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    posted a message on Wait, people GENUINELY think the game is rigged?

    If the game is rigged, why do so many folks and so many decks have win-rates well above and well below 50%?

    Why does the game ever need to be balanced if the algorithm can simply tank the draw-rate of over-performing cards, or buff the draw-rate of under-performing cards?

    Tanking and buffing draw-rates would be captured on deck-tracking apps - so where's the years and years of evidence? Has HSReplays been part of the conspiracy since day one?

    etc . . .

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    posted a message on Which card packs are the most optimal to buy for a new player?
    Quote from STFlow >>

    What's the reasoning behind buying the most recent expansion card packs and getting all legendary cards first?

    Based on my perspective, I thought it would be best to buy the classic card packs as the expansion card packs would be rotated out while the classic card packs would maintain in rotation therefore the best packs to buy would be the classic packs. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to start an argument here, just wanted to know why getting the legendary from each expansion would be the best option. 

     The game no longer has Classic Packs - instead, a Core Set will be given out for free each year for all players. The only packs you can buy for Standard are the expansion packs as well as generic Standard packs which include cards from all current expansions in Standard. As others have pointed out, you are best off purchasing individual packs from each expansion until you open a pack with a Legendary since you are guaranteed a Legendary within the first ten packs you open from each set. Legendary cards are pretty expensive to craft, so getting all your guaranteed Legendaries as soon as possible is the best way to give your collection a bit of a boost - you'll likely end up playing one or two decks based on the Legendaries you open.

    TrumpSC is a HS streamer who regularly posts YT content for new players. He's currently doing a F2P run for Stormwind. Here's a link to the most recent episode -




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    posted a message on How to fix the United in Stormwind Quests

    Many of the suggestions in this thread don't seem remotely realistic - they don't amount to "nerfs," so much as simply deleting the existing Quests from the game, and replacing them with different cards. The devs haven't done that since Warsong Commander.

    It's more likely that Darkglare will be banned in Wild, and that some of the stages in the more powerful Questlines will be tweaked in order to make them slightly slower. Otherwise, the rewards themselves are now permanent features of the game . . .

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    posted a message on Murloc Madness: A Legendary Card Tournament! - Hub Post & Introduction
    Quote from tripzplash >>
    Quote from Wazabi >>

    Cool. I like this!
    Something is very wrong with some of the kiddos who spread the negative comments here. Wow. Ignore them!

     so becouse when you thing something is borring you is a kid ok?

    To be fair, "so becouse," "thing something," "borring," and "you is a kid ok" don't honestly suggest that a sophisticated adult was responding.

    If you'd like some lessons, I'm an ESL instructor, but I'm top-notch, and not cheap - and I don't offer discounts to hearthpwn members. Start saving up, kiddo . . . ok?

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    posted a message on Balance Changes Coming Next Thursday July 15th
    Quote from Devilseye >>

    Nerfing priest because low rank people are whining for a class that is never been top tier since Raza Priest. Enjoy playing against Hunter, Shaman and DH 70% of your games in high ranks now.

    Priest has regularly been a top-tier class at high levels of play - it has been dominating GM this year, and saw plenty of play last year, despite posting low win-rates on sites like HSReplays. It's been the top class at top-1K Legend for months, where it has a 20% play-rate. Nothing wrong with balancing the game for top-level players. FWIW -  the win-rate differential for the class between the average ladder-grinder and top-1K Legend is about 7%.

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    posted a message on F2P Lives Matter too...

    FWIW - a couple months ago, when Barrens launched, TrumpSC started a new F2P account, hitting Legend by the end of the month. He ended up playing one of the most expensive decks on ladder (Control Warlock.) By the end of the month, the deck had seven Legendaries and four Epics. Seven years ago, his first F2P deck ran a single Epic, and no Legendaries.

    It seems fair to say that things have improved considerably for F2Ps.

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    posted a message on Stealer of Souls ban - Reno next please

    FWIW - judging by the HSReplays data, Reno typically has the fifth or sixth best "win-rate when drawn" in the decks that play him. About 10% of Reno decks in Wild don't actually run the card that gives the archetype its name . . .

    The devs have explained their banning philosophy - clearly, they will nerf "Wild only" cards, rather than ban them, reserving bans for cards that bust up Wild, but don't have any impact on Standard. No other cards come close to being banned at the moment.

    - thread locked -

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    posted a message on Idea: Draw card at END of turn

    Hmmm . . .

    It's a fairly counter-intuitive suggestion. Since we wouldn't be drawing a playable card this turn, we would want to draw it on the previous turn (actually drawing a 5-drop on turn 5, for example, is pointless - you need to draw your 5-drops on turn 4, your 3-drops on turn 2, and so on.) This clearly punishes decks that need to begin playing the game on the first turn - since you get one less card on the first turn, you are less likely to actually draw a play. That's a pretty big deal, for benefits that aren't really that obvious. Folks already plan out their turns while their opponent is the active player - given the amount of card generation that commonly sees play, I don't honestly see how the OP's suggestion "speeds up the whole game". Some simpler ways to achieve the desired result might be to speed up animations by 10%, or shave ten seconds off the turn timer.

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    posted a message on Patch Notes 20.2 - New Heroes in BG - Diamond Ragnaros and New Hero Skins & More - Live Today!


    This is exactly what Blizzard, and everyone else, already does. It takes the App Store about 48 hours to review and approve an app. Blizzard would have submitted the update this past weekend. The developer selects the time they want the update to go "live" - Blizzard, and everyone else, typically selects a time a few hours after their own scheduled release for Mac and PC, in case they encounter unexpected delays with their own update.

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    posted a message on OTK combo decks are bad for the game

    It seems far more constructive to suggest potential nerfs to problematic decks than to simply post an opinion piece that "OTK decks shouldn't exist." Of course they should - millions of folks only play CCGs because they enjoy winning the game by doing convoluted deck manipulation and card sequencing that results in a big, sudden, gaming winning combo. "No they shouldn't - they should enjoy the game differently," isn't exactly a helpful attitude.

    It's also worthwhile recognising that there are dozens of OTK decks "out there" in Tier 4 Wild - it isn't obvious that you understand how much nerfing is actually going to be necessary in your crusade. I'd suggest watching some Wild streamers, or Hysteria, in order to get some idea of the scope of the issue. You might as well start with Spectral Pillager - it might be the most popular OTK deck that you seem unaware of.

    Here's a link to a Hysteria video, Top 10 OTK combos - you'll have to nerf cards like Lightning Bolt, Da Undertaker, Emperor Thaurissan, Mayor Noggenfogger, and dozens of others not in this particular video . . .



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