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    I assume that "work from home" orders have caused Team 5 to re-organize internally. We haven't seen a new Tavern Brawl in months, and the PvE content for the two adventures this year hasn't exactly been thrilling. I wouldn't be surprised if folks are being taken off less essential HS projects in order to ensure that the cool stuff is completed - the three expansions, and the forthcoming new game mode. All things considered, it isn't the end of the world if the peripheral HS stuff is sub-par, given everything else that has happened.

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    Quote from Bodycount1 >>

    If any competitive event fined me for being late, I'd just leave the event and tell them good luck in collecting.  

    It's also worthwhile observing that Firebat's claim that the event "started an hour early" is dishonest - the check-in time was the check-in time. He chose to set his alarm well after the check-in time, knowing in advance he would be disqualified if matches began early. He took the risk, accepting the consequences, then bitched about it when it bit him on the ass, instead of apologising for wasting nearly an hour of everyone's time. Blizzard did more than their rules suggested they should have in order to accommodate him.

    As to your point - Blizzard pays the players to play their games. Firebat didn't show up, so he doesn't get paid. They don't "collect" anything, though I'm sure they would appreciate any "good luck" you choose to send them . . .

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    Observing that uncompetitive, off-meta home-brews aren't competitive in eternal formats isn't exactly enlightening . . .

    However, it's also worth recognising that the format isn't close to being competitively optimised, and half-decent players can certainly pilot half-decent home-brews successfully. Looking at the HSReplays numbers, for example, one of the reasons that folks are complaining that "Rogue is in the dumpster" is that Burgle Rogue has a play-rate more than three times that of Odd Rogue, despite having a win-rate about 13% worse - unsurprisingly, the class win-rate reflects this. Rogue is at the bottom of the heap, despite having one of the best Tier 2 decks in Wild, as attested by a couple of the sites which actually track the format.

    As far as complaining about diversity in Wild - the power level in eternal formats typically reduces, rather than expands, the pool of viable decks. Despite having over 20,000 cards to choose from, the Vintage format in MtG has been dominated by the same handful of decks for most of the past quarter century. As Wild matures, decks will inevitably emerge which survive the perpetual addition of new content - this isn't a "problem" that lazy designers could simply solve, if only they weren't so lazy. Vintage would open wide up if Black Lotus, FoW, Dual Lands and the Moxen were all nerfed - but playing those cards un-nerfed is the entire allure of the format. If you don't like playing degenerate decks, or having them played against you, you probably won't like playing eternal - but not liking a format doesn't mean it's busted . . .

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