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    posted a message on So, what do you think about Duels?
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    Fun, different, deckbuilding skill oriented, and progressive at that.

    Wears out real fast though due the difference in heroes, and more so in minion/spell treasures is too polarized, it's like BG one on one with Queen Togwaggle vs Jandice sometimes. If they get to balancing it as much as they do BGs, we should have a great long-term one. If they keep yogg'ing though, it ain't gonna live long. 

     Not skill oriented at all stfu

     Agreed! There’s nothing skill oriented in hearthstone. If you play black jack you learn from experience and you become better with time but luck ultimately defines if you win or lose.

    Now add a sophisticated algorithm to that with regards to who you play against and there you have it

     "Nothing skill oriented" 

    "You get better over time" 

    Someone needs to learn words and what they mean. 

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    The replies are salt, not my opinion. Most likely priests, I hate it when a priest sees my 2x pyro and Naga. This means he or she will do anything to not get below 20, it immediatly kills a suprise otk because he or she has seen my hand. Same counts for any other card that has been seen, only a shuffle deck and secret passage counters it somewhat.

    If it's a card from someone's hand they are after then just rng them a card from the hand, make the card 1 cost less I don't care, but don't show my hand.

    If it was meant to be shown we would playing with the cards showing.

    Just my 2 cents.


    PS: To the few who write STFU, FU, who do you think you are telling me what I can think or say, go to China where no opinions are wanted.

     What do you mean by 'if it was meant'? Are you saying the card isn't meant to do this or the game isn't meant to have this mechanic? Neither are true, however much you want to hold on to the opinion that you're correct, you simply aren't. 

    This is a game, designed by people who implement the rules of the game. They designed this card and so you are 'meant' to be able to this action. They specifically designed it to do so. 

    By your own logic you should be fine with this then because it is intended.

    No one is telling you what you should think or say but you must realise that the more stupid or asinine the thing someone says is, the more it will be dismissed and/or ridiculed. You have the right to think stupid things and other people have the right to treat them as such. If you encounter this a lot then the answer isn't to send everyone to China, it's likely that it's you and the way you articulate your point or the process you follow to come to conclusions that are needing to change. This does come across as a pointless whinge thread and exactly the type of post that should go on the salt thread. Why didn't you put it there? Are you needing attention and feel a new thread is more likely to deliver on that front? 

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    posted a message on Possible Desired Nerfs
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    Personally I'd like to see Voracious Reader nerfed to 4 mana and the card draw be made symmetrical.  Maybe increase it's health by 1 in compensation.  I'm sure it'd still see play.  Also, make Intrepid Initiate into a 1/1.  It would also see play.

     Problem with it being a 1/1 though is it becomes way squishier, not just a little. It's an unplayable card on 1 against mage, for example, it gets pinged away with no draw back. Not forgetting you also have to play a card to activate the effect so unless you're using coin on 1 then there are plenty of times it would be a 2 turn activation and if you really can't deal with a 2 health minion over 2 turns on a consistent basis then maybe you need to tweak your deck rather than nerfing a card to fit around you. 

    It seems it would pretty much just kill the card. It survives zero trades and is susceptible to every single target removal card in the game. 2 health makes it fairly easy to kill but with enough to it that it's not almost guaranteed to be a worthless play.

    If it was a real problem, you could nerf the spell burst or mana cost but again, it just starts to lose its value and purpose. Its a strong early game play but like I asked before, is it genuinely a problem card that needs a nerf? Do we nerf anything that's strong? 

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    posted a message on Devolving missles bugged?
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    I totally agree, I was not bothered to make a post about it because you have a lot nerds coming around claiming to be RNG. But yes my missiles always hits the same target.

     'always hits the same target'. No they don't. At worst you're lying to try to make your point and at best you're being lazy and exaggerating. Maybe the reason you're clearly so frustrated with people calling bs on things you say is because you spout bs. If you're argument is valid you don't need to exaggerate, lie or make hyperbolic claims to back it up. If they literally always hit the same target, from a decent sample size then just upload the replays on here and the evidence speaks for itself. You won't need to make snide insults at anyone who won't believe you because you've... You know... Actually bothered to provide some evidence? 

    It might be weighted to favour hitting the target it initially hit on the follow up missiles, I wouldn't absolutely dismiss that. It might not. If people bothered evidencing these things then we might be able to actually discuss it. 

    But you lot never do. Just a lot of confirmation bias, counting the misses and not the hits. It's very clear that you don't actually want to know, you just want some validation from online strangers that you're right to feel the way you do. Get some evidence together and let's all take a look together.

    Some things in life must be a real struggle if this is how you rationalise things, it's a way to be very gullible and believe a lot of nonsense.

    Funnt though how many cards Blizzard supposedly rigs to be unfair when that actually makes zero sense. Imprisoned Felmaw is just one example off the top of my head that you lot will insist is 'rigged' to always hit face. Along with also rigging your games to make you play against a deck that counters yours, rigging your decks so you draw badly, rigging your opponents deck so they draw well and the list goes on and on.

    They are doing a really poor job of hiding all this rigged stuff in their game because you lot are right on their case about it and yet amazingly haven't been pulled up for it because if it's all true, it's pretty scandalous. Maybe gaming publications and journalists are all paid off by Blizzard so they don't report on it! Maybe Blizzard controls the elections as well?! Will only let people into office that will help them in pulling the wool over the eyes of the gaming community.

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    posted a message on what happens at D3?
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    The outcome is also affected by your mentality

    It cannot be me. There is no way it is me

    It is you and only you. Just record your D3 games and post them here for analysis. 

     OK so suddenly at D3 I cannot play anymore? Is this what you are trying to say?

     No, that's not what they said at all. Just post some games and either evidence the rigging or people will help explain where you're going wrong. As you win more, the ability level of your opponents increases. The way it works is you have a higher than 50% win rate until you start to find the level where it flattens out because you consistently play people of a similar ability level.

    Your ability level is around the D3 spot, if you get better then you will increase that. You may have unlucky matches which mean some months it takes longer than others to hit whatever your level is but it will generally work to be a similar rank, provided you put a similar level of effort into how many games you play etc. 

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    posted a message on Can we finally get our dust?!
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    I think repeatedly nerfing a card that was a gift that was meant to incentivize new & returning players and not giving ANY compensation for that is really lousy, but not really very surprising.

    Because it was a free card and they have made the choice to balance it a bit because the effect could be too strong. What on earth are you wanting compensation for? 

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    posted a message on New reward system replacing gold
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    Personally I'm really looking forward to it.

    I've been playing less and less over the years, but I still keep coming back every few days or so.

    However, no more, finally, here's the perfect reason to quit for good. And this time once and for all. Can't wait.

     Exactly what I mean. What a pathetic thing to say, just quit then, you bed wetting cretin. You must lack any form of self control if you're that desperate to stop playing the game but can't until they do something like this. 

    Children, honestly. 

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    posted a message on New reward system replacing gold
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    They already said that it wouldn't impact how accessable the game is and how f2p players can operate. They said that they went a long way to making the game give better rewards and more opportunities for f2p and don't have any intention on rolling those back.

    So chill time...

     oh well, if they said it.  We should just believe what they say....baaaa baaaa baaaaa

     Yeah the more reasonable thing is to throw a tantrum about something we have no information about. You could just wait, see what the system is and if its poor, stop playing the game. You imbeciles act like yirue forced to play this game. What kind of a simpleton keeps ploughing time into a game they have such clear disdain for, including the design team? 

    This place is a joke, it isn't the site owners faults, they can't control who visits but it's an utter cesspool of absolute morons. I'd imagine 90% of the users haven't had a proper job yet. I've already massively limited how often I come on and every time I do I almost immediately leave because it has one of the poorest, most entitled, least intelligent communities I think I've ever come across. There are some really good posters and the site is useful for information but you lot really are going to drive any reasonable debate or discussion completely away from the site.

    Crazy thing is you would probably prefer it that way. Idiots enjoy the company of idiots I guess. Decent site, shame its so horrendously represented by the majority if its user base. 

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    posted a message on Sick and tired...

    Why don't people use the salt thread? Does it do your ego some good to have you own lickle thread? It's there as a safe zone to have your little flip outs, why not use it? Is it because people tend to just post their own rants in there and you're concerned you won't get any attention? 

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    posted a message on Why are they waiting so much?

    You finding something boring is purely subjective and doesn't indicate anything is broken. What indicates whether something is broken or not is highlighted in win rates that are higher than they should be as well as a lack of counter to the cards or deck. There are decks that can counter druid nicely, it isn't broken. I expect they will want a slightly higher data sample to assess if it needs toning down a bit and the sample will indicate what it is that needs toning down. 

    This community seems to have a real struggle with words and what they mean. Terms like broken and OP are used so often and so often I correctly that it just an inconsistent mess of various people complaining about something they personally find bad. You can't physically manage a business like that, you would be making changes daily as well as reverting changes because almost anytime you do change something, there will be happy people and there will be unhappy people. You need to weigh it up and go for the best solution for the masses. 

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    posted a message on So wanna talk bout the new "leaked" Battlepass for HS ?
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    And, you think the Blizzard execs spend their days trolling Hearthpwn to see what FTP players think? I haven't seen a single suggestion of what someone who cares should do... Literally 95% of posts are entitled whining about what they deserve, and a few concerned paying players.

    That's what pisses me off. I'm all for constructive conversations about the future of things. This is far from that. This is spoiled children doing nothing beyond throwing tantrums.

     i already said it many times, this battlepass wouldn't be a problem with just a single change, NOT REPLACE THE DAILY QUESTS, i wont offer a complex solution, when its an obvious simple one, do you want to  remove 10 gold every 3 victories, ok i take it, but something that a lot of games with battlepass games have in common, is that those let you progres if you dont pay the battlepass, sure the bp has great rewards, but those are an ADITION, not a SUBSTITUTE to the normal game economy. and i can tell you that fet playing a lot of free to play games with battlepass and finally buying the Avatar battle pass on smite myself after a while playing because the game never denied me the option of getting content by completing free quests every week and i was already enjoing it. 

     But you're getting mad about something that isn't even confirmed or official. It was a survey which many companies will do to gauge feedback. You and others like you are completely over reacting and showing that you don't even bother reading information before forming an opinion which is just ridiculous. 

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    posted a message on Need advice on how to best get dust.
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    Wait for nerfs :)

    In all seriousness, if you are f2p just chill and make do with the cards you currently have. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that the next netdeck will magically make you a better player or that you'll suddenly start winning more games. From my experience, even f2p players build their collection much faster than they actually get good at the game. 

    If you're willing to spend money on hearthstone, then that's the quickest and easiest way to get dust. 

    If you're impatient and f2p, dust your goldens. But be aware, dusting your collection now just makes more problems for the future. 


     well said sir, I dont think this advice could be any better.
    in fact I am replying so that I can access these words in the future without losing this post ;)

     Aye it is spot on. 

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    posted a message on Blizz should calm down with the mana cheating cards.
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    The definition people are using is wrong. There is a reason things have definitions. Linguini is like spaghetti, but it’s incorrect to call linguini spaghetti. Mana cheating has been a concept in TCGs before hearthstone ever existed. It is playing a card for little or no cost before you could pay for it. It’s playing SotF for free six turns early. It’s using elvish piper to play an eldrazi turn 5. 

    As for GA, 14 mana (best case scenario) for 7 is extremely valuable and a bit overpowered. It’s not mana cheating. Playing it for free on turn 4-5 is. Also, you know what really screws up that strategy? Making them draw one cost beasts. Now if only there was a card that would put two 1/1 beasts in the opponent’s deck...

     Stop, you're making sense. Didn't you know that this is a "Boo hoo, I'm losing to a deck I don't like. Nerf it!" thread?

     Seems more like a 'a game I care about is being turned into a mess that only people who lick windows and eat crayons can enjoy' thread to me.

     Or,  an "I don't know how to play a deck with an actual positive win rate against druid because I keep sticking my tongue into the electrical outlet" type thread.

    If you want to keep exchanging insults, trust me, I'm better at it than you. But the simple fact is there are ways of improving your win rate against druid, but people are too lazy to use them. Instead they're misusing the term "mana cheating," misrepresenting how often druid gets the insane power turn everyone knows exists, and whining for a nerf WAY before it's clear it's even needed. At some point, when the meta settles down or when Blizzard is actually able to confirm the nature of the problem, a nerf might be needed. But as of now, it's just a cry-baby rant.

    People's issue is less that a deck cannot be beaten, its a deck that can't be beaten with what they WANT to play with. So many people just want the game to cater them as an individual. 

    Weird because they seem to be the same people who cry about early streaming because it 'ruins the experimenting phase', which is exactly what this is. Some busted things pop out and people then start to counter them. Things are going to seem way, way over powered when you have no idea what to expect or play around. Once those beasts start coming down regularly people will start to tech against it to counter it. If a couple of weeks go by and there's no counter in sight then that's when nerfs should be considered.

    I seem to recall bomb warrior starting off by smashing so many things and then fairly quickly fading away. I coukd be wrong but I can't really be bothered to really go through the examples because these people don't want to be reasoned with, they just want to have their cry and be validated by Internet strangers. 

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    posted a message on Blizz should calm down with the mana cheating cards.

    I think this expansion has been a blast so far personally. I've lost to some crazy shit, I've won by using some crazy shit. The brawl a few weeks ago is a highlight of what I personally do not find fun in hearthstone. Which player draws mind control first and is able to control the yeti isn't my idea of fun. Start a new account and spend 50 levels in pretty much demon hunter mirror matches, no generation, no discover really, just straight up who draws their best stuff and plays it in a good order tends to win. That was a mind numbingly boring experience. I like that my priest opponent can end the match as reno, it's not what I expected going into that match and it probably won't happen for many games after. When most matches feel the same it gets stale very quickly. 

    I think some people may take the game too seriously and play it way too much. I understand streamers because it's the way they make a living but I imagine some people can spend 3/4/5 hours on this game fairly frequently and you end up being way too butt hurt about it.

    I enjoy the game for what it is and I like that I can play it for 20 minutes if that's all I have. I'm not stuck with some huge grind commitment or needing to put an hour + in just to get anything from it. It's simple, fun and addictive but it isn't a perfectly balanced strategic test of sheer skill. That doesn't mean there isn't skill, there totally is but dump your time into chess or something if you want a really intense, purely decision driven game. I'll continue enjoying puzzle boxes and not bursting veins over a card game.

    The best and most memorable moments I've had with this game have been because of its crazy, goofy setup. The exception being the most amazing defile against hadronox druid that I've ever played and was a completely calculated and genius way to clear 2 full boards of taunts. That I'll take credit full credit for.

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    posted a message on What deck can i use to win against paladin?

    Pain Warlock can fairly consistently get a very strong board by turn 4-6 and can be too much for them to deal with. Make good decisions with the order you play things in and you can roll over paladin and druid. If you draw badly or mess up with what you play and when or they get really good early draw then they can take full control but it's such a fast, aggressive, value generating deck that they don't build up enough steam. 

    I've played paladin less than druid so still need to see how it goes as part of a larger sample but it's gotten to the point where if I come up against druid then I'm pretty comfortable that they will lose. The ramp just kills them because it's too slow. 

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