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    posted a message on Can someone tell me why people play albatross priest?
    Quote from guyopt >>

    - the oppressive comments here are too brutal, we need to respect the game community, at least by a certain degree ,(even the aggro players ..)

    - Albatross is a problematic card and Blizzard already addressed this, it's destroying the concept of highlander and "pure" decks.

    - Blizzard should at least provide some tech cards against the albatross effect, currently there is no counter options.

     In more than 40 games with Rogue this season(5 different meme archetypes) , i have more than 90% win rate against mainly Albatross Priest. Rogue can use Flik to destroy all the little birds, so technically it's a class specific card teched against Alb priest. 

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    Well please just continue spamming more DH , Blizzard will needs more data before nerfing.

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    posted a message on I think people are forgetting old tech cards

    I have won 6 matches with Quest hunter against Shaman and lost 2. Both 2 of them were games that they had, Kronx on 6, Galakrond on 7(fully invoked), Shudderwock on 9th turn. The only reason I lost is because Shudderwock both times summoned 8/8 taunt from Kronx(25% ) If they were not lucky they would have helped me otherwise with Unleash the Hounds hitting face for 21.  

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    posted a message on Descent of Dragons Balance Changes Coming - Including Shaman Changes
    Quote from FailURGamer >>
    Quote from Darthpotater >>

    I would like to know the shaman play rate... and win rate...

    Lol 1 week and nerfs already, + 1000 for the QA "Testing" team

     Roughly 50% played rate, Galakrond Shaman specifically has about 62-67% winrate, I'm not quite sure and its worst matchup is... Galakrond shaman with 50% winrate

     Actually is Holy Wrath Paladin, so a fast drawing OTK deck that can use Timeout twice. Don't know how many classes are out there that can handle the Shaman's pressure and OTK him, that have the tools(removals, Timeout) that Paladins have. Even aggro is doomed against the rush elementals from Invoke keyword.

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    posted a message on I hate!! this expansion


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    posted a message on For those complaining about Galakrond Shaman

    I hate Galakrond SHaman, have won against it, but statistics, and maths NEVER LIE. It's broken. I have won against it multiple times with Questing Adventurer as 14/14 turn 6 with Miracle Rogue but that doesn't make it less broken.

    People who claim that the deck is not broken because they managed  a win against it are worst than the cancerous HS community that will reap what is sow. (nerfs incoming to Shaman mainly)

    So to let me counter-your argument, how many shrinks ray you run? 2? 

    Shaman: 4 8/8. You: Clear . Shaman : plays the Faceless to a token, then Barista. You clear. Shaman plays SHudderwock and summons 2 more 8/8 and a Shudderwock at hand. You clear. SHaman plays shudderwock again. YOu are out of Shrink rays. Shaman plays a Shudderwock again. THe combo can be ENDLESS if he has a minion in board, which is very easy with either invoke cards or lackeys. He can play infinite turns  1 mana lackey and 9 Mana Shudderwock. Let me see how you clear this. 

    BRaindead counter-players are more braindead than the Braindead SHamans.

    From what I have seen, there is only a way to go. Go BIG or go HOME. so, Handlock with Giants, before his turn 7, Mage with the new minion that spells cost 0 if you hold a dragon , my miracle rogue where you can make a 20/20 Edwin or Questing by turn 6/7 if you are not unlucky and so on. THey don't play counters

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    posted a message on DoD Meta Report Is Out :D

    Well, well, Shamanstone, no worries guys if everyone plays Shaman deck win rate will go back to 50%.

    JK, it's just stupid.

    Anyway, the new Galakrond Shaman, misses one card. Mind Control Tech. Given that fact, I have teched a Miracle Galakrond Rogue, and Trust me , if they don't have Galakrond by 7, fully invoked. they lose.  I am 3-1 ,right now, against them. Deck utilises Questing Adventurer and Edwin with the new cards to produce 14/14 and higher minions in turn 6-7 usually. and 3 times out of 4 in my experience(small sample), Shaman can't deal with it. The only one that won against me was because he invoked with coin the minion that invokes twice, then invoke again, on 5, then Galakrond(without quest on turn 7) and still it was a close battle.


    Still nerfs incoming cancerous baby Shaman players

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    posted a message on First Deck You're Playing Day 1?

    Day 1: First 3 hours

    Will try every Galakrond deck

    Day 1: After first 3 hours. Everyone will play Galakrond Quest Shaman and Pirate warrior so I will auto include Golakka Crawler, Mind Control Tech and Hungry Crab in every deck(x2)

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    posted a message on Hearthstone Patch 15.6 - Battlegrounds Early Access and Patchnotes
    Quote from DeathDragon >>

    Is anyone else unable to reload quests since patch?

     Ι was on vacation from 1-5th of November and didn't login to HS. I was expecting yesterday to find 3 quests but after the patch the game tells me to go to practise mode to unlock some more class heroes and displays absolute none quest. 

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    posted a message on Those brilliant team 5 devs...
    Quote from Snikiesnik >>

    Are you nuts?

    What you describe is the previous year meta... It's the closest you can go to the first time everybody felt the game was dying

     The OP's irony - > .  You -->                               .   Clearly missed it. He is suggesting that the changes have pretty much destroyed an almost healthy meta ( I agree mainly for Evolve and less for Flamewaker and N'Zoth, maybe because  the EU ladder from rank 5 to Legend and at Legend is 35% Shamans)

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    posted a message on Quest Shaman Adjustments
    Quote from Nohva >>

    I like how all suggestions just steer towards creating the deck with the highest winrate on HSReplay right now.

     I like how all suggestions just steer towards facing even more Shamans in ladder. Kept track of my last 100 games. 40 of them against Shaman. (I played N'Zoth Rogue, Highlander Mage, N'zoth Priest, Tess Rogue, Aggro Mage in these matches). So innovative and unique ladder we have right now. Bored to death(Puking)

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    posted a message on Ragnaros only goes face

    I would prefer everyday to lose to Ragnaros going Face than Facing(not losing, just tired of facing) Shamans. Man, you guys are so innovative, and unique. 40% of ladder in EU between rank 5 and Legend where I play these days are Shamans.

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    posted a message on Hearthstone is slowly dying, will it do any good?
    Quote from tParabol >>

    Well im pretty sure this time its done for good .. I feel like the Hk incident was a shot to the head by Blizz and now Legends of runeterra is coming to put the final nail to the coffin. Its pretty sad actually that is going to die but it had it coming.. Blizz didnt really give a shit about HS since it was making money, its the same game since beta .. Its a miracle that it lasted that long.

    Farewell my friend.

     Yeah yeah like Artifact, we heard the same at that time, before Gwent, a little time ago MTGA and so on. LOL.  Also for ignorant people like you, Riot, which owns LOL and LOR, is owned 100% by Tencent, a CHINESE gaming company. So if you think there will  be any kind of freedom of speech and so on once the game goes to streaming/tournament mode, you are just fooling yourself. 

    Also the changes this year(card buffs, arena rotation mode with different expansions on it, bringing back wild cards, it's something.for some people.) 

    As for Legends of Runeterra, the gameplay is easy so the game won't die in 1month like Artifact. However in my opinion there are no unique mechanics(all taken from MTG and Hearthstone, with changed names). Also ffs I don't know if you used the same game engine as MTGA to create the game, but the attack of minions is EXACTLY the same as MTGA, come on people. 

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    posted a message on Doom in the Tomb Known Issues - Top Decks of the Week
    Quote from Julez_Nobelman >>

    Hey buddy, I made the metabreaker, it’s neither evolve, murloc or battlecry shaman. It hard counters n’zoth with plaque, that’s why it’s called meta breaker:)

    ps. The deck is mate before the meta settled. Goodday 

     The only cards that I see different from the current EVOLVE shaman, mentioned in every site is Plague of murlocs. I once played (before the nerfs, during August) Quest Shaman with Plague of Murlocs, no mutate, no Former Champion. Was it meta breaking? No. Was I playing 3-4 different cards than the others? Yes. Does it make amazing, metabreaking and so on? No. People add 2 cards and think they are genious. NOOOOT. Gooooodday to you too sir

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    posted a message on Doom in the Tomb Known Issues - Top Decks of the Week
    Quote from Balemski >>

    Did you check the Shaman Deck? i guess not

     Its title though is a KEKW to me. Metabreaker who, the most played and 2nd most broken deck of the expansion?(2nd only to Secret Pally)

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