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    posted a message on Way to nerf the Azerite snake without killing it
    Quote from Sableflame >>

    I have to add my voice to the masses here... this card is just ridiculously overpowered with the amount of bounce that's available.

    Once again it's abundantly clear that the playtesters and balancers who work in Blizzard's Hearthstone department have absolutely no clue what they're doing, or are on so many drugs as to make them the single highest component of Colombia's GDP.

     Repeating it once again: the quality of QA is rarely ever at play in any situations of abundant bugs or imbalance issues. You can have the best QA in the world finding every single bug in the game, if no time is given to the devs to then address the bugs, they still make it in the release. And it's neither QA's fault nor the devs' who were told to prioritize something else.

    In the case of blizzard, the issue is and has almost always been the amount of money allocated to testing at all. They have too few QA that cannot possibly cover everything there is to cover (and they keep doing mass layoff after mass layoff in the QA departments regardless to cut costs). Granted, the snake specifically should have been a very easy catch from even the design step, so idk what happened there, but you gotta stop blaming the QAs man, seriously. For personally knowing a lot of QAs, i can 100% assure you: if you complain about a bug in any game at all (that had QA at all obv), the QA absolutely knew about it but it was just never addressed for lack of time/resources.

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    posted a message on Lifesteal should be health lost, not damage dealt

    Quote from Xauriel >>

    I dont understand.


    What exactly is the difference, between damage dealt and health lost?


    7/5 lifesteal minion attacks 2/3 minion -> heal for 7


    -> heal for 3 (3 health effectively removed)

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    posted a message on Lifesteal should be health lost, not damage dealt

    I'd agree, i don't know much nor really care about how it would effect the power of certain cards, but it does make much more sense for it to only drain the health it actually took off of enemies; i do feel like that could also 1. reduce risks of absurdly broken combos like unleash fell or hollow hound, and 2. allow for a little bit more counterplay to those than "just don't play minions"

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    posted a message on What decks win against Armor Warrior?

    Warrior often struggles with large boards, so like iv said: pressure them with wide boards of 4+ health minions to prevent them from playing odyn and stuff on curve; they'll have to choose between answering board every turn to not fall irremediably behind or risk it and usually pay for it.

    Additionally, frequent taunt minions can easily block them out

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    posted a message on Nagaling not casting Love Everlasting

    It's important to note that Love Everlasting is a spell, and therefore, when you cast it, it counts as part of the requirement to stay active at the end of your turn. When cast through nagaling (assuming playing minions is the only thing you did that turn), you technically did *not* cast a spell, and therefore the effect ends at the end of your turn.

    To make it actually work, you would need to use the nagaling and then cast *another* spell before the end of your turn.

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    posted a message on How the hell is Tony supposed to work?

    Tony's aura says "both players' decks are swapped", which means that when a second tony is played, both players' decks are already currently swapped and therefore they aren't swapped a second time, otherwise both decks *wouldn't* be swapped. As said, the aura is a continuous effect, not a battlecry kinda thing, so the question isn't "did *my* tony swap the decks?" but "are our decks currently swapped?"/"do i have the opponent's deck on my side?".

    The effect is confusing, but the text is as clear as it can be about that; the card works exactly as the text says, it's not misleading or "sounding wrong" like it might be a bug, it's just an awkward design

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    posted a message on Evolve mechanic and Neptulon

    In my opinion it does make sense in a practical way, as well as balancing and, kinda, flavor too. Colossal minions generate their limbs when summoned, which means that, in the context of an evolve, you'd be creating new minions, rather than strictly just evolving the minion already in play.

    It makes sense on a balancing standpoint that you should not be able to generate more minions from the act of evolving, and it can make vague flavor sense that evolving a minion shouldn't make it blurt out independent limbs (which, yes, is a gameplay element more than lore, but still, the gameplay does create a conscious separation between a colossal and its limbs, into independent entities).

    Generally, i think the argument "evolve shouldn't create more minions on its own" is enough reason to limit it, but i feel like it can still be vaguely argued in other aspects as well, and so is entirely justified imo. It's not like it's limiting neptulon specifically, it's limiting an entire type of minions that function differently than others.

    If anything, it could make sense that if you'd try to evolve a colossal, it should evolve its limbs at the same time as if it were a single minion, but that gets into weirder edge cases that kinda contradict the earlier points and also still break the initial rule of "don't create more minions", besides being kind of a messy affair.

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    posted a message on No one accepts friend request anymore

    I usually don't accept because my last 3 that i accepted (a few months ago after picking up the game again after a 2 years break) were just people being toxic and wanting to insult me after losing (while i've always tried not to play decks that could be considered toxic or unpleasant to play against) so i just always assume the worst now and prefer refusing friend requests, at the price of maybe refusing well-meaning ones, because the cost of receiving toxic ones just outweighs it, to me.

    It's a shame and tbf, with the new report system added in, maybe that could change, but yeah i would assume that most people are similarly refusing to protect themselves from toxicity.

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    posted a message on So it started...Runestones

    The thing that drives me up the walls the most is that they said that they wouldn't make prices that can't be fit properly in the available bundle sizes, and yet literally the very first batch of prices they add, they are selling battlegrounds hero skins for 150 runestones, with the lowest bundle size being 500 runestones...
    Like literally the very first batch of items, they already apply the predatory pricing that everyone was worried about and that they said they wouldn't do, it's just insane to me...

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    posted a message on [Legend] Secret Ping Mage

    This essentially plays as a tempo kinda deck where you're trying to keep board advantage and either build chip damage to eventually get to a big 4x Frozen Touch or Mordresh finisher turn, or maybe snowball Orion or maybe ping to death with Magister Dawngrasp.

    The deck isn't fantastic, and i personally find it to lack card draw to some extent, but as long as you play board properly, use your secrets at the right times and don't overtrade when it's better to push for face damage (ie. play tempo), you can absolutely win games fairly consistently.

    Regardless, your excessive agressivity is super unwelcome. If this isn't a deck for you, there is never any need to aggro someone just trying to make fun new decks to play, thank you very much. There are more constructive and non-agressive ways to express negative feedback.

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    posted a message on Stop stealing

    The main issues with runestones are really the fact that the whole idea is intended to generate "dormant balance".
    Essentially, hope for players to buy a big amount "for later", that they then never really spend because they forget, have leftovers, or don't see anything they want etc.
    This is essentially allowing them to sell bundles of Nothing™ "for future stuff".

    And the second main issue is that currently they are saying that bundles will match exact prices, which is good, but the very obvious long term objective (because literally there is pretty much no point in doing this otherwise, otherwise they could have just pushed for Blizzard Balance instead) is to eventually start introducing small products that won't actually fit any bundle size - it will start with one of the "small items" they talk about, i would imagine, being cheaper than the smallest bundle, maybe with a "-20% price" tag on it -, which means you'll eventually be forced to purchase more runestones that you need for the purchase you want, and from there you'll always have leftovers that kinda push you to get more when there's another purchase that interests you "because you're already kinda almost there, might as well pay a little extra" but then you'll have extra again, etc.

    It's a hallmark mathematical and psychological tactic in mobile games to get players to pay and fall into the sunk cost fallacy easier, and there's not a single doubt in anyone's mind, i think, that this is 100% their long term objective with this addition, and it sucking fucks, and i really don't think it will backlash much, because as people said, there's too many players who don't really care that much, aren't following forums and stuff, and, more importantly: that kind of tactics works very fucking well.
    And you kinda only need to look at diablo immortal to see a very glaring example of how absolute trash publicity still very much does not prevent the success of that kind of things...

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    posted a message on C'thun quests 7 - how??
    Quote from fusilli >>
    Quote from ReadyToRock >>

    Check this out, its easy.

    Niauzo , trigore, baine.



    you use backlash to smack the mobs after niauzo taunts and baine heals. I did this in 8 turns with a portal . seriously this is a joke if you have the right maxed mercs. Read the text and think. This is third grade math. 

    Do you need help let me know.

    Doesn't seem to work for me without abandoning quests and hoping for RNG luck on getting strangers for Baine's quests for the totem, which I stated I didn't have. After a couple of turns you end up with backlash being slower than the AI's attacks, at which point... it does no damage. Maybe I was getting unlucky on toxins and amounts of fans both times I tried that strategy?

    Eventually managed it with a run where Yu'lon didn't get massacred within three or four turns and a nature team, but felt like a massive hunk of RNG and just.. sheer annoyance.

     Honestly, baine's totem is kind of necessary for this team, because without it, baine and trigore are way too vulnerable.

    Getting strangers is easy though, though a little annoying. Get yourself a team that's good at brainless farming (best imo is yulon/geddon/ragnaros, rag being kinda not critical for this - he's just good at cleaning up whatever didn't die from geddon), add the merc(s) you want the task for on the bench, and farm the banehollow bounty in felwood in normal mode. It's guaranteed to have a mystery node, and most of the time you can get to it in 2 fights, sometimes only 1, thanks to all the other boon nodes. Just start it, see if it takes 2 or less fights to reach it, and if not, immediately retire the run and try again. Then of course just retire whenever you reach the mystery node and try again, if it's not a stranger.

    Doing this is the best way of getting tasks for the mercs you want to work on, and if you're lucky you can get the stranger within 3 attempts or so. Sometimes it might take up to like 6 or 7, but usually it takes less.

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    posted a message on C'thun quests 7 - how??

    Same as above, succeeded first try with baine/trigore/niuzao despite pretty bad treasures (the only useful one was "your characters take 3 less damage" on niuzao), and i had mr smite (good synergy with trigore) and y'shaarj and cariel for their taunts, as backups.

    I recommend using cariel or y'shaarj on hard climb fights full of blue murlocs for example, to keep trigore safe with turn 1 taunts. They'll most likely die, but the point is to keep the main trio alive for the boss.

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    posted a message on Innkeeper totally died

    I think it makes sense not to update it, since the competition is already pretty established at this point; making a plugin for HS decktracker would be an amazing thing though!
    But to be fair, at the very least, i feel like the button to the download page of the innkeeper should get removed, or at least have a message there explaining the situation; it's been sitting there for so long, with a dead download link, doing nothing but confuse everyone and make people necro all the posts about it.

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2
    Quote from Ghanji >>

    So, who the fuck goes into casual mode with a fine tuned netdeck version of ping skeleton mage? Seriously, there must be something seriously wrong with your head or did you forgot to take your medicin this morning????? 

     I will say i did that recently, personally, and only realized at the end of the game that it was casual because i forgot to swap back to ranked and it made me feel very guilty so if it was against you i'm very sorry 👀💦

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