    I had the "play 10 fel spells" Quest and i did it with Demon Hunter, i think i playd Casual, just put all possible Fel spells and play them.

    So the Quest works, at least for me.


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    posted a message on Maiev Shadowsong Hero Portrait Showing Up In Rogue Packs - Hotfix

    Wait, Hero Portrait in a pack?

    I thought you can only get cards from them.



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    posted a message on Nobody talking about Ysera nerf

    Is it confirmed that the old Ysera in wild will use the new "nerfed" dream cards?

    If so give the source please.

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    posted a message on Use for Kangor's Apprentice?

    100% agree with you, at this moment Kangor's Apprentice is very weak as a T6 unit.

    Same with Junkbot, very weak for a T5 unit.

    Those 2 should be looked at for sure.



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    posted a message on People who don't play wild, do you disenchant cards that rotate out?

    I rarely play wild but i never disenchant cards, i like collecting them all, but i'm weird like that i guess.

    Sure i can't afford all good legendarys when the new expansion drops but oh well...

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    posted a message on [Suggestion] Discover mechanic in pack opening.
    AQuote from LilianVoss >>

    That's like going to a Ferrari dealer and saying "You know what, I really want a Ferrari but I cannot afford it, so can you make it like way cheaper so I can buy one?" If you cannot afford Ferrari, you go and buy a Ford. If you cannot afford entire Hearthstone collection, you go with what you can have or move to a new game.

    Could Hearthstone be more affordable? Of course, always, but your request is just ridiculous.



     Hey, it's just a suggestion not a request.

    Also, comparing a Card Game to buying a premium sports car, now thats something i never though i'll see.

    Thanks for reply :)


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    posted a message on [Suggestion] Discover mechanic in pack opening.

    I'm a F2P player and i joined Hearthstone right after Black Rock Mountain launched, so i know very well how much work i had to put into building my collection of cards. (i don't dissenchant any wild cards i like collecting them all) The ammount of usefull legendarys and epic card's i don't have is still high even tho i put in the time in game.  I think this function would make it easier to get cards you actually would use and not cards that just sit in your collection.

    By the way i'm F2P just bcs im from Poland and here spending 25$ on game is like spending 100$ in US.

    I would love to spend some money on game but buying it in $ or Euro in Poland is just Crazy Expensive.

    Thanks for the reply :)

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    posted a message on [Suggestion] Discover mechanic in pack opening.

    Duplicate protection they introduced in pack opening its great but i think 1 more simple feature can make this process much better for players and not ruin game economy.

    Simply add a “discover” mechanic to all Legendary and Epic cards you get from a pack.

    When you would click on orange/purple glowing card it would explode into 3 options and you can choose 1 that is most usefull for ur decks or play style.

    This would reduce the bad felling when you just keep getting useless epics/legendarys and you dont have enough dust to craft them bcs let’s be honest they are very expensive to craft.

    Tell me what you think?


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