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    Quote from MaximusDM2264 >>

    Mage needs a nerf, but you also need to touch priest if you are nerfing one of its few counters

    Hysteria and Illucia needs to go

     One of its "few" counters? You mean the class with an avg 45.8 win rate? 

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    I played 2 games against tower decks and absolutely crushed both of them. Once playing spell priest and once playing rush warrior. I found them to be annoying, but not particularly overpowered. Which - is kind of nice in a way. It felt more like a puzzle that I had to figure out rather than two players trying to execute their individual game plan independently. 

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    Yeah Kobold Stickyfiner just ruins shaman, because they can’t even reload off the 4/2 pirate (I forget what it’s called). People just need to learn how to tech for the meta and stop whining about every powerful deck. 

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    Quote from Bushmaster22 >>
    Quote from dps_kane >>

    If in the past you did all your daily quests and played little more than that, you earned about 8-10k between expansions.

    Now you have to do weekly quests in addition to daily ones, but if you do the math, you will actually end up with about the same amount of gold. Plus a bonus legendary and also some packs.

    it's not as bad as most people paint it. What sucks in comparison to the past is that Blizzard brings in more and more legendaries and epics per expac, and those cards also get better in quality compared to the past, so more crafting is required. Hence, while you should still be able to buy 70+ packs, you will still only be able to get one good deck for one class and the rest is just gonna be mediocre indeed...

    I have done the math...and there's no way currently to accumulate anything to keep up with creating a descent FTP collection where you can open 70 to 100 packs without doubling or tripling time spent playing.

    At most I'll get 40 to 50 packs playing the same amount of time...assuming I make it to level 50.

    Blizzard essentially cut the gold income in half and then threw in a few legendary and epic cards and skins...which will not help me acquire gold to buy packs for the next expansion.


     I think we need to dissolve the illusion that Hearthstone is FTP. Hearthstone is a subscription model game like WoW, you just pay in quarterly installments instead of monthly.

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    Quote from ohWollocks >>

    nobody mentioned Glinda Crowskin in standard?

     You'd need a way to kill your glinda on the same turn while also spending 7 mana on cultists.  Seems pretty unlikely in standard. 

    You might be able to pull some shenanigans in Wild with Emperor T and a Dark Pact, but would probably still be difficult with Warlock.  This will most likely work better with some sort of duplication mechanic like Lab Recruiter in rogue

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    Quote from user-26807392 >>

    meh? it needs poison.

     that would make it unbelievably OP

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 8.15 - Submission Topic

    Inspired by The Great Plague (1665/1666) hence the mana, (and not The Black Death of 1351).

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    ...opening 3 madam goyas over 60 packs.........

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    Quote from parishbishop >>

    So apparently, if you double buff a mech with Spider bombs and then play Play Dead to trigger the DR, you get 2 DR triggers for the 1 spell that kills 2 of your minions.  That really surprised me just now cuz its only 1 minion thats buffed, why should it get double DR trigger as well from the Play Dead spell. 

    It seems kinda weird to get that double value from 1 minion and 1 spell. If i play Annoy o Module as Pally, and then another one Magnetically, i dont get 2 DS buffs. Only 1.  If i play a weapon on top of a weapon, i dont get both weapons value. The act of combining should negate the double DR effect IMO. 

    It says DR, singular, not DR's plural in the text of Play Dead. it says trigger a friendly minions DR. 

    What do you guys think about this interaction?


     Deathrattles stack, DS and weapons do not.  Has been this way since the beginning of the game. 

    You can think of it mathematically.  If you stack spider bombs for example, the minion's deathrattle is: 
    Deathrattle: (Destroy a random enemy, Destroy a random enemy, Destroy a random enemy)
    (Deathrattle: Destroy a random enemy)(Deathrattle: Destroy a random enemy)(Deathrattle: Destroy a random enemy)

    Does that clarify it any?


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    Quote from not2fast2 >>

    x2 Galvanizer ---> Mecha'thun  ---> Bloodbloom ---> Cataclysm ---> Whoopsie!

     Your deck also needs to be gone.  So you gotta Hemet the turn before.

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