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    posted a message on New Legendary Bundles, Returning Book of Heroes & Battlegrounds Skins, Mercenary Bundles & More

    Yeah it's much better that there is diversity and the game desperately needed it. I do think they are a touch over priced though. I'll buy the odd thing but for a little cheaper if probably double my spending. Like, if the skins were 4.99 then I'd buy a couple but at the price they are, I'll only really buy one if it really stands out. Really like the content and they are entitled to price it at whatever but I just hope they reduce them a little in future and I'd certainly spend more. 

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    posted a message on Zeddy is happy about new balance patch
    Quote from Machariush >>
    Quote from Crusader2020 >>

    Nice, every slave guides his happiness after his god, Zeddy.

    If he says "uninstall hearthstone NOW!", will you do it?

    One can only hope!

     Look Zeddy is the only one who says what he really thinks no matter what, he is not a Blizzard drone, and if he says he is happy the whole HS community should be grateful to Zeddy he is the one who’s fighting our battle against Blizzard.

     My 12 year old idolises YouTubers as well. 

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    posted a message on We need a non-static a format alternative to wild

    I'd rather they didn't dedicate resources to this idea instead of mercenaries etc. BG, duels and hopefully mercs are very different to the core game and that's really good for when your hunted out or not enjoying the typical hearthstone experience.

    No matter how much rotating they do, they will always have peolle complaining about the meta, it's stale etc and I don't think the interest in this idea would be high enough. I'm sure they get tons of feedback and data from focus groups, surveys etc. If they felt this was desirable and would enhance the business model then I'm sure they would have considered it.

    I don't think it would be worth it, not only the initial outlay to put it all together but it would require people to update it, manage rotations, monitor metas etc and that seems like a waste of resource as well.

    This seems like the kind of idea that can be community driven. Setup a thread on here or a sub in reddit etc, get a bunch of like minded people and friend each other. You can play whatever rules you like, ban whatever sets you like etc. If you can't find enough people who want to do it then it might make you realise why the devs aren't putting time into doing similar. You can effectively have games with these rules that you make and manage yourself, it doesn't need specific dev dedications and changes to the ui etc to cater a new menu.

    Mercs seems really interesting and the more different types of modes there are the more I'll spend time in the hearthstone launcher. I'd usually wander awya for the second half of an expansion but now I just flick over to BG, wild, duels and I spend much more time in the app overall than I did before. Mercs will add to that I'm sure. 

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    posted a message on You guys know that, you don't have to buy it?

    My 2 pennies worth....

    I don't really know much about the mode, certainly not enough to buy anything at this point. I buy pre orders and odd bundles, no problem putting money in but not in something I don't know if I'll enjoy. I don't say this as a bad thing, I do the same with regular games, if I know I want it, I pre order, if I'm unsure, I'll wait and either pick up a physical copy (so it can be traded after) or wait for a sale etc.

    If it's a mode I don't like, having played the version on launch, then I'll move back into other modes. Just as I did with arena, classic, duels etc. Some I play, some I don't.

    What I do know is that it's OK if I don't like it. If it isn't for me, I don't like the gameplay or how you build a collection etc, then I'll do what I do with everything else in life that isn't for me - do something else. If I do really enjoy it, I will continue to play it along with the other modes I enjoy. If I enjoy it enough, I'll buy some stuff. I've no issue with people pre ordering, some people are happy to take that risk or are so in love with the lore etc that they'll enjoy any and all game modes.

    ALL OF THAT IS ABSOLUTELY FINE. I don't need everyone else to think like me. I don't need other people to do what I'm doing. I don't hate a company for expanding their product range and looking to add an extra way of making money, this is totally normal behaviour.

    If you repeatedly bitch about this game and company and yet still pour your time into playing it and complaining then more fool you. I've played some mobile games which I really didn't like the payment structure of. So I stopped playing them and moved onto sonething I do enjoy.

    People have been convinced that them and their thoughts are actually special and that people should care about them. In truth, 99% of people do not give a crap, your perspective and views are your own but you are not so special that you as an individual should be catered for above others. The quicker some people learn that, the happier they will be.... 

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    posted a message on To everyone at Blizzard
    Quote from Pherosizm >>

    Why is everyone on this forum so angry these days? I used to like coming to read people's opinions on stuff, stories and ideas about cards/decks.

    Now it's like every thread is just overflowing salt about one thing or another.

    It's not really fun to be here anymore. It's exhausting to read instead of a fun distraction while at work.

    I've drastically reduced my time on this site. I still pop by and check for bits of news or updates when I'm having a smoke or whatever and I'll have a nosey at the new posts because it's on the home screen. Reason being exactly what you say, it's honestly just miserable, salty and I assume predominantly young teens. 

    To the point that I've been disappointed in myself that I've been dragged down to that level and actually been a bit of a dick in many of my own responses. I don't particularly rate the admins either and I feel bad saying that but it seems that someone can be an obnoxious little shit but if you reply in kind, you'll be flagged for flaming. I don't think they manage the community well at all. 

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    posted a message on Mercenaries Mode looks like Trouble

    People are going to dump hours into complaining about this on Reddit, sites like this etc.

    I'll save all that time and do more productive things, wait for the mode to drop, have a play and then if its shit, I might have a moan and move on or just move on. It may not be something I enjoy and you know what...... That's OK! Not everything has to cater to me, not everything has to be to my taste or liking, I've never touched classic mode, want to know how often I've whinged about it? Never...... 

    The quicker certain little snowflakes understand that not everything and everyone is focused on them as individuals and not everything revolves around their particular likes and dislikes, the quicker people can just get on with enjoying what they enjoy. The world can't always look after you, sometimes you have to own decisions you make and if you have problems with addiction etc, put measures in to protect yourself, don't demand that the world change for you. 

    I have no idea how relevant cash bought things will be. I don't really understand the mode fully at this point. No point spending the next 6 weeks complaining about it though. I'll find out then and make a decision about whether it's a mode that interests me or warrants my time. 


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    posted a message on Hearthstone Mercenaries Reveal Stream - With Drops!
    Quote from ZagniefMaster >>

    Why can't they just post balance changes?

     What a stupid question. Obviously different teams work on different things, the two things aren't connected. So many of you lot must lack so much work and life experience. 

    Do you think you just have a group of people who move from one task to the next? 

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    posted a message on How do you handle the annoying players?

    I think you massively over think this. I suspect there are a large number of players who take this game far, far too seriously and would do well to get some fresh air once in a while. Maybe get out into the real world and gain some perspective.

    The people you are against probably don't care that you take your little 'victory' and rope back etc, they are likely doing other things. I often watch TV, cook, read etc while I'm playing. If I take too long and the person ropes the rest of the game, they are literally just wasting more of their time. I don't care one bit, it isn't 'payback', I just carry on watching my film or continue cooking.

    Seems like a lot of angry little basement dwellers play this game. 

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    posted a message on Hearthstone not fun in this state

    I'm not a fan of the meta but I've been enjoying wild and BG. I wouldn't say it's the worst ever, but it isn't my cup of tea. There are a fair few decks but I don't particularly enjoy them. I'll dip in and out of it and see how the mini set goes. 

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    posted a message on Hearthstone is rigged af

    If you're so convinced the game is rigged to the point you have no say in your win rates etc then why the fuck are you playing the game? How monumentally stupid are you? Your wins? Nothing to do with you. Your losses? Not your fault, rigged.

    Anyone who genuinely believes this but continues to pump their time into not only the game, but coming in this forum and crying about it is just dense.

    The second I became convinced of anything like this in any game or even any other activity in life, I'd be long gone. If it's rigged then what on earth is the point?

    More likely, it's crap players with crap attitudes. Just do something else with your time then. If you honestly think it is and has always been rigged then it's completely pointless playing, isn't it? Nothing you do matters, you only win because the game decided for you to, so you never win through your experience, skill or knowledge, so what are you getting from it?

    Fucking brain dead community, honestly. 

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    posted a message on Control hunter
    Quote from fusilli >>

    Thanks, glad to hear you're enjoying it :)

    I've switched to Dreadscale over the explorer for now due to pallies for a similar effect - less about DS and more just handling all those 1/1s before the quartermaster can come down. I do find that the hand can get clogged, hence the lack of halazzi. How does he compare to unleash the hounds for popping DS?

     I've found him useful for when my hand is a little low, either use them to pop DS which is fairly reliable, especially as you cna store them in hand. With UH, if pally is dropping one or two each turn, you can only deal with one round. It also works alongside overwhelm and I've been able to clear some bigger taunt or threatening minions for quite a low cost. I'm really not familiar with wild decks and the meta though, so I could be choosing a less effective card in all honesty haha. 

    Sometimes I can't get the quest done very quickly, so having Rexxar is great fun for getting free zombeasts each turn. I value diversity and fun over pure winning, so there's tons of way to play this deck really. Great job. 

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    posted a message on Control hunter

    I think this deck is great fun. I swapped Rag for the Lynx that gives you 1/1s in hand, good for popping divine shields or helping clear the board. Really enjoyed the versatility of the deck though and although it can get slapped up, it can also dish out a few slappings of its own and games don't typically feel the same, which is really important for me. 

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    posted a message on Is something wrong with rng?
    Quote from mulluk >>

    I challenge you (mainly the fanbois) once again to create an opensource hearthstone with 100% pure RNG. And compare the mulligans, card draws, card creations, etc. No need to recreate the whole thing. Just adapt to a common meta matchup, rename the cards in a way we still know what they represent, and run a simulation and compare the outcome.

    Will my opponent with an empty hand also draw the only card which is able to clear my board by doing 11,345 damage to all my 11,345 hp minions just _right_ now?


    Its obvious its rigged. I didnt witness it once or twice, i witnessed it so often in all those years i lost count. When a card, that havnt seen play since ever or ages, comes into your play for whatever reason (cardpack, generator, brawl, you added it into your decklist, etc.) this card will pop up all the time from now on for a while. Suddenly your opponent plays or generates this card, suddenly you get it from cardpacks, suddenly you generate it with other cards,...

    When we are able to predict stuff for decks we dont know, its pretty fishy.

    The amount of opponents who got a perfect starting hand and perfect card draw, those who play like a textbook example for this deck all the time, is so frikken high. When you can distinguish between your opponents only by name, because the current match is like a recording from the other matches, while you are gimping around with the same deck and cant draw a minion in a deck with 30 minions --  to exaggerate a little, but im sure this happens to you too. No joke, back then i wasnt able to draw ONE silence in the first 10 turn with my SILENCE priest.

    If _I_ would have their epic carddraw, i would have a very very long winstreak. Now a fanboi enters the scene and is preaching his stuff: iTs ToTaLlY rAnDoM, they just had luck this time and you not. But why i ask you, why am _I_ the one who gets matched with ALL those players who are lucky the first time in their life? Why isnt it _ME_ who gets matched against players who are so unlucky for their first time in their life?


    The ABSURD high card draw per turn these days and the card discover and generation is the holy grail for a company like this. One player isnt allowed to win because his streak would be too high? BAM! lets create the illusion of a random generation, but in real lets just generate what the system thinks is appropriate. And if the opponent isnt a company bot your only hope is that your enemy makes an error or gets disconnected.


    If its unrigged, where are all those players with extremely high win streaks that should occur in an unmanipulated environment? And yet i bet we _ALL_ have been barely able to reach a 10 match win streak. With some disconnect luck or crude missplays from the opponent.


    And yet we meet the ultra "lucky" ultra big big minion taunt druid or the WTF? uber hyper face aggro hunter after a bigger winstreak. After that match you will never meet them again unless your streak gets higher again.

     This is a really long ramble to say "I have no evidence but I have strong feelings". 

    You could easily prove this. Just download the deck tracker from HS replay and have 5 of you flat earthers upload a week of replays and everyone will see the clear and distinct pattern and how the 'rigged rng' can be triggered. It's easy, but you won't do it, because stupid people are led by emotion.

    "Fanboys will simply ask for evidence"

    Like this. Said as though this is some crazy, unreasonable request. It's not. You lot aren't alone in this either, every game I play has sections of the community saying this shit. Fifa have had it for years. Bad players making themselves feel better by convincing themselves it isn't them, that the game must be rigged against them. Its so boring now, I've never seen anything remotely convincing to confirm these accusations. I'm happy to accept it, I have zero interest in defending any company or game, I genuinely don't give a crap. If someone can post something that proves it, cool, I'll happily accept it. I have no special feeling towards this game and certainly not towards Blizzard so leave the predictable 'FaNbOy' to the side. Just upload some evidence and we can all put this behind us. 

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    posted a message on I love this expansion
    Quote from intimmydator >>

    I went from facing Minionless mage 8/10 games last expansion to 10/10 games this expansion, pretty hype.

     Sad when people lie just to try and drive the narrative they want to be true. Does it make you feel better or something? 

    OP, good to see you're enjoying it. It's a touch fast for my liking but I've been dabbling in wild and so I'm splitting my time between the modes anyway. They've definitely done some proper work on identities and the classes do all feel very different. 

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    posted a message on This is how easy it is to reach legend nowadays, especially in this fun and interactive solitaire meta

    Not everybody is a try hard, OP. When I hit legend, I massively reduce my attention, I typically play whilst watching/doing something else. 

    I'd be more concerned about why you are a similar MMR/rank to either bad players or people not concentrating at all. Doesn't speak much for you if you're there, try harding and desperately making every optimal play and yet are in the same bracket as the baboons.

    I did this the other day and it was pretty funny. I didn't even pay enough attention to realise I was playing a Paladin. You might just take this game a lot more seriously than other people do. 

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