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    posted a message on Hearthstone is rigged af

    It's not rigged, it's you loosing much and dropping your mmr especially in diamond 5.

    When you loose so much and get pissed and try counter deck, guess what - other loosers think the same and go with counter decks as well.

    Win more and you will have no problems. Git gud issue 

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    posted a message on Blizzard doesn't want you to know. Hearthstone is a gamble you can afford to lose.

    He is right in one thing - game has been dumbed down to be faster, more easily accessible and more flashier. Most players are 13 to 22 years old on mobile on inside statistics. Also most revenue comes from China and OAE as a whale here claims to spend 1k or so, while asians spend that on daily basis on new xpac or new offer. Why to make the game hard when it should be easy and bring more money from more players instead to turn it into a control meta with 1 hour games and 5% players remaining???

    If you want minimized RNG play Battlegrounds - I've been top 200 for some time and it's just different and better rhan Ladder.

    I have a friend in my friendlist that constatntly races to Legend and remains top 200 eqch month who said that he will quit soon - he thinks the game is not competitive any more and is tired of all bolloks cards. There is no mastery in playing aggro priest and face hunter versus solitaire questline... you draw your cards and win, opponent does nothing to prevent it no matter his deck.

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    posted a message on worst meta i can recall since release

    One thing is sure - Juggernaut will be nerfed in some way, this thing is instant win and is too OP.


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    posted a message on Something Blizzard does that I loathe

    The game is simply NOT fun at the present moment. They keep printing new and more OP cards in order to boost sales and attract more whales.


    Battlegrounds are a breath of fresh air, but it is not competitive and interesting enough to attract viewers - face hunter, miracle aggro druid and no minion mage are the selling sheet - make your opponent rage quit due to RNG, which was a core NO NO before...

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    posted a message on All Cards Revealed!

    Control Warlock looks like the TIER 1 deck already, 6 cost Flamestrike with body, lifeleach, Tictacus and etc. :)

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    posted a message on New Hunter Epic Card Revealed - Imported Tarantula

    As much as I want this to work with conjunction of Animal Guardians, Jewel of N'Zoth and other control tools...

    Reality is Mankrik, Knife Vendor and Rhinos will be dealt with you until T5 or T6 and this needs T8 and beyond to be viable...


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    posted a message on Face Hunter is Strongest Deck - Should I feel sad?
    Quote from JoeByeDon >>
    Quote from 0SootSamus >>

     Dumpster legend means nothing. people play experimental trash decks.  Easy to win.

    People say this all the time, but it’s hardly ever the case.

     Everyone tryhards at the moment. There is no way an experimental trash deck will do anything in the current card pool.

    Dumpster Legend for me was Paladin, Mage siesta for over 30 games when I last tried it.

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    posted a message on How early are people in builds?

    Depends on the hero - Omu is leveling agressive, Maiev and Rafaam are hero power and minions scentric then leveling aggrrsive, KT is leveling and searching for viable third, Nzoth is about DR board and etc.


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    posted a message on Warlock allowed to destroy entire deck with Tickatus in ranked?

    How mentally challenged have you got to be to think that slowtaccus ia game-breaking. We already had warlock card that destroyed your whole deck in slower meta and still it was mediocre.

    In an age where T5 you are dead from tip/alura paladin, combo/arbor druid and weapon/stealth rogue that card is dead like burned wood.

    It NEVER will be oppressive as combo/aggro are dominant way harder then before. As for high legends and cyber sports we can have some complaints, but still the card won't be nearly as good as claimed here.

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    posted a message on You people deserve sweet f all - Opinion on the community

    I quitted Hearthstone before 3 days. Early beta access and Nearly 1.5k USD spent from 2013 to 2017, which was A LOT for the moment then.

    I was pissed with the increasing orders price and decided to not waist any cash and to save the amount I want to spend on the game. Guess what 2017 to 2020 I saved 2.3k USD. 

    This was the amount I would have had to spend on having fun, being compettive and getting paid content. My play time decreased steadily during that time from 30 to 10 houra weekly tops.

    Battlegrounds got me hooked last year, but the RNG factor is too much. After 10k it's not even fun. You have all basic knowledge and it's choirs and RNG to get competitive ahead without being paid for like some streamer does.

    2020 was the endgame for me - just bought a Razor17 with the money saved and won't look more to Hearthstone. Kudos to all that have nerves to stay and be loyal, my time here is over.

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    posted a message on Disapointed in Hearthstone now

    I am extremely satisfied with the current state.

    It has been my toilet game for years and now I can make a quick dump and finish my game without worries.

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    posted a message on Runestones and arcane orbs?

    This is China currencies to pass gambling laws there. 

    The tablet bugged as the last micromummy build is very unstable. Had the same issue occur and it was discussed in Reddit.

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    posted a message on Secret passage

    The Soularium is legendary with way worse effect and is game breaking in several decks...

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    posted a message on Blizzard Speaks Out - Actions To Support Our Black Community, Colleagues, And Partners

    A Chinese owned company talking about BLM - LOL, LOL, LOL!!!

    The first hate crimes in China after Covid-19 were against black people. 



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    posted a message on New Mage Epic Card Revealed - Apexis Smuggler

    One copy of this in Secret Wild Mage can give the final reach needed against Control Decks. 


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