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    This is such a stupidly strong card. There's no real drawback to it. two 5/6s with taunt on turn 5.

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    Cost reduction cards are -always- broken in some manner or form. Anyone underrating this card is bananas.

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    This card is fine I suppose. There's a lot of good legendary targets and a lot of bad ones. It doesn't really seem to fit the flavor of this set just looking at the art. I think this is a rejected card from the past brought forward because they didn't have another idea or their ideas would have pushed shaman too much. In fact I believe 100%  this is a rejected Witchwood card. Would've fit nicely into that set being a reference to the Bandersnatch, a dark fantasy creature from Lewis Carrolls' works. This would have been the perhaps the companion to Shudderwock (Jabberwocky, another Lewis Carroll Creature), or Shudderwock replaced it.


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    What a stupidly strong card.

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    posted a message on New Mage Legendary Card Revealed - Chenvaala

    This is superb honestly. I think Mage will be supremely good this expansion.

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    I wonder if an Auctioneer focused Druid deck can become a reality with cheap druid spells like this offering up ammo for it. Probably not.

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    (Yes, these are april fools patch notes. This is done with love to Blizzard and the Hearthstone team, emulating some of the patch notes that WoW has a tradition of doing. I've been doing it for 4 years now and I'm not going to stop any time soon. )

     Patch Build 13.5.1337

     It is time to take a look back at all the recent sets released this year and give them their due respect. But first, we have a VERY IMPORTANT announcement to announcement.

     Hall of Fame:

     Instead of Rotating Baku and Genn like we just announced we decided instead to make them the new evergreen set. That's right. Literally every card aside from Baku and Genn are being released into the wild. We hope this pushes standard in a new direction as you'll be forced to use nothing but Baku and Genn for the remainder of year. Much love from us to you here at Blizzard Entertainment Headquarters.

     General Changes:

     Finally we're adding a long awaited feature to Hearthstone. That's right, the ability to unsquelch yourself! No longer will the player be forced to be silenced by unruly opponents. We put so much effort into those emotes over the years, it's not fair if players can't hear them over and over again.

     We decided to remove all boards aside from the Un'goro one in an effort to promote Ecological awareness Give a little, save some lives today. (Note, this announcement is sponsored by D.E.H.T.A, D.E.H.T.A Keeping your pets encrypted.)

     Also, a missing persons report. Beloved Hearthstone directer Ben Brode has been missing since April of last year, if you see him please take him in and feed him, perhaps give him a card pack to calm the nerves. Then contact your nearest hearthstone representative and we'll get in touch to return him to his home. Ben Brode please come back, we miss you. It's not the same without your boisterous laugh echoing through the money pits of Blizzard headquarters.


    And onto some very important class changes.


     Witchwood Apples are now poisonous. Anyone eating them will be subject to mild tummyaches and hallucinations. You've been warned.

     The worgen on the furious howl card has been arrested for too many noise complaints. He will spend no less than 7 years in the dog house now.

     Do you hear that? The woods are whispering something. Here let me lean in closer to see what wisdom..oh it's just a yo momma joke. Carry on then.

     Duskfallen Aviana; The card everyone got for free that no one wanted and never sees play.

     Gloom stag seeing a therapist, he's now more of a Happy Stag.

     Disney is proud to announce a Florps Glorious Gloop Remake staring Keanu Leaves. Coming this fall.

     Little did the landscaper know the tress would finally get revenge and cut his hair instead.

     Florbiddinious Floop has been taken to the chocolate room, we're going to get a large stick and fish him out.

     Juicy Psychmelon has been banned from wild. Not cool bro, how am I supposed to get my psych on.

     POUNCE! Nice job kitty catching the little mousey, whose a good kitty you are, yes you are.

     Mark of the Loa is the latest druid named Mark. There sure are a lot of marks around here.

     Predatory Instincts: Arrested for cat-calling.


     Hunting mastiff-iff-iff-iff.

     A Rat Trap for large rats? How Inhumane! (D.E.H.T.A Can neither confirm nor deny they were the ones who released the rats from their traps.)

     How do you even mong the tox anyway?

     Carrion my Drake Ward son, there'll be poison when you are done.

     Cybertech chip, the latest invention that allows you to, Track your pets, let us track your mobile devices, beam crazy ideas into your brain via satellite, and so much more fun stuff. Enjoy!

    Fireworks Tech given multiple violations, now the only boom they'll hear is the clatter of a cell door.

     WELCOME BACK TO GOBLIN PRANKS. Giggles  The only show that lets you dab on your haters as you yeet poor unsuspecting individuals. Haha, I poured green rocket goo on this guy. PRANKED.

     Spider Bomb, a new and improved way to play hot potato!

     Necromechanic. Wouldn't most mechanics who fix machines be bringing them back to life? I'm not sure you really needed a special designation in this case.

    Boomaster Flark and his Boom-Zooka are here to save the day folks. That's right. YOU GET A T-SHIRT, YOU GET A T-SHIRT, EVERYONE IS GETTING T-SHIRTS! Note, we are not liable for any damage caused by high powered T-shirt launching.

     Who knew the real Beast Within was just a little indigestion.

     Revenge of the Wild now properly summons random wild minions on board.

     Baited Arrow, POW right into the knee. Now you might be asking yourself, are we really still making arrow in the knee jokes in 2019?..... Well...bye.

     When Zul'Jin swore he could beat you with only just one arm, you didn't take that he meant it literally.


     Archmage Argual, Replaced by Lord Godfrey in accordance with the Cataclysm Update.

     Black Cats are actually good luck for mages. They absorb luck from everyone else and gives it to their master, why do you think Wizards and witches always keep a few around? Magic is nice, but magic with a bit of luck goes farther.

     Bonfire Elementals throw great ragers, but ironically none of them are ever invited.

     Toki has tinkered with time so much that you now just entered an alternate universe where nothing has changed except inexplicably your hair is a slightly darker shade of what it was before. You will be the only one to notice this change.

     You know, Stargazer Luna can see a lot more than stars with that telescope.

     The unexpected results were actually what we expected, we just had to cover it up.

     Meteorologist, predicting weather incorrectly since the dawn of Azeroth Kind.

     The Logistics of Luna's pocket galaxy is better left unexplained.

     Daring Fire Eater doesn't even need to be dared. They just like eating fire.

     She's a maniac, maniac for sure. And she's burning like she never burned before!

     We really regretted rotating ragnaros, that's why Jan'alai exists.


     The Hidden Wisdom is actually just a receipt from Tigule and Foror's ice cream shop.

     Sound the Bells now gives everyone 10% more tinnitus.

     The Glass Knight, Carefully now she's fragile. Don't want her ruined in shipping.

     Prince Liam: Press [F] To Pay Respects.

     You know, swords made of silver actually aren't very good weapons. That's why ours is made of iron, we just painted it Silver.

     Crystology? NO, you misheard me, this is Chris-ology, the study of all kinds of Chris. You got your Evans, Hemsworth, Pine, Pratt...

     Mechano-egg, because hatching mechanical dinosaurs is the new hot thing on shelves this year and we had to follow the trend.

     Shrink Ray, Finally you know what it feels like to be a gnome. Just like you always wanted.

     WOW! Look at those guys following Krangor over the ridge, it looks to be endless., no no actually it's just three. Three guys following Krangor. That's a lot less scary.

     It's less like being immortal and more like having infinite soulstone resurrections.

     Time Out! "Alright men, listen up we're in the 25th turn, the enemy has deathwing and all we have are two silver hand recruits, but we can still win this, we just gotta have hope.”

     A New Challenger Approaches, We're proud to announce Uther shines his light down upon the battlefield. Coming to a Super Smash Brothers Ultimate near you soon.™


     Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma Chameleos. Cards come and go, cards come and go.

     Divine Hymn, see previous card.

     Vivid Nightmare is a step below the Lucid Nightmare. You can see and feel everything but you have no control.

     Holy Water is actually just some water we spilled a little bit of light into, sorry about that.

     ˙uǝʌǝ ʎʌɹn┴-ʎsdo┴ ʎɐs plnoɔ no⅄ ˙uʍop ǝpᴉsdn os sᴉ ƃuᴉɥʇʎɹǝʌǝ 'ǝpnp ɥɐoM

     Test Subject failed miserably and was held back another year.

     Tired of being only able to hold 2 things at once? WE Got, some extra arms for you. That not enough, then perhaps MORE AMRS will be to your pleasure. 

    Reckless Experimenter has an impeccable driving record.

     Zerek's Cloning Gallery, now open in scenic Netherstorm. Be amazed as you and your friends are replicated before your eyes.

     Seance is useful for all those times Medium died turn 1.

     It's less of a surrender to madness and more an embrace.

     Grave Horror: seems like we made GRAVE mistake in printing this card.


    Cheapshot, Sinister Strike, Gouge, Kidney Shot, Vanish...

     You never expected to pick pocket an entire galaxy.

     Blink Fox never actually blinks. It's pretty creepy,

     Face Collectors are like tax collectors but less insidious.

     Attack of the killer pogo hoppers, coming to a theater near you soon.

     You used Academic Espionage and you still barely passed your class.


    Myra's Unsable Element: DRAW THE REST OF YOUR DECK NOW!

     Seerated Blade? More like C-rated am I right.

     Bloodsail Howler. Monkey See, Monkey Pillage.

     Gral the Shark sadly dead from over fishing. (D.E.H.T.A reminds you to fish responsibly.)


     A wildhammer won't but an Earthen might.

     Totem Cruncher ate all the totem golems in wild causing them to be extinct. As an invasive Species Totem Cruncher had no natural predators. (D.E.H.T.A reminds you to properly give your exotic species a proper home and to not release them into the wild.)

     Hagatha the Witch, invested In at least 2 Black Cats.

     Elementary Reaction has graduated and finally become a Middle Reaction.

     Don't be a Menance, Nimbus.

     Storm Chaser is a dangerous profession. Not advised to go into.


    Warbringer, surprisingly less scary than storm bringer.

     Likkim evolved into Likkall.

     Turns out my haunting visions weren't visions at all, just a hallucination from the voodoo.

     It's Raining Toads, hallelujah it's raining toads.


     Curse of Weakness just throws insults from trolls at you.

     The Ratcatcher has gone missing. (D.E.H.T.A is not responsible for this, we swear.)

     Blood Witch has RH Null, the rarest of conditions.

     Lord Godfrey, remove from Warlock as it was put into Mage.

     Soul Infusion, like putting a new sole into a shoe, but for your soul. 

    Spirit Bombs have ghastly consequences and shouldn't be tampered with. 

    Doubling Imp: Summon a copy of this minion.

     Doubling Imp: Summon a copy of this minion.

     Eww you got your ectomancy everywhere.

     Shriek, now gives 5% more tinnitus!

     Reckless Diretroll is who you call for a lift when the Reckless experimenter is busy.

     Demonbolt now made of demons instead of fire like the name suggests.

     Should've read the void contract mate, now you're tied to a timeshare in Winterspring for life.


     Town Crier deemed a wimp by all other warriors.

     It's more a war avenue than a warpath really.

     The woocutters axe is what the Landscaper uses to get revenge.

     Blackhowl gunspire now deals no damage to better reflect its inability to attack.

      I'm not sure you can call handing your enemy a weapon a project, but if the judges agree I'll allow it.

     Teenage Mutant Ninja Dynos, Teenage Mutant Ninja Dynos, Heroes in a half-mech!

     Security Rover has gone offline. Last words, “My battery is low and it’s getting dark.”

     Dr. Boom is more an angry genius than a mad genius really.

     The Boomship! For all your tauren abducting needs.

     Dragon Roar now causes 15% more tinnitus.

     War Master Voone only has an associates degree actually.

     Heavy metal now weighs less.

     Don't Sul'thraze me bro.


     Baleful Banker doesn't seem that menacing to me. 40% interest rate on loans!? I Take it back, he's very baleful.

     Hench Clan Thug actually has impeccable posture, it's just the name really.

     Nightmare Amalgam: See, every single card.

     Pumpkin Present, where!? Oh...you said peasant.

     Don't be playin' wit' voodoo dolls mon', dey be a gurls toy.

     Mad Hatter no longer consorts with the March Hare due to D.E.H.T.A connections.

     Scaleworm now guesses how much each player weighs.

     Mecharoo is adorable, that's all I wanted to say.

     Upgradeable Framebot to replace Doomfist in Overwatch.

     Bronze Gatekeepers are the real elitists of the mech world.

     Spring Rocket? No I'm more a summer firework really.

     We've lost the loose specimen.

     Star Aligner stuck at rank seven, forever salty.

     All C'thun cards now buff Mecha'thun as well.

     He's not just any Ornery Tortoise...oh wait, yes he is.

     The Amani war Bear is coveted by World of Warcraft players who managed to get it before it was removed.

     Bug Fixes:


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    posted a message on TRIALS AND ERRORS (Class Creation Competition #5) - Phase I [Discussion Topic]

    Fair enough. I could see that being problematic, so you measure some restrictions so people don't get an unfair advantage. I suppose remove what biases you can since you can't remove them all. I try to not vote based on presentation because even if someone isn't very good at formatting a submission, they can still have worthwhile ideas. I'd prefer a default format for everyone to fit their cards in, if I'm being honest. But I also like simple things. I am actively biased against what I consider to be over presentation, but I try to ignore than when voting. Just me liking uniformity. As an aside I hope a grand total of zero people wowwiki. Wowpedia is fine, it's actually moderated and run by people who care. Wowwiki constantly has improper information.


    Quote from Shatterstar1998 >>
    Quote from Wishmaster333 >>

    Next time y'all do this, can people just use one of the 9 already designed hero powers if they wish. There are so many classes that would be better off with an existing copy of one of the hero powers already on show. Without serious hoops to jump through, you can only do basic stat boosts or a simple weapon. Some examples do that, and some ignore that entirely. And some class designs don't fit either of those parameters, so people create more than 2 mana hero powers or they are weirdly designed.

    The battle-mage(Demonx95), for example. Would be better off if the hero power didn't move minions and it just had Fireblast as the hero power.

    Having a delayed card draw attached to a minion is a little bit convoluted Cogito_ergo_sum, and yours is just one. It's not even the worst offender from all the classes, and it's not even the only class with a delayed card draw. The Magician from cL4wzHS also does this, and has the same problem. You'd both be better off if you could just have warlocks hero power and designed basic/class card(s) to fit the niche your hero powers staggered draw backs provide.

    Also, stuff like the Researcher from aaro54, The Chronicler from Hurien, The pint sized Witch from Ragnador, etc. basically gets around the 2 mana restriction of hero powers by designing a token or group of tokens that costs 1 mana to use.

    I get this is for fun for the people who get involved and at the end of the day that's all it's about. But, I guess I just have a serious disconnect to  part of this community. Lots of things aren't super appealing to me this go around, aesthetically or basic design wise. Personally speaking I can only back a few. I guess maybe my standards are too high, or I dunno.

    The Witch(Thezzy), The Archeologist(Pircival). The Lich(Linkblade 91). Lowering my 'WOW aesthetic compliant' standards I gave The Bug(SunnoxPL) a pass, too.

    I couldn't come up with anything so clearly I also couldn't do better myself. I just think of the hundreds of people who have competed in the past. Not plagiarizing while trying to carve out your own thing is hard to do, it's a rough task and this time illness, coupled with my own lack of creativity led me to avoid this competition from a competitors process.

    'We want to breed new creativity with this competition.'  Lich/Necromancer, Alchemist, Bard, Tinker/Engineer. (You can probably throw battle-mage and/or some witchdoctor variant in there too.) If you really wanted to 'breed creativity' you'd stop equally common ideas. Otherwise, remove the monk, demon hunter, death knight restriction. Seems rather arbitrary to me from my perspective. I see those other classes just as often, if not more so across the hearthstone community since everyone seems to want to restrict those 3 classes. I probably should've complained about this sooner, or before the competition even started in the feedback thread, but it just didn't occur to me until now that this is a problem. I don't see a problem with people coming up with new ideas for those classes, I don't think we need that restriction for future class competitions.

    Biggerbossman who just posted his submission while I was writing this. Not only is your class poorly balanced, I think it's offensive to Japanese mythos and culture, while also demeaning suicide and the victims there-of. 'There's nothing a good old shot of Seppuku can't solve.' YIKES. I'm sure it wasn't your intent, but that is not a good look there, bud.


     I'm not going to dispute you about the restriction (which I think if anything make it hard to come up with idea), but I do think that you judge too harshly on the quality of the classes submitted. Speaking from experience, it's hard to come up with an idea that is unique, fun as well as balance. This is my third CCC and my class is only half-way decent in concept. My first two classes are a mess.

    Yeah, I know it's hard. I couldn't even manage to do it the third time around at all, and I've never even gotten past round the basic/classic set design phase. But I'm pretty specific to what I enjoy/don't enjoy. It's a problem in my day to day life but I'm neurologically wired that way. Sometimes I do get too harsh when I criticize things, but it's not out of a place of anger majority of the time, it's just I'm brutally honest to a fault. If you want to know my opinion on something you're going to get it unfiltered. Although I was in a pretty bad mood yesterday, so that didn't exactly help matters. That's on me for talking without a full, clear head. I Get frustrated easily sometimes.

    Sorry if I upset anyone with what I said. I should try being more constructive with feedback in future phases. Telling people their stuff is bad isn't exactly helping them if I don't try to help them fix it, and it is just my opinion in a sea of opinions.


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    posted a message on TIMESTREAM TRACKING (Year Creation Competition #1) - Phase I [Submission Topic]


    Courage, Honor, Strength, Wisdom, Royalty. These are the kind of things you might attach to the mighty king of the jungle. One of the things I appreciate most about Hearthstone is how many cards are incredibly flavorful and how even a simple Silverback Patriarch can tell a story, that is my goal with the year. That is my goal, to attach my expansions to the figurehead of my year and tell a story throughout. We will visit the Barren Wildlands, Siege Stormwind, and Journey through the mists of Pandaria.

    But First! What are we rotating?

    1. Divine Favor: Paladins have had a long history of being able to rush minions out onto the board only for this card to keep them up in pace and card advantage. It's too strong of a draw tool in the current state of the game where it's easy to use. I think this is the number one card that needs to be removed from the game in the current state, as much as I do enjoy playing my weenie decks. It's just too good for aggro.

    2. Doomsayer: I love this card, but I think having it around will hurt design space in the long run for standard. Doomsayer has had a long history of usage in a variety of control and combo decks. Often used powerfully in a combo or to stall your opponent's early game, it's a card that has a pretty varied but oppressive at times history for Hearthstone. I think it's past due for this card to receive the treatment to go to wild.

    3. Gadgetzan Auctioneer: Miracle Rogue has been one of the longest standing decks in the entirety of Hearthstone, and while it has changed throughout the years, it still exists in some form even to this day. I do not want to change Auctioneer but I think this has been a long-time coming for this guy to visit the wild.

    And now, onto the expansions.

    First Expansion, The Barren Wildlands: The Barrens is a tough place to live. It's a place where everything and everyone wants to kill you. If the tough savanna  conditions don't get to you, surely the numerous wild creatures and inhabitants will. It has everything from centaur, quillboar, wild elementals, beasts, pirates, to even the horde and Alliance skirmishing all inhabiting the same space in these massive swaths of land. You'll certainly need every bit of your resolve to survive out there.

    Disarm Trap Echeyakee

    Disarm Trap: Pesky secrets got you down? Well fear no more, because do I have the deal, ahem, card for you! A valuable, but niche rogue tool.

    Echeyakee: Where would the year of the lion be without the reclusive white lion of the Savanna. Although be prepared, he comes with a few friends! Ideally built for mid-range hunter decks or a fringe control deck.

    Second Expansion, Siege of Stormwind: Time to head on out to war! What if there was an expansion where the modern version of Stormwind, the capital of the Alliance, is sacked by the Horde. Gnomish Airplanes battling Goblin Bombers. Tauren charging through the gates as Night Elf rangers defend from afar. Etc, etc. The set will focus on the battle of the two nations and provide a variety of cards relating to this theme of honorable and dishonorable warfare. It also introduces a new keyword, Duelist. Only one enemy minion may attack a minion with Duelist per turn.

    Dueliest Putrid Gargoyle Gnomish Gunner

    Duelist: What better way to add dimensions to hearthstone than through an honorable duel. It's a rather unique keyword that can provide for some interesting card ideals.

    Plagued Gargoyle: From the skies comes true horror! This slow killer isn't afraid to take it's time with its prey. A slower control card for rogue.

    Gnomish Gunner: This pesky little gnome swoops in on the battle-field doing a fly-by on the board before settling in the skies above. A strong neutral AOE card, plus it's a gnome! Who doesn't love gnomes. Ignores Taunt is pretty unique and won't be on too many cards.

    Third Expansion, Veiled Mists of Pandaria : For our third and final expansion we travel the ancient lands of Pandaria. There are plenty of mysteries to uncover, adventures to be had, and lessons to be taught. . After both factions have been at war, it's time for them to learn about the balance of the world they are in. One of the more unique mechanics is of the classes learning from one-another, and as a result there may be a few cards with keywords they otherwise don't have access to.

    Zandalari Bishop Lorewalker Cho

    Zandalari Bishop: Ey, Mon! You be needin healin' or you need ta shut up.  just think this is a real well rounded card that fits priest. Has the option of heal synergy or silence synergy allowing it a wide use in a variety of decks

    Lorewalker Cho, Enlightened : Cho has seen the error of his ways allowing both you and your opponents access to the spells you play. This is a pretty strong neutral minion. Could make for some enjoyable times.

    In Conlusion: I'm here to give you a different kind of experience from most, I hope. I don't have any cards shown but one idea I do have is cards that tell the story of a say an orc grunt in the Barrens becoming a commander in the Siege of Stormwind or other ideals. I also wanted to give a big thanks to Vilegloom for the icon and to everyone in the discussion thread who helped me out on this.

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