About Me

Secret Achievements statistics (30.7.2018):

  • bronze: none missing
  • silver:
    • alone in the darkness (probably requires possession of "The Darkness", IGNORE)
    • frostmourne hungers (no idea, should try to find it)
    • randuin wrynn (requires possession of useless cards, IGNORE)
    • tentacular depths (probably requires possession of "yogg saron", IGNORE)
    • the beating heart (probably requires possession of some TOG legendary, IGNORE)
    • tunnel vision (requires possession of "weasel tunneler", IGNORE)
  • golden:
    • HELLLOOOOO! (no idea, maybe possible to find out. something annoy-o-tron? probably not)
    • That's just crazy (no idea, but requires a lot of conditions, so ... IGNORE, if it comes, it comes)


Favorite Class Priest Region EU