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    posted a message on Winter Veil Returns, New Legendary Quest Chain, Honor Point Event Update & More

    Is the "Honor Point Event Update" the notification that the Alliance is ahead of the Horde, or what?

    I thought they made a change to the honor system...

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    posted a message on Worst task?

    luckily google now knows more than it knew in the past.

    fastest way to get 180 beast kills:
    lady anacondra
    eudora (cannons need to deal at least 13 damage)

    find alpha hyena in barrens.
    heal hyena with anacondra. it needs to summon hyenas and stay alive
    attack hyena with sneed's 3rd ability to get it to 0 attack
    last, once clear, summon eudora's cannon.

    at the end of every turn a hyena is summoned, which is immediately killed by the cannon


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    posted a message on Murloc Madness Round 2
    Quote from xskarma >>

     Mighty Frogg-Saron!

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    posted a message on Murloc Madness Round 2

    how do I delete this comment? :D

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    posted a message on Murloc Madness Round 2

    The toughest bracket:
    Zephrys, Reno, N'Zoth and Loatheb. That's like putting Brasil, Germany, Italy and Argentina together in the first group stage of the soccer world cup....
    I personally think Zephrys is the greatest card to ever have invaded HS, but Reno probably wins over the heart of most due to nostalgia.
    And then there's of course the all-time favorite, the mighty yet heavily confused Frogg-Saron.

    My favorite stat line in the game comes from boring C'Thun.... "My dream ends.... your nightmare... begins!"

    Thalnos beating Mal'ganis is a bit of a surprise ;)

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    posted a message on Balance Changes Coming Early Next Week

    demon seed can be well countered by aggression, though. In the end it requires a minimum of 21 self damage, though 6 of that damage is healed via lifesteal.
    15 points of self damage can be exploited by aggressive decks.
    ofc, in the end much of the self damage is needed to play a darkglare deck anyway, so it's kinda like "1 mana, deal 6 dmg to enemy hero, lifesteal" if one chooses not to complete the last part.
    I got the quest from pack and already had darkglare, so i made that deck and played a few matches. my experience is to be careful when facing aggressive decks - which is the majority i see on ladder. completing the last part costs 8 self damage, gives no lifesteal and then still needs 5 mana to play a 7/7 and after that some more self damage to kill the enemy that way. in wild that's not cutting it when facing aggro.
    don't get me wrong, it's a powerful card. you face aggro? complete part 1 & 2 at whichever rate, forget about part 3. just beat your opponent with giants.
    you face non-aggro: complete the quest and kill the enemy like that.
    when facing aggro the quest comes even with a downside of its own: it's bad for your mulligan.

    as baba_jagga was saying, the main problem is the mana cheat. imo the 8/8 that gets reduced with every life cange is just nuts. why a base cost of 8 mana? there are plenty of giants that don't cost 8 mana.

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    posted a message on Murloc Madness: Elimination Round 1

    how could you miss out on the *best* Elise? .... no deck gave me more fun than wild highlander druid.... too bad it's not competitive

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    posted a message on New Hunter Epic Card Revealed - Imported Tarantula

    OMG, missed obvious lethal in turn 6...

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    posted a message on Cannot log into hearthpwn via twitch account? => try another browser

    I tried logging in with Microsoft Edge. But while I can log into twitch, hearthpwn, when clicking the purple "login or create account" button, would always just redirect to itself.

    Could solve the issue by using Firefox.

    Not sure changing the browser is enough, but my Edge is rather virgin w.r.t. plugins etc., while firefox has an adblocker installed. Maybe an adblocker is needed :D (why????)

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    posted a message on Mini Set- Legendaries

    kinda marketing effect. ofc, one can only have one copy of any of the legends, but people got all excited when they heard they get 4 legendaries for 2k gold. even though maybe some of these legends are rather bad.

    1 year ago there was the dragon adventure: the legendaries from that set see barely any play at all. people got all excited about the value, but ... the cards aren't really good.

    now ... another upside of legends is: dust. if you buy this mini set, legends and epics alone are worth 1800 dust in case they all turn out garbage. not a bad deal for 2k god. if even just one of the legends (looking at you, mage/rogue legendary) turns out worthwhile, that's 1400 dust AND a good legend.
    btw, the epic card is bad. tech-card .... won't see any play except from discover effects. and in tournaments. but not on ladder.

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    posted a message on The Road to Level 50 - What's Your Choice?

    omg, headless uther looks awesome. i don't have it, but i envy those i encounter with the skin. however, now, with what you shared, i envy a bit less...

    same voice lines? that's tragic, really :(

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    posted a message on The Road to Level 50 - What's Your Choice?

    my post is only meant to provide some guidance for decision making, not to promote rogue. not saying that's what you took from it, but just in case you did ;)

    since people will generally have some different sets of available skins and everyone has some different tastes in looks, everyone needs to do the process by themselves. i just tried to maximize my personal perceived gain in aesthetics :D

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    posted a message on The Road to Level 50 - What's Your Choice?

    if you have very few alt skins (e.g. because f2p) and trouble choosing your reward, then maybe this is for you.
    i'll try to elaborate my complete train of thought.
    also, despite being a veteran player, i have no hero @1000, and only very few at 500 wins.

    the main questions for me were:
    - how many skins do i have for class x? and which ones are these?
    - which ones might i have in the nigh future? (by winning 1000 times: https://hearthstone.gamepedia.com/Hero#Honored_heroes)
    - compared to the best-looking skin for class x, how much of an upgrade would i get in comparison? and how much if i include golden heroes or honored heroes?
    below is my thought process, in case you want some similar guidance. for those who want to stop reading: the final two contestants were valeera and garrosh, and valeera won.

    let's go through them by class:
    - DH: art looks good and i have no alternative (only base), plus farthest away from 500 or even 1000 wins, so ... quite a front runner. however, base illidan looks already good, the upgrade would not be huge.
    - druid: i have lunara, but that one looks so silly i prefer classic malfurion. unfortunately, this skin does also look bad, barely better than vanilla malfurion, if at all. somehow druid has really rather bad skins. elise is the only one that looks really nice, imo. (rogue skins are actually also bad)
    - hunter: i got aleria windrunner as a gift long time ago. she looks better than this rexxar upgrade imo. even without her skin i'd say the difference between normal rexxar and this one is not huge either. 
    - mage: i have no alt skin for mage at all (despite a plethora existing) and jaina does look good here! jaina joins DH in the frontrunner competition. one slight downside: normal jaina does already look pretty cool to me. also 1000 jaina looks very good.
    - paladin: i have an alt (arthas), but i dislike that skin and rarely use it. unfortunately the skin here is not a big improvement over plain old uther, imo. slight improvement only. 1000 uther looks pretty good, though, so maybe i get there one day. until then i can alternate between classic uther and arthas.
    - priest: i have tyrande. nough said. also anduin looks really shitty here. choosing this skin would be a downgrade even compared to classic anuin, if you ask me!
    - rogue: i have maeve. normal valeera looks terrible. maeve looks okayish, but not great. 1000 valeera looks like a carnival clown - apart from the fact that i might never reach 1000 wins as rarely as i play rogue. skin here is looking really awesome, imo. this skin would be a big jump in quality for rogue skins. so choosing her over maeve would be quite a big upgrade. this is moving to the front of the pack, though illidan and jaina are still in pursuit, since i rarely play rogue, but valeera is my current front-runner.
    - shaman: i have the murloc guy and i love him. top notch voice acting there :P so ... not really much of a question for me. otherwise this would be also getting in there with the front runners, since the skin looks pretty cool.
    - warlock: i have nemsy and i am in love with nemsy. skin here looks good, but 1000-guldan is not too far down the road and he looks pretty good, too. almost all warlock skins look good, if i ever get one for free (in whichever way), this skin would be obsolete soon. this guldan skin would at latest be superseeded when reaching 1000 wins, but for me already nemsy beats this guldan.
    - warrior: i have only the normal garrosh skin and it does not look great. 1000-garrosh looks like garbage to me. the skin here.... looks not super flashy, but actually pretty good. i think i would gain here more than when choosing illidan or jaina, for which i also have no alternate skins.

    so front-runners:
    valeera (for which i *do* have a decent looking alt-skin) and garrosh
    followed by illidan and jaina, for which i have no alts.
    but bot illidan and jaina look pretty good in their classic skins. so it's garrosh vs. valeera.
    i chose valeera, because while garrosh here looks notably better than classic garrosh or 1000-garrosh, it's not the flashiest of skins.
    but for rogue the skin here is by far the best rogue skin available and the distance to the next best skin existing is so big that i accept choosing a skin for a class for which i already have an alt skin and even choosing a skin for a class i rarely play these days (but when KB could still leech life i played a ton of rogue in standard and wild). so i hope i'll warm up to rogue again one day and then i'll have a really cool looking skin ready!

    that's how i made my choice. hope it helps.

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    posted a message on 19.2.1 Patch Notes - Edwin & Boggspine Nerfs - Battleground Change

    dust for 2400, craft for 1600, dust for 2400, craft for 1600, dust for ...

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    posted a message on Half & Half is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    apart from all the "put cards in your deck that only synergize with your hero power" strategies, there is also the "confusion" strategy:

    play a combo deck that is too complicated for most players to grasp. With a key card that is easily abused for tempo.
    Use mostly defensive cards so that your opponent gets plenty of cards that won't help his (likely) offensive strategy. 

    E.g. some complicated treachery combo. Something with Majordomus. Octosari. Auchenai Soulpriest (priest is particularly good in being defensive)....

    When your opponent draws a Baleful Banker but then cannot decide what to bank. Or unknowingly uses Defile when it's essential for the combo. :D

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