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    tbh scavaging hyena blows out games faster than keleseth, and you can use two of them, it's worth it, plus then you can add razormaw which is insanely strong with 1 drop beasts. 

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    i threw a devilsaur egg in for a shinyfinder bc i had too many games with no early game or i had a necrium blade primed but nothing in my hand cheap enough to activate it with

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    boomsday is bringing some good demon hand buffs for warlock, this card might make some appearances soon i think, it's a lot of tags and if you can buff the attack consistently it's a PITA to aggro decks

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    caverns below

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    Nice similar to what i put together to play, i like crazed alchemist alot tho, it can give you lethal or just flip a minion into a large attack and a body, perhaps a savage roar. strongshell scavenger is so satisfying when it wrecks!

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    Fun deck man! First game i got into double digit jades easily lol (got a second aya from journey). i don't have anub or shadowcaster so i subbed thalnos and hallucination, sylvanas would def be nice but i figured i wanted more early game (second journey would probably be better than hallucination but i only have one of those too). 

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    Awesome guide. i put in boom, i really want kabal courier too but courier is kind of tough to justify, boom wasn't though. edit: a few days of playing KC is amazing, glad i fit it in. i also like forbidden flame in my list, because i'm mostly facing pirate warriors, it really helps to have the early removal against them, its better than torch to me, i added flame cannon too because of the aggressive meta where i'm at, it's really helped with finja, azure drake, and frothing. added babbling book too because of the aggressive meta where i'm at too, helps to have another 1 drop and it keeps giving me solid spells. but your guide is great, just making a few switches for the meta i'm at!

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    i like barnes and knife jugglers instead of coghammer ooze and divine favor, can run out of cards but the aggression helps vs reno and face decks, getting an extra murloc from barnes is really good in anyfin decks, muster is too busted not to use 2 of, i use another instead of secret keeper as well.

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    actually getaway kodo would be good largely because wickerflame would be great to drop twice. i would put some healing in to replace wickerflame, perhaps an Antique Healbot or more likely an Ivory Knight if you have it. if you don't have either, perhaps a Second-Rate Bruiser, wickerflame is in there to prolong the game to your 10 drops, and perhaps ping a minions health down low enough for Finja to finish it off. i'd recommend the same to anyone who doesn't have Ragnaros, Lightlord as well. Forbidden Healing is another substitution possibility, however i prefer a healing card that puts something on the board you can use to ping an enemy minion like ivory knight because softening minions for finja is very strong. Repentance could actually combo quite well with finja now that i think about it but i prefer blessing of might because it can be used for other things in the deck. 

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