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    Next Up a Start of Game: Effect that hurts you

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    If Imp Wrangler was a real card it would OP it counters these decks

    Odd/Murloc Paladin/Agrro: Can't play more than 4 minions(Odd doesn't usually have buffs)

    Control/Hadranox: You Get a lot of bad draws

    Midrange: Less Minions on board more bad draws


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    the Final Lich (Mage Quest) is way to OP

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    Quote from Batterskull124 >>

     Hi there, just wanted to give some feedback.

    I love how the overall set looks; there are plenty of new ideas and innovation of existing mechanics.

     Quick question; how does the Blight mechanic work? From my understanding, the initial blighting doesn't actually do anything, but instead acts as a marker for other cards, sort of like the counter manipulation mechanic from MTG.

     Another question; is there any lore behind the tri-class groupings? Like in MSoG, you could imagine warriors, hunters and paladins working together in the Grimy Goons given that they could reliably use their physical strength to intimidate and extort while imposing an outwardly benevolent protection racket. Likewise, the Kabal consist of the classes who dabble in mystical arcane powers and the Jade Lotus has this mystical and mysterious sage-like environment where rogues, druids and shamans feel right at home. I'm just curious whether there is any external theme binding the tri-classes.

     Ok, on to the feedback!

    Mage : 

    1. Soulfire Drake doesn't feel like it has a home. Cheap mana cost but with weak stats and an effect that is rewarding in 2 or 3 turns means that most tempo or aggro mage decks would eschew it in favour of cheaper versions like Bloodmage Thalnos or Tainted Zealot. Sure it might survive longer, but often times spell damage is needed for that extra juice, not for those long games.

    2. Dragon's Flame is a well-designed card with great flavor. 

    3. Shell Collection is interesting, but the stat buffing mechanic seems out of place in the Mage class. As for the actual effects, it provides more reliable long-term gain from spell damage by allowing choice and the buffing is a nice alternative.

    4. Dragongem scholar is hard to evaluate given that spell damage itself is hard to judge, in this particular case. Btw, shouldn't dragongem scholar be a dragon? (It looks like on)

    5. Protodrake Matriarch is a good draw on a stick and provides a way to get dragon synergy in lieu of stuffing more dragons into the deck, whilst also accelerating deck thinning. However, stats feel a bit weak. (Perhaps make it a 3/3?)

    6. Spellbound planet is interesting because even one extra minion could tip the scale into increasing variance. Usually, you would have 2 to 3 dragons in your hand. While adapting two dragons twice or three dragons thrice sounds powerful in a non-groundbreaking way, there is a chance of giving big dragons (think Alexstraza) unfair combinations of adaptations like windfury AND stealth.

    7. I'm gonna judge Risen Coldwing on how well it can do in a turn because thats probably how long it is going to last. One of the best case scenarios is this with Book of Spectres or Arcane Intellect against Midrange or Aggro decks and even then it feels kinda underwhelming cause on turn 8 or 9, if you can't clear their minions, you will be screwed. Underwhelming effect with risky RNG is not very convincing.

    8. Building Death- you guys will have to explain it to me

    9. Dragoncraft Lapis- I really like the design of a self-replicating value generator with reasonable restrictions. Very nice card

    10. Celestion- I feel like Celestion can only be played against midrange(slow versions) or control decks as spending 8 mana on a turn doing nothing against faster paced decks will lead to a loss. However, unlike the Darkness which dissuades drawing and can be awakened on your opponent's turn to attack on you turn, or Sherazin which is a recurring threat, Celestion is just a destroyable big body which can only attack on the turn after it is awakened. Again, the problem with possibly wasting a whole turn is that the returns are not that impressive.

    I hope that was not unnecessarily harsh.


     Yes Blight acts as marker
    About Tri-Class there isn't to much theme
    Now Building Death is a lot like Maligos that can't be used the turn its played but can be very powerfull later
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    Hello and welcome to the second Community UPLOADED expansion Destination: Lammoned first one made you can check the other one right here https://www.hearthpwn.com/forums/hearthstone-general/fan-creations/216966-cultist-of-the-circle-edge-a-hearthstone-custom #Sellout

    Now the Mechanics

     Gemstone/Legendary Spellstones are really powerfull and usually require some set up

    Blight is a new mechanic some cards give Blight some trigger off Blighted minions Unvivid Madness is an example

    The Return of Tri-Class and Hero Card every Tri-Class get a Hero Card as a legendary

    Full Card Lists


    Theme: Dragons, Spell Damage


    By Proto Drake Matriarch


    Theme: Weapons, Totems


    By Griefspike 


    Theme: Deathrattles, Pirates


    By Superior Ape

    Bananas, Big BananaDeviate BananaRotten Banana

    Blackmagic Forgery Example

    By N'zoth Jasper


    Theme: Blight your and Enemy Minions


    Theme: Blight your Minions, Token Druid


    By Tortoise Pack Leader

    By Bearmaster

    By Plaguespreader

    By Ancient Amber


    Theme: Low amounts of minions, Buffs

    By Batstorm

    By The Other Side

    Auchenai Soulpriest

    By Quartz Gem

     And so on


    Theme: Blighting Enemy Minions, Curses


    By Plaguewick, Blightmaker

    By Infested Pyrite


    Theme: When a Minion Attacks, 0 Attack Minions

    By Gargoyle Marking

    By Ambush

    By Hill Manipulator

    By Witch Hunter


    Theme: Elementals, Deck Manipulation


    By Elemental Summoning (Triggers if your deck has elementals of that cost)


    Theme: Gemstones


     Exploration Party


    By Badwaste Sapper

    By Jinx






    Please Leave any Feedback also we started this expansion before Witchwood was announced


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    Card Uses

    Arcane Shot Just a good removal card can be Combed with Hunter's Mark

    Hunter's Mark Same purpose to remove

    Tracking Get value from your deck

    Explosive Trap Board Clear

    Wandering Monster A good midrange card that can also prevent face damage

    Animal Companion A Midrange Card that can help against aggro

    Eaglehorn Bow Just Some Removal that has some synergy

    Stitched Tracker same purpose as Tracking

    Dire Frenzy Shuffle value into your deck can also get some good beasts from the Death Knight

    Deathstalker Rexxar get value from build a beast

    Savannah Highmane Just a good card overall can be gotten by Kathrena Winterwisp

    Swamp King Dred Just a good beast to be gotten by Kathrena Winterwisp

    Kathrena Winterwisp get your Savannah Highmane Swamp King Dred or Deathstalker Rexxar  beasts from your deck

    Baleful Banker same reason as Dire Frenzy

    Loot Hoarder good card draw engine

    Tar Creeper a good card against aggro

    The Lich King Good late game value generator

    holy crap this deck is doing way better than i expected

    Also i just realised that this deck is very similar to krips new deck

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    Why Not Brann


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    This has great stats and a great effect but can you afford your deck and fatigue

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    Voodoo: Link a Minion with another Minion when the minion that has given voodoo to another minion dies destroy the other Minion too

    Voodoo Doll this is an existing example

    Next: Escape

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    This card has great stats and an amazing effect but fatigue goes like this 30-1=29-2=27-3=24-4=20-5=15-6=11-7=4-8=RIP

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    Can Draw into Cowardly Knight.

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    I like Handlock so i have to go Shadow Healer

    Next Up Tri-Class Cards

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    Congrats on making to the finals even thought you came last

    I made some decks for the summoner

    Free Summons

     Secret Summons

     Fast Summons

     Invoke and Summon

     Greedy Summoning


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