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    I think it makes sense not to update it, since the competition is already pretty established at this point; making a plugin for HS decktracker would be an amazing thing though!
    But to be fair, at the very least, i feel like the button to the download page of the innkeeper should get removed, or at least have a message there explaining the situation; it's been sitting there for so long, with a dead download link, doing nothing but confuse everyone and make people necro all the posts about it.

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    Quote from Ghanji >>

    So, who the fuck goes into casual mode with a fine tuned netdeck version of ping skeleton mage? Seriously, there must be something seriously wrong with your head or did you forgot to take your medicin this morning????? 

     I will say i did that recently, personally, and only realized at the end of the game that it was casual because i forgot to swap back to ranked and it made me feel very guilty so if it was against you i'm very sorry 👀💦

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     So i was playing mage against quest priest, and drew theotar on turn 2 or so, so of course i did made the big brain decision of keeping theotar until they completed their quest, because at least priest cannot play xyrella on the same turn they get her.

    I wait diligently, play as well as i can with pretty poor draw, while they get an extremely good quest proc rate but hardly play much of anything, and keep a very big hand that rarely gets under 8 cards at a time, so i pray more and more that i'll find my brann in time.

    Finally, the moment of truth happens: they complete the quest. I have ~38 health, they have ~23, they still have a hand of 9 cards, i still don't have brann, "alright i'll just have to pray then" i think to myself.

    But no, my turn, and look, this draw, it's brann, coming to my aid! I play him right away, then theotar. First attempt: 2 useless ones, and reno. Well, not what i was looking for but i'll gladly take that thank you!

    Second attempt: bingo! Xyrella is mine! And no theotar, thank you, i don't want to exhange her for reno.

    I skip my turn excitedly, but.. they don't play anymore. They ragequit. Oh well, whatever, i'll just play as fast as i can and hope to somehow be able to play the shard before the game ends.

    My turn again, brann is still on my board, i play xyrella, shuffles 2 shards in my deck, about 20 cards left, it'll be difficult but oh well; i play a Frostweave Dungeoneer, draw two spells...

    Long story short: i got the disconnect victory just before the turn i could have played it, but i did completed a priest achievement. While playing mage.

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2
    Quote from Arialena >>
    AQuote from Yolento >>

    Tell me you are a ****** without saying that you are a ******.

    You think these two cards should exist in the game unironically:

     Can we maybe not use the r---**rd word? It's 2022. Let's be better.

    Aside from that, I agree with the OP. I think cards that completely and repeatedly lock an opponent are toxic to the game. 

    I know the meta is still settling and people complain a lot about druids -- but they are in upper middle as far as win rates go at the moment. Dominating classes are Hunter, Warlock, Shaman, and Mage with druid fifth. I hope they buff Demon Hunter, Paladin, and Warrior as well as toning down oppressive cards -- druid included if needed. I main a druid but I will always accept nerfs if it means a healthier game.



     (Thank you for your comment abour that word, it's really tiring seeing it so often in this thread..)

    I extremely agree with the fact that snowfall elemental should literally just not exist; even in a complete vacuum, that's an extremely toxic card and strictly unhealthy for the game regardless of any other parameter.

    Someone said something about this somewhere though, that the real problem isn't as much that one, as it is really the parrot. A snowfall elemental is bad and hateful, but still fairly doable to deal with or play around; even two can be ok, but the fact that they can literally just do it 4 turns in a row, often more because of amalgam, that is the main issue because you have almost no chance of not ending up board locked at the 3rd one. And moreover, the parrot can also copy literally any other battlecry such as denathrius or shudderwock or anything like this, which means that this one card will always, regardless of the state of the game, be potentially game breaking, especially in wild, and will always limit design space, even on neutral cards. They're both terrible cards and both should genuinely just get banned all together, but the parrot is actually by far the worst of the two i think

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    Quote from Kawz >>

    Wild is the best mode of the game, but not because its better, but because its less bad.

    Battlegrounds is just RNG, you have good RNG you win, simple as that.

    Standard is the same decks over and over, zero diversity.

    Mercenaries .. ? Should I say anything about that garbage, really?

    So what's left? Wild. Even with bullshit toxic cancer like pirates, every single Druid and Shudderwock, but you can just surrender against this crap and have fun in other matches.

     Just wanted to chime in and say that mercenaries gets a bad rap (and truly terrible monetization that is super hurting the mode, that much is true for sure, but they have expressed plans to enhance that soon), but it actually has a lot to offer if you give it a chance.
    I got a similar reaction at first after playing the tutorial the first time, but then i reluctantly came back to it for the fire festival quests and followed up with doing the yogg-saron event tasks and i actually enjoy it a lot and it's now the mode i spend about 60%+ of my time on.
    I highly recommend giving it a longer second chance, if you've had a bad first impression from tutorial or whatever, you might be surprised

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    posted a message on cards that cant be crafted

    Absolutely agree that this is very confusing UX and makes it unclear for all levels of players and also forces you to figure out the cost of different rarities on your own instead of being told by the game

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    Absolutely agree.
    I personally value animations a ton, i think they're part of the big values of hearthstone vs tradictional card games and all, but there should be a way to skip/speed up/maybe even disable them entirely (could be even considered accessibility options maybe; screen shake is a nice option, but i could see all animations defendable as that too).
    They waste tons of time and can become extremely tilting over time when you're already feeling frustrated and have to sit through the renathal animation again for the 8 million'th time, which is even making you unable to look at your hand on mobile.. it's all just too long and frustrating.

    At the very least, i've thouhgt for a while that it also makes no sense for animations to count towards time limits, when some can be SO slow to literally regularly force the opponent to have to spend a part of their turn just waiting on animations to finish before even being able to play at all..

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    Quote from TheUltimatePrice >>

    This will never be fixed. Clearly they are not maintaining this website anymore. Seems only the players are here.

     I mean... Posts and cards are being regularly added, as well as moderated, so like, no. Might not be the people who are used to edit the website's codebase but there aren't only players around here, very evidently 😅

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    Quote from Byzantine >>

    Y'all just use HSReplay instead of reporting that this is down.  This being revived would be a miracle and HSReplay functions basically the exact same anyway.

     Yeah that's what the previous message suggested. The link should just get removed, because as it is, it's just confusing everyone, especially returning players who used to use it a while ago.
    It's just a dead button to a dead page with a dead download link and no information anywhere but deep in the forum replies that it's not working anymore

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    Quote from user-100245606 >>

    I dont know but for me it is not so much broken.. Yeah I see you idea it is strong, but what is not right now? Every single class have broken deck and you cant do anything if they get their hand.. Even the hunter is not great if you are unlucky to draw.. 

    There are dozens of decks that counter Q hunter

     The many problems with this one have been listed in this thread already.
    - It's very uninteractive, because they can just hit your face repeatedly with spells and there's nothing you can do about it (even playing spell tech cards like trogg don't do anything since their spells are way enough to kill them without ever getting any benefit from them)
    - Every single game feels exactly the same, since their deck focuses on only one thing and pretty much needs no minions at all to work
    - It's very damaging to the meta, as it's so strong and so specific that it shifts way too much of it around itself
    - It's so strong that it's literally been around or above 60% winrate consistently since the beginning of the expansion, at all levels of play, as far as i know
    - It's also extremely limiting in design space, because it's so strong that every card has to be balanced around not making it even more busted (which... well to be fair i feel like that's barely been a concern, so far, on design side, but that's kind of another topic i guess)

    In short: it being too strong is obviously a problem, but not even the main problem; the main problem is mostly the negative impact it has on the quality of the game as a whole. And yes, i believe that this one card has this big of an effect on the game as a whole.

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    I really don't

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    posted a message on Top 40: Barnabus

    Description and all are great but dude that youtube thumbnail is incredibly disturbing and unwelcome

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    Seriously, anyone playing Far Watch Post is essentially saying "fuck your deck, i don't want you to have fun" and i deeply despise every one of you who fucking play it.

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    Could we agree that a regular prestor druid fight with 40 cards in their deck should look like "play random tokens until finally getting their hands on Capture Coldtooth Mine to get prestor and then cycle through 15 minions to find a kazak"?
    How in the fuck has literally every single game i've had against them (like 8 of them at this point) gone
    Turn 1: Irondeep Trogg
    Turn 2: Far Watch Post
    Turn 3: Capture Coldtooth Mine

    Turn 5: Wildheart Guff
    Turn 6: Lady Prestor

    And then literally Kazakusan right away after 4 random dragons.
    One of them getting it from literally 5 Bronze Explorer in a row...

    Literally every single one of the games i've had were EXACTLY like that, maybe with watch post and trogg flipped between turn 1 and 2, sometimes one of them not played, but literally at least one ALWAYS played by turn 2. HOW??

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    posted a message on Prince Renathal games too long?
    Quote from AndreiLux >>
    Quote from Lethora >>
    Quote from AndreiLux >>
    Quote from Baba_Jagga >>

    Thats good thing. if games are long, that means they are interesting and both players had their chance to win.

    That doesn't mean games are interesting for both players. It means that deck whose goal in a matchup was to survive long enough succeeded.
    If a game was short, it was "interesting" for a faster deck's pilot, if it was long, it was "interesting" for a slower deck's pilot.

    If aggro players start conceding when running into Renathal decks we might have a problem (actually not, I'm quite sure all control players will be happy) but aggro matchups are short-timed anyway. They just run out of steam and concede or kill you before you are able to stabilize. Those games can be fun.

    I don't have a problem with Renathal at all, RenathaI looks not that strong currently and it will continue to bait Timmies, who don't understand that more cards in their deck at the start of the game is a bad thing, to use it way more than he deserves. Right now it looks worthy only in Priest, maybe Druid and Warlock, and it looks like a Priest/Warlock class card in general, because these classes disproportionally benefit from starting health increase.
    I'm just saying that for the most players winning is fun, so if they tend to win in long games, they like long games, think long games are fun and vice versa.
    I doubt that all control players will be happy if aggro somehow disappear and combo will be able to consistently survive long enough to kill them.

     As a generally more control-type player, i can say that the pleasure i'm getting from playing control decks is in having actual trades and interactions and having to outsmart each other, not just "oh i won therefore it was fun".
    This is also why i personally hate curselock, as imo it just feels more like bodyblocking your opponent constantly, rather than really trying to outsmart or outpace each other. It's literally "they played a big minion? Double Dragged Below", "they played lots of small minions? Abyssal Wave", "they haven't played anything substancial? Immolate or Mutanus" etc etc, and they just passively win through curses scaling too much, rather than having to constantly ask yourself and gauge "is this a good time to switch gears and move to the offensive?" because they don't have an offensive, they just win through games lasting longer.

    Anyway, i understand the value of wanting to have short games to quickly grind, or just have a couple of games inbetween two things or whatever, but reducing the pleasure of long games to "just wanting to have an advantage and win" is a misunderstanding. To me the game is at its best when it's slower and more methodical and relies on good decision making.

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