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    93% win rate lmao get out. Win rates aren't even close to reliable below 50-100 games or so. You could meme your way to 10-20 by pure chance just as well, so I hope no one is taking this clickbait seriously.

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    posted a message on I believe Galakrond is the C'thun of the expansion. The invoke cards are extremely understated. Don't craft anything day 1!

    Lmao, well, at least we get to screenshot this and immortalize it as an eternal monument to your stupidity when everything you said will be proven wrong in a week or so.

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    Quote from Aegis24 >>

    Ah the obligatory “hearthstone is greedy,” thread.  Alright let’s lay this out here again.

    - Generally you go into business to make money.  That is the overall goal of this game, to make money so it can keep running and making money.  If it no longer makes money, we don’t get to play anymore.

    -this game is super easy to do F2P.  You can easily get 7000+ gold between expansions by doing nothing but your daily quests.  By winning 9 games a day, just 9, you get an additional 3600 gold in that same timeframe.  If you win 30 games a day which is the max reward I believe,  that’s actually 12000 more gold.  So with minimal effort you can get 10,600 gold every expansion and 19,000 with maximum effort.  In other words you can get 106 to 190 packs FOR FREE just by playing the game.  If you hit rank 5 every month you net enough dust to make a free legendary every expansion as well.  This is of course not counting all the free stuff they give away.  That’s a decent enough amount to maintain a solid collection.

    -To top this off there are 2 legendaries that give you a combined 20+ decks to play that are decently strong enough to get you wins without you even needing to invest in a deck.

    Hearthstone devs have gone to great lengths these last couple years to make this game easier to play for free and people still whine about it.  They removed all quests that gave less than 50 gold and recently made all quests easier to complete.  They made it so duplicate legendaries don’t happen.  They guarantee a legendary in the first 10 packs of every expansion.  They give away at least 1 legendary every expansions, usually more.  I don’t know what more you people want.

     30 wins a day, yes, such minimal effort XD

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    Finally a budget deck that even casual players can afford.

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    posted a message on Unintelligent Design
    Quote from 1xbenx1 >>

    calm down buddy. It's a card game.

    Quote from Alp2760 >>

    Your tone comes across as really quite wound up, it's just a card game mate, shit happens sometimes but they've already said they will be pushing out more fixes for zephrys. 

      Why even post if you have nothing to say? To say that it's "just a game" is so remarkably shallow that you might as well have just said: "it is what it is", only then could it be a greater non-response. Yeah, it is a game, and we're here on this forum discussing said game, so what's your point? Nothing, exactly.

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    Quote from GentilleMouche >>

    The more you'll play Zephrys the more you'll learn what it can and can't offer you and that's when it starts to get good. 

    Now you know you can't get Flare against a stealthed frog on turn 4, next time this happens you won't missplay.

    I get what you're saying but I imagine it would take huge amount of work from the devs to make Zephrys fully capable of figuring out every board state and do what the player wants to do. Maybe Zephrys could have offered you a flare if there wasn't a spell damage totem, he gave you 2 answers for the spell damage, maybe this was his first priority. 

     To say that this is a "misplay" on the player's part, and not a design flaw in the card, is to be a comedian.

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    posted a message on New Warlock Common Card - Rain of Fire
    Quote from GentilleMouche >>

    Whirlwind that hits face and has synergy will all the self damage cards in warlock?

    Poeple will sleep in this card. 

     I have studied the English language for many years. Yet, even after reading your post multiple times over, I still am unable to decipher what you were trying to say.

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    posted a message on New Shaman Legendary Hero Card - Galakrond, the Tempest

    I don't even care what it does as long as the hero power replaces Heart of Low'Standards.

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    posted a message on New Neutral Common Card - Evasive Wyrm
    Quote from sPacEtiMe19 >>
    Quote from jinstronda >>
    Quote from hillandder >>

    Broken as hell!!!

    This card should have dragon in hand condition instead dragon tag, it is absurd.

    x2 8/8 rush tech (x1 in highlander decks) in all decks until rotation.

     It’s 6 mana not that good 

     Lol? It's amazing. Bigger argent commander. Tribe. Can't just cheap spell the leftover body away. Can play on empty board and divine shield can't just get pinged off by mage or other such effects. This is beyond solid, and certainly beyond "not that good." 

     Rush cannot hit face, it's a different mechanic. Pay attention.

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    posted a message on Simple way to reduce toxicity in Hearthstone
    Quote from EternalHS >>
    Quote from YellowDisease >>
    Quote from Hooghout >>
    Quote from YellowDisease >>
    Quote from vNihilism >>

    You're mistaken if you think you're one of the "normal people" while asking for default squelch and comparing your hurt feelings to a "shotgun wound". 

     Hurt feelings? Who's projecting that? That's like saying if I'm annoyed by someone spamming messages to me or constant junk email for example, it means my "feelings are hurt" by it. The emote system in the game is used only for trolling, BMing and spamming 99%, of the time.

    Blizzard wil never autosquelch  as it is a marketing mechanic devised to please the target audience: the mindless aggressive face is the place/otk types who see it as part of the 'fun' exp. to emote and BM. Repulsive. reprehensble, abhorrant. Morally corrupt, ethical invalids for whom the right thing is to create toxicity as a marketing strategy.

     Could not have phrased it better myself. I don't understand why this is so hard for people to understand.

    The fact that the only person with whom you've found a common ground on this topic is a raging lunatic who talks shit about ethics and morals while, at the same time, calling everyone who likes the game a "subhuman fanboy" should show you just how much in the wrong you are.

     How so? Do they not sugarcoat their words enough when pointing out the obvious flaws of the game? I know people on this forum are used to circlejerking and bandwagoning, so it must be shocking when someone comes without a differentiating point of view.

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