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    posted a message on I can't stand this @#%^#$^#$^ brawl!

    It's actually pretty easy to win this brawl, of course if your teammate is playing it for first time and doesn't know about the AOEs of the Boss (at what health or turn he does AOE) and so on, you can lose. I have played 3 games , one with an unknown person, 2 with friends and easily won all of them

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    posted a message on May was the first month ever where i did not get my card back
    Quote from Lephas >>

    And you know what? I really dont mind....

    I play Hearthstone since beta and got all the monthly card backs since HS was launched. However the last few months it felt more and more like a struggle. The game got repetitive, the combos are basicly the same, the meta feels the same. The game lacks new innovation and i see no reason why i should even try to get 5 wins per month.

    I will leave HS in the dust until they make major changes (that day may never come). The Time until now was fun but i'm moving on.


     If you play HS from Beta you should now that the biggest ever change comes today with the Buffs(but well I think that you are either feeling a burn out of the game and need to have a break, or you are just salty)

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    posted a message on All Rush Warrior
    Quote from parishbishop >>

    Hi guys. Im always trying new ideas, and building tons of decks to get value out of my collection of cards. As I watch the Granmasters Tournament on Twitch, I build decks. Today I built a Rush Warrior using Portal Keeper and Spirit of the Rhino for amazin interactions and fun.

    Beats Hunter and Rogue and other tempo decks. Havent played any Mages and it prob gets wrecked. 

    The point is, its a fun deck for casual or easy Ranked modes. Just wanted to share it.

    Its prob not the right Meta for this ATM but I still have fun with some matchups! Dont take it serious as a Ladder choice, cuz theres way too many Mages!! 

    Try a few games in Casual and enjoy it.

    All Rush
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    Minion (21) Ability (6) Weapon (2) Playable Hero (1)
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     Hey there! I also find Rush warrior pretty funny compared to Bomb Warrior(Puke), or Control Warrior(Dead to Boredom- DtB) , I have tried a similar version with Witch's cauldron and it's pretty funny to get random shaman spells from  Portal Keeper and other rush/generators/minions

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    posted a message on How to spot a bad player in Hearthstone

    I used to think that "aggro" players are more "braindead" than the others because they just smorc. Sometimes I still find some bad aggro players who just go face disregarding the board( a single trade would have won them the game). But on the other hand, what makes control warrior or cyclone mage players better? They are more controllish, but they have OP cards in their decks. They rely on Omega Devastator, or Giant+Conjurer's to win the game. I have built a Control Shudderwock Shaman with Zentimo and Kragwa and doing pretty decently on EU (rank 3 at the moment).  I prefer carefully using my resources and so on than having to rely on OP cards to win me the game. 

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    posted a message on dalaran heist worth the gold?
    Quote from vir23 >>

    Mediocre single player content, useless legendary that you can't disenchant and a golden pack from classic set (300 gold on average) that no one cares about for 2800-1200=1600 gold. Answer is obvious, avoid this adventure at all costs. 

     Sir, have you gone through school?  you get 12 packs for 4 chapters(that you need to buy) and a golden pack(which as you said is 300 gold in average). So 2800-1500=1300 gold(not 1600). Also ....useless legendary ? For you maybe,  but for F2P players or people who are not netdeckers, or even netdeckers who want to try some meta decks , worse than their perfected  versions to see if they want to craft them, it's not useless.

    Also have to strongly disagree with the "mediocre single player content". The opposite opinion comes from a lot of pros, sites related to HS and the majority of HS playerbase. Bob the bartender is SO popular, that I wouldn't be surprised it it's going to be a legendary minion in a future expansion. But this is subjective to anyone's personal opinion.So anyone can speak their mind, you just thrive of negativity

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    posted a message on So...Crystology...

    Well I already use it in standard with Glowstone Technician for a Handbuff Mech Paladin and have about 50% on rank 5 in EU, I think that this deck will much stronger after the buffs

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    posted a message on Prieststone Inc.......

    So yes the combo seems pretty broken , but I don't expect something to be done before it hits live servers/probably a week later, after Blizzard sees peoples reaction.

    So. Let's see counters.

    1) Every class.

    a)Getting two taunts at turn 4 is not so....easy? and also may not be healthy for the game if everyones techs 3-4 small taunts in his deck(1 is not enough due to 0 mana silence)

    b) Hecklebot? Ηope to get out the legendary mech, in a deck that will probably run about 8-10 minions is not farfetched but may backfire

    c) Smorc them down. Seems the most sufficient solution. Midrange overload shaman, zoo warlock, token druid, can win on turn 4-5 with little to no answer from priests all these turns.


    2) Hunter

    May be the easiest class to counter the combo. Snipe, Freezing Trap, Deadly Shot, can deal with Coppertail Imposter

    3) Shaman

    (if you draw hagatha's scheme on mulligan and have coin on hand, can counter the Coppertail Imposter)

    4) Paladin

    Play Timeout if you see Coppertail Imposter. Ηope you can clear the EXODIA next turn (with Humility or something like that)

    5) Priest 

    Well priestone incoming, it's gonna be a clown fiesta on who can tutor first the cards needed for combo(Actually you can't tutor somehow Reckless or Coppertail Imposter)...I don't know. The combo is insane but maybe not so consistent(probably easier on turn 7-8 not in turn 4-5)

    6) Warrior

    Well if you have a minion in board pray for a successful brawl. If not, gg, lost.(on turn 7-8, depending if you have coin, warpath also works against coppertail imposter).

    7) Mage

    Freeze them all, or conjurer's on Giant and pray for taunt and that he doesn't have silence.

    8) Druid

    As I said before , smorc them with token. Apart from that I can't find another solution for druid


    P.S sorry for the wall of text

    P.S 2, Just to make a prediction, this combo will be tried from 30% of hearthstone players and ends being a tier 3, or low  tier 2 deck. However due to frustration , Reckless Experimenter will be nerfed either to not work with echo-like cards, or to limit the number of deathrattles you can summon when R.E is in play

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    posted a message on Nerf Conjurer's Calling next please
    Quote from Wazabi >>

    Nerf all cards in the whole game. God, these threads...

     Well, neither this kind of threads are SO useful, neither comments like yours, who obviously are against nerfs, are useful. If you are against the nerfs state it with facts. Elsewhere don't comment on these "annoying threads" , just to be salty on salty people mr captain obvious.

    I would much prefer a single thread (after each nerf announcement) that people would discuss all nerfs there(and not a nerf card-separate thread) as well as how it would affect the meta, what decks will be more powerful, what cards will enable them so and if we should keep an eye on them and so on.

    Peace bro


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    posted a message on Nerf Conjurer's Calling next please
    Quote from TotemBiS >>

    Inb4 Mountain Giant is moved to HOF. 

     It's high time for all giants to move to HOF, being used in so many decks/archetypes all these years. Conjurer's isn't oppressive if you do it on a 5 mana Zilliax or at a 7 mana minion on turn 8. 

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    posted a message on Nerf Conjurer's Calling next please
    Quote from scorpyon >>

    Feeling bad to play against hardly qualifies it as needing of a nerf. Neither is having only one or two deck strategies.

     Tell that to Quest Rogue, or pre-nerfed Malygos Druid or even pre-nerfed Shudderwock Shaman, which wasn't an oppresive deck in terms of winrate but in terms of frustration it caused

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    posted a message on What's wrong with Dalaran Heist AI?

    I think that the first chapter (in normal mode) is very easy on purpose, AI seems dull yeah, just to get you to discover the new mechanics and so on.

    I played the 2nd chapter and the 7th-8th boss are somewhat more difficult(normal mode). 

    I also see Kripp is struggling in 8th boss of 2nd chapter, in heroic mode. So I guess that if you want a challenge and better AI go for Heroic mode.


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    posted a message on Do you guys also find the meta insanely boring?
    Quote from ChildOfTheAtom >>

    At the start of the expansion I was having a huge amount of fun with thief rogue, but then everyone started running weapon removal and I couldn't win a game. Since then it hasn't been as much fun, but I wouldn't say it's been boring.

     I am playing her right now (EU, rank 4 atm), without using any weapon(or weapon buff) with Zilliax as the sole healing. Still not performing really well, I am at 48% win rate but the 29% of my opponents are rogues. And I pretty much autoconcede against them, since you can't possible expect to outvalue them without being smashed down before turn 7-8. Warriors are a joke against this deck, even without the weapon , I use 1 togwaggle's scheme which I hard-mulligan for against warrior. Having 10-15 Tess in your deck is an auto-win against Warrior or any other control deck, if the board is not already overtaken.


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    posted a message on Do you guys also find the meta insanely boring?
    Quote from Vbt >>

    The game is the most boring it's ever been. Rogue rogue rogue warrior rogue warrior hunter. Everyone playing the same shit. Login, get the gold, log out. What kind of braindead mouthbreathing neaderthals do they have working at blizzard cooking this D grade expansion shit up. Everyone was so hopeful the rotation would spice things up but the game fell flat on its face. No ones streaming it, less people are playing it, and it's because were being fed the same shit we were already sick of and bored with. I do enjoy this game at times but part of me wants to watch it burn 

     Yeah accuse Blizzard for people being netdeckers and meta sheeps (it has been always like that since the beginning of Hearthstone). Personally I have never played a meta deck (in this expansion) but barely manage to get above rank 3

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    posted a message on The Rogue Problem - Prepare for Wall O Text!
    Quote from hashishtea >>

    man i playing mostly rogue, yeah. and there is always bunch of crying babies. Rogue was always amazing to play even with  2 (two!) nerfs of The Caverns Below.  there always be haters, and now they are crying to nerf Preparation Edwin VanCleef or move Leeroy Jenkins to hall of fame. there always be Tier s and tons of you, who cant tech your deck with counter cards, lets cry together! 

     Crying who? me? because I accused you of being netdecker? You got the wrong idea. If I want to beat Rogue I can do it easily with Secret Hunter , boring as f Control warrior, I have even smashed almost every rogue I faced with rush warrior, Handbuff Mech Paladin, Mech Hunter and so on, so on, these are decks I have personally used with positive win rate against rogue.

    As for the nerfs, I disagree with both prep and VanCleef nerfs that are proposed by some. The only card I would nerf is Raiding Party, and you must be really bad at the game, or a Rogue fanboy, if you are not able to diagnose that's an OP card. Also Leeroy is not even rogue class card to begin with, LULW, but I think that you are kinda mistaken here. Go through the HOFs, what they have stated multiple times , the push on rush archetype, and so on, so on. Leeroy will not be nerfed, he will be HOFed, next year. Mark my words, I will revisit this comment on April  either I am wrong or right :)

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    posted a message on The Rogue Problem - Prepare for Wall O Text!
    Quote from hashishtea >>

    Rank 20 people complaining. Just learn how 2play, crying babies

     Judging by your avatar, are you a main Tempo rogue sheep, a sorry, player? No offence , but only people playing Rogue because they are netdeckers like you, can't see the problem of a class being played in such levels, like Midrange Hunter was played in Rastakhan's Rumble meta.

    I, for once, feel ashamed and guilty, when I play Tess rogue which I really love, my favorite deck , even it's full meme, because when someone queues against me, he must be thinking, oh, look another netdecker, meta sheep, playing tempo/battlecry rogue. I can't also enjoy Tess rogue because of all of you netdeckers :) 

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