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    I don't have a set behaviour, it depends on several things such as the meta, what cards are available and what decks I like etc. I've played one deck and only one deck for a couple of weeks before, because I've found it a very fun deck. Other times I switch between decks every few games, because there are multiple decks I like.

    It's not very often I use a deck 'to climb'. I generally find that a good number of decks can get you up the ladder so I typically just roll whatever I like actually playing. 

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    "Rattlegore out of 9(!)). The chances for that were 1 in 180"

    Just to touch on this again, these odds will have been the same no matter what card it pulled. You're only making a deal of it because it happened to be cards you cared about or that impacted you. If it had destroyed some 2 mana minion you didn't care for, the odds didn't change when you are looking at it after the fact, you just aren't bothered, so don't care that your opponent was 'super unlucky to hit a crappy minion'. The chances it hit whatever cards it hit in the order it hit them are the same as Rattlegore. If your opponent hit some useless minion, they could just as easily say "it's rigged against me, the chances of hitting a bad minion in game 1 and then another bad minion in game 2 are 1 in X, the chances were so small of it happening that Blizzard must have rigged the rng to target bad minions". You can watch the replay using a deck tracker and see what your opponent had in hand, so it's not crazy that someone, somewhere would see it this way. So whatever it hits, there's someone potentially annoyed because 'the odds were long'.

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    We've needed some form of hand disruption for ages, I've lost count of how many times I've seen it not just called for, but demanded.

    When you break everything down into odds then you start to mislead yourself. The odds of me reading this thread and responding to it, given all of the events in both our lives and choices we've made which could have ultimately resulted in one of us never visiting this site? The odds will be crazy but that's what happens when yoj calculate odds after the event, almost everything that happens actually has pretty crazy odds, given how easily something slightly different happening could change the ultimate outcome.

    No, I don't feel it's bad for the game in any way what so ever. It whiffs plenty of times if you use it without much thought or just play it on curve. It rewards you monitoring your opponent's hand and taking calculated guesses on what it might hit. There should be plays that can be made in this way, it widens the skill gap. If I watch someone like Dekkster, I often find it pretty amazing how well he follows and reads his opponent's hand. I'm not so insecure that I can't acknowledge that he's far better at it than I am, hence why he's a more skilled player. Sadly, this game more than most I've encountered seems to have a large demographic of people who are deluded when it comes to their intelligence and ability level within the game. Not being able to prevent certain plays is a big source of frustration for many players. Knowing your opponent has assembled their combo and having absolutely no way of being rewarded for that knowledge means lower skilled players are rewarded, games they may have lost because they flippantly showed their hand by playing certain cards but go completely unpunished because there's no physical way to do it.

    I personally think it's a well designed card, it isn't particularly reliable and is a slow play which more often than not is removed before it can do anything, so it's value is mostly in the disruption effect. Which can whiff really bad even if you are being smart about when and how to play it. 

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    Quote from Kurgo >>
    Quote from Nefiret >>
    Quote from IDProG123 >>

    Alright, there are some comments here that's getting on my nerves, so I guess I'll respond to them.

    First, no, Blizzard didn't ban a card because they wanted to "hide their shame". They banned it because they were still figuring out the best nerf for it.

    Second, this ban is a one-off thing, and pretty much will NEVER happen again. Stop asking for bans in this case.

     Please, do not be deluded, if Blizzard has banned this card is precisely because they wanted to "hide their shame":

    They had no idea how to solve a problem that they themselves had created thanks to their irresponsibility and carelessness, so they opted for the easiest and fastest solution, solution which, to make matters worse, completely destroys the premise of the wild mode.

    And mark my words, this will not be the first time we see a card banned from Wild: a dangerous precedent has been set... From now on, every time Blizzard consider a card to be somewhat problematic, they will not hesitate to ban it, hiding it under the rug as if it did not exist.

    The first shot has already been fired, so it does not surprise me at all that a multitude of people have already started requesting bans left and right.

     You're not seriously thinking that...right?

    Here, I'll put it plainly: nerf the card to 6 mana.

    Wow, that was difficult, wasn't it? I bet people at team 5 could never get to such a revolutionary resolution to a problem caused by a card being overpowered (more overplayed than overpowered in quite a few instances, but the point still stands). That by itself would have literally destroyed all decks in wild because now 6 mana is your minimum for the combo IF you discount the stealer twice (big fat if) and by the usual turn you can play it (i.e. turn 8) you're dead to pretty much everything in wild, and if you're not you've been illucia'd, dirty ratted, whatever else.

    Now, if you're seriously suggesting that team 5 had no idea how to solve a problem they themselves created (you have a penchant for pointlessly overdramatising everything, don't you? Who on earth would create problems with cards created if not the team that creates them?) when they could have applied the same solution that has always been used for nerfs (i.e. mana change)...well, you're not the sharpest tool in the shed, dear lad.

    The point, once again, is not that they couldn't think of a solution omg the world will die run around waving arms, the point is pretty clearly that they wanted to try something different than what they usually do. You can kind of tell that they did it on purpose because the card sees, quite literally, no play in standard. It wouldn't have been any skin off their noses to nerf it to 6 mana and no one playing standard would have batted a single eye at that. So why did they decide to, instead, act in an unprecedented way? Your guess is as good as mine but while they've messed with card power etc so many times, I tend to think that a team that already knows the cards coming out for the next year knows a smidge more about how they interact with stealer of souls.

    Or maybe they're just tired of having to nerf cards when they're only problems in wild. You might as well say "but it's their job to design cards so that they work in both modes (duels too...I suppose?) and I agree with that, but the kneejerk reaction of the first ever ban certainly seems like a "man, we're tired of cards we like having to be nerfed because of wild". I agree that it also sets a rather dangerous precedent that is likely to be reiterated upon in the future. It also opened the floodgates to a number of people who not only don't get what a ban is but they just want cards they don't like to be banned.

    Just please don't say "oh, they were incapable of fixing their mistake to hide their shaaaaaaaaaaaame uhhuhuhuhuhuh" because seriously, any schmuck who'd read patch notes once in his life would have been able to fix this mistake. And by making team 5 sound like toddlers you pretty shamelessly decide to gloss over the actual intricacies tied to this decision.

    And I pretty much play wild only so I personally would rather wild had all the cards without this banning nonsense but might as well sit back and see what's next.

     Great post 

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    They haven't banished the card though, it's effect is most likely relevant to standard, which is why they haven't changed or nerfed it. They've said they will alter the card when it rotates, it's just a temporary ban essentially.

    What you're asking with Reno is basically what? To delete the card? Wild is the only place it can be used so if they ban it, the card just dies. So it isn't a precedent in the way you're perceiving it, it's a precedent in that if there's a card in standard that they want to work as described but is a problem in wild, then they might ban that card until rotation, at which point they change it so it isn't a problem in the same way. 

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    Quote from Panteradw >>

    The moment they started to sell Pre-Order stuff they lost a whale , no more x2 preorder bundles from now on....maybe 20 bucks for the pass and that's about it.

    Have more then enough cards/dust/gold to f2p couple of years from now.


     This is called cutting your nose off to spite your face. 

    So they release an expansion, you like the look of it, the bundle is released and the portrait is cool, you're really going to just pass up on the discounted packs, simply because someone may be able to purchase the hero skin, for real money, in a couple of years?

    Like, you do you but that's really daft and that sort of mentality will 100% spill over into other areas of your life. My advice would be to consider what the actual gain is for you, if you are set on being that petty then fair enough I suppose but it's really very childish. It's a cosmetic skin in a card game, you'll likely never encounter 99% of the people who bought it.

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    Quote from SubPixelPerfect >>

     "continue to go wrong" is in direct contradiction to your own poll results

    You should understand that this poll was made among players who play the game at that point, people who already left was not voting...
    Same as now, when I'm asking people who still paling the game... and happy about it...

     Well that just smells like BS to be honest. Poll didn't go the way you hoped so you backtrack and if that was your conclusion then why on earth are you back, necroing your own thread from 4 years ago and asking the same question? 

    Game is better off without people like you man, just move on, it's perfectly fine not to like the game but hanging around and attention seeking whilst getting snappy because you're on a dedicated website for a game and you're unhappy that the community you left 4 years ago likes the game still? Find a hobby mate, learn a new language, do some charity work, play another game. Stop attention seeking. 

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    When people were calling for lunacy and paladin to be merged I said this card would come up at some point. Nerfing one thing just leads to something else rising, either substantially or a bit.

    I don't think the card is a problem, I don't think it's far off it though and the effect is one that I understand people getting frustrated by, it feels a bit cheap and unfair. I actually think the design and flavour is good but it does seem like a legendary effect to me. I don't feel like it needs a nerf but could see that changing if DH gets some solid support and becomes a touch stronger in the next expansion. I've been playing a lot of priest and the death rattle deck this card seems to be in just hasn't been a problem for me in the slightest, I don't think I've lost to one yet but I acknlowedge that that won't be the case across the classes. 

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    Quote from Jennifermt >>

    So I am a relatively new player, but I know all the basics about the game, and know what most basic and common cards do. I want to watch a youtube channel that does let's plays and talks about good strategies and the metagame and uploads daily. What is the best channel to watch?

     Old Guardian has some great content for this, he posts on this site as well and talks through his considerations and thoughts as he plays, as well as what he considers his opponent to be doing. He puts out videos on budget decks as well as breakdowns of what decks are good to claim with etc. He doesn't have a million viewers so if you watch him on twitch, you can interact with him and ask questions etc very easily. 

    Dekkster is also good but OG is just a different style, bit slower and more analytical. 

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    Quote from IDProG123 >>

    I like how people here are anti-stats, while people in the other threads, especially the thread made by a guy who reached Legend with Control Warrior, talk greatly about stats.

    It's as if there are two completely different and opposite circles in one community.

    Either that or you are just pretentious hypocrites.

    A lot of my suggestions, while just an opinion, are based on stats. Mankrik and Warsong Wrangler specifically.

    Admittedly, I didn't look very sharply at the stats before suggesting the other three nerfs, but for Lilypad Lurker, I chose that because it was unnecessarily buffed.

    I'm going to revise my list here and change the cards need to be nerfed:

    Skull of Gul'dan to either Deathspeaker Blackthorn or Illidari Inquisitor, more on the latter. The latter can have a ridiculous win rate of 75% if played.

    Next time, before calling someone "sore loser because you lose a match", actually back your arguments.

     Played win rate isn't a great indicator of a card's overall strength either though. Finisher cards will have a really high win rate, they tend to get played to end games. Mechathun likely has or had a very high played win rate, it doesn't mean the deck or card itself is over powered or requires a nerf. 

    I think the reaction you've had is because the community calls for nerfs literally all the time. Every single update and expansion I've seen, there are multiple different calls for nerfs and most never get done, because they aren't necessary and it's honestly pretty tiresome at this point.

    I've been messing around with priest and have found hunter, shaman and demon hunter are all very farmable. There are a few strong classes and decks, that doesn't mean they are a problem and you've probably been branded quickly with the 'moan because you lost to a card' because that happens pretty much daily here. It's kind of like the boy who cried wolf. 

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    Quote from Dendroid >>

    The same thing happened with MTG last year, look up Lurrus Companion Vintage ban.  They either don't playtest anywhere near enough, or they are simply ambivalent to what changes these OP cards will make on their respective formats.

     Or its harder than we give it credit for. It's very easy to judge people doing a job you don't and haven't ever done, I've been guilty of it in the past, particularly with senior management and I've consistently discovered that it's often much easier to be an armchair critic than it is to actually do it. I see this sort of thing in too mnay games for it to be a team of incompetent developers. I suspect that what we see on the outside as straight forward and easy, is actually very different when you're actually doing it and juggling a lot of other things we likely don't appreciate at the same time. 

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    posted a message on At last a healthy meta!

    i actually do. but thats not even close to being enough.

    In some games i heal for nearly 100 life and clear every board just to die to the 11th insane board or crazy direct dmg crap.

     What rank are you? 

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    Quote from emicampo>>

    the last one its happening now, with imprisoned felmaw (thats the reason i keep reading this post, because that initial message), im on a streak of 19 times imprisoned felmaw go face, this one i was counting with a friend just for the laughs... of the people who thinks that the RNG its not rigged...

    You realise that with many millions of games, this kind of streak is inevitable, for someone, somewhere? In fact, you would need to rig it to ensure this doesn't happen. 

    If you flip a coin, how many heads in a row would it need to show until you started thinking the coin was a trick coin or rigged in someway? If you do a large enough test size, you would expect to get long streaks of heads or tails as well as streaks of one then the other, as well as lots of little bursts of say, heads, heads, heads, tails. 

    What you're doing in your head is saying "it's got a 50% chance of being heads, so if I flip it ten times, I should get 5 heads or something is fishy. 

    If you flip it one hundred times and record it each time, then the odds of getting the exact sequence you got, even though 100 flips is a tiny data size, the odds of getting that exact sequence, in that order, will be really high. You're applying odds to something after the fact, you can do that with literally anything. What you need to be able to do is predict. If something is rigged, you should be able to ascertain the pattern and recreate it. The coding for the game would need to say what it is that happens, the game isn't some super AI that can think on the fly. It would need to essentially have 'if x happens then that triggers y'. They would need to instruct it on what to do and given the millions of games of hearthstone that are logged and recording, I would think it would be pretty easy for a site like hsreplay to have busted this wife open long ago. 

    Of course you're going to agree with the other poster, they validate your 'feelings' and so you're agreeing with them simply because you like what you say. You obviously then can't recognise your own bias and it leads you to think that you agree with them for good reason. 

    This would be such a simply thing to prove, yet it's never been done or even come close. 



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    posted a message on New Cards, Old and Tired Decks. Rinse and Repeat. I give up. The players playing this game are mindless robots not humans.

    Show me a game where people don't share strategies, builds, decks etc.

    This complaint is so incredibly childish and naive. The game is designed for decks to be shared, that's why they implemented a deck code feature. It's really basic, human nature, to look for and share efficient, effective ways of doing things. It's across all industries, game guides, walkthroughs, cheat codes etc have existed for decades.

    Plenty of people craft strong, synergistic decks, others simply don't have the time, so they use resources that share these, like this site.

    What this boils down to is you want to be able to make a bad deck and win with it. That's what your complaint is. If your deck is consistently losing, it's a bad deck. You can call it a homebrew to get your little sense of superiority all you like but if it's losing consistently, you clearly aren't good at identifying a win condition and building a strategy around it.

    You're obviously building ineffective decks, literally anyone can do that but it's inefficient, time consuming and less fun. You know it's less fun because otherwise you wouldn't be here kicking off about it.

    If I want to play football using my own set of made up rules, like only being able to take 2 touches before I have to pass, only being able to shoot from outside the box and no sprinting, I can cry all I like abiut my 'own' way of playing football and that nobody is playing by my rules and so I'm getting crushed and why can't people be original and do things like only use their weaker foot, that makes the game more fun to me!?!?

    Because it's shite, that's why and if I want to impose my own crappy rules on how I play that'd fine but I guarantee as soon as I start to complain that other people are just copying each other and playing properly, so I'm not having fun, then I'm getting laughed off the pitch.

    You aren't cool or original for making a crappy deck, if that's how you have fun then fine, but you are in the minority, your way of having fun isn't shared by the majority of players. So get off your high horse and accept that if you play the way you want to play, you're going to win less, because you're using bad decks and you aren't as good a deck builder as you think you are. I can make a homebrew using yeti and co because 'it's fun for me' but the fact that I'm playing a unique deck doesn't mean it's a good thing, it doesn't mean I'm playing 'correctly'. It means I'm playing a shitty deck and there's probably a good reason other people haven't designed it. I'm not special for coming up with a crap deck that others wouldn't think of putting together.

    Such a lame, boring thing that a minority of snowflakes seem to love complaining about. It's literally all in your head, you're winding yourself up and blaming other people. 

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    Quote from Dumbubbledidu >>

    If it is rigged EVERY player had the same issues. 

     No, certain accounts are flagged to be rigged. Accounts that haven't spent any money at all are highly likely to be flagged so you go on long losing streaks and therefore buy packs. This has been proven by a a few people saying this is what they think happens. Blizzard wants to keep people at silver and gold ranks because this will increase their profits. 

    I'm lucky in that my account hasn't been flagged but I did play against 3 rogues in a row the other day, so my time in the sun may be coming to an end. I can't see how that is possible, 3 games against the same class, the odds are just way, way off based on my feelings and therefore I am justified in asserting that it's rigged because Blizzard are greedy. 

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