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    Quote from DrDynamite1 >>

    Honestly I don't know how do you expect anyone to read your wall of text titled as "zeddy is bad".

    I don't care about what he did before, because this doesn't change the fact that he's spitting facts. Before anyone replies to this, just start with the average amount of days you need to level up from level 49 to 50 only with weekly and daily quests and whether you think this is okay or not

     If you think that's a 'wall of text' then it just says more about you to be honest. Maybe next time the OP can write it in size 20 font and include mots of nice, big pictures for the kids. 

    The fact you think he is 'spitting facts' (come on, grow up) suggests you aren't bothered about actual facts, you just want to hear more of what feels good to you. 

    This whole uproar is laughable. It really is. I get the small bundle each expansion (and haven't even always got that), I've bought the large bundle one time. I have around 5/6k gold each expansion and I'm smart with dusting, nerfs and Hall of fame. 

    I have 28k dust currently and a few k in reserve. I craft the cards I need for any decks I want to play on a whim and can't think the last time I couldn't play something I wanted to. 

    I keep seeing tears about how much the entire expansion costs. If you're obsessing over having every single card in every expansion then you're causing your own issue. I have probably got anywhere from about 50-90% of each expansion since witch wood. Some expansions have more cards I want to use, others have less. I couldn't get less about a good quarter of the legendaries etc. You're talking about the absolute finished article in collecting everything and expecting it to be a low outlay.

    Essentially, your ignorance and stupidity are causing you your own problems. This game is a TON better than it was when I started playing. Better questing, levels to track and work towards, multiple game modes, brawl doesn't have the days between being open that it used to, more expansions every year, solo content, more portraits, better monthly rewards (much better), a new class. Like, it's not even close. Sure, the cost may go up a bit to support it all, that's how things work but I'm fine with it. 

    These modes, new classes, more frequent balances, more expansions, more portraits and card backs, all of it, it costs more. Up until around the end of last year, this game really struggled to hold my attention between expansions. I would play for around half the length, with a burst initially and then in bits across the remaining time but now of I don't fancy playing ladder, I can jump into duels or even BG which isn't really my cup of tea but I'll have a blast here and there. Announcing the mid set expansions was more brilliant news to me. Will it increase the cost? Yes. Do I care? Absolutely not, I fully expect it to but I would rather that than no new content for months at a time.

    If I ever feel this game is too expensive to play or I stop enjoying it, I will simply leave and find better things to do with my time and stop putting money into it. It really is that simple. I've done it with many other games in the past and I've no doubt I'll do it plenty more in the coming years. 

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    Quote from JJSawry >>

    Just what he said. Weekly quests are a lot of xp, but some of them really force you into the game. play 10old gods legendaries? I don't even own an old god yet? Play a full arena run? I hate arena. Which means the people who just log for dailies every 3 days now also gotta log daily JUST so you can reroll the weeklies that force BGs down your throat. The new system turns playing HS casually into a chore.


     It's not a chore, stop being so melodramatic. Read back what you've said here. Just reroll the damn quest for crying out loud. The roll system is there because they know you will get quests you don't want or aren't interested in.

    If you honestly can't wrap your head around this then I don't know what to say. Life must be really fucking tough for you. The world does not revolve around you as an individual, you're just not that important. Sometimes things aren't exactly the way we want them but that quest you personally hate? Someone else has completed it and probably enjoyed doing so. So if you don't like the quest, reroll the damn quest and stop being such a snowflake.

    "Waaaaa my card game quest isn't what I want, waaaaaaa, it's so unfair I have to play this game and have to do some things I might not enjoy waaaaaaa"

    Think how this sounds to a regular functioning adult haha, it's embarrassing. 

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    You have to consider that a primary goal of businesses of this nature, social media etc are to INCREASE your engaged time. 

    I keep seeing people complain they will have to spend more time to max the rewards out and yeah, that's the fucking idea. Social media platforms employ all sorts of tactics to increase your overall engagement and screen time and OBVIOUSLY devs will want players increasing their screen time.

    There is nothing greedy or abnormal about this. Its absolutely normal and I've seen it in plenty of other games. 

    Fifa is SO much more time consuming than HS. Their battle pass equivalent and reward system is far more of a grind and needs more hours. I play fifa more than I do hearthstone and season 1 of their system recently finished and I was still a good 5 levels off the end of the track. 

    I play HS on my phone mainly and currently playing an hour to 2, maybe 3 on some rare days, I'm level 34, almost 35 and haven't felt stressed or concerned about it in the slightest. I'll login and if I'm almost St a new level by the time I'm ready to log off, I'll usually stick around and play a few more games to tip me over. That's precisely what they want from me. I understand this and I'm OK with it, it IS their prerogative. If I was ever not on with it, I would decrease my play time or stop playing all together. 

    I'm sorry if you don't like the new system, whether it's the feel of it, the rewards or how it works but some of us do like it. I personally prefer it and yes, it has forced up my engaged time with the game but that's fine, I'm spending a bit more time in Hearthstone and as a result may end up buying the large pre order bundle, because I'm that bit more hooked in. If I do that then they have achieved exactly what they wanted to. 

    This game, like a lot of other companies and businesses, has to adapt and grow. It can't stay stale, they need to get those people who play for half an hour, to stick around for an extra half an hour and so on and so forth. They've upped the input and what you can do in this game by loads. That obviously comes with increased costs and a desire to increase profits. 

    No business just sits and says "let's make what we made last year!". They are constantly looking to grow and increase profits.

    What this game suffers with however is (seemingly) a lot of free players. It is not your 'right' to access any product or service for free. They will obviously want to convert you from F2P to some form of paid engagement. Whether that's a pre order bundle, the welcome bundle, card packs, whatever. If you have never paid a penny, play casually and never intend on paying a penny then you are at the very bottom of the consideration pile. Sorry you don't like that but you simply are. 

    Free to play gaming is a bloody privelage. Until recently the idea of this just wasn't a thing. You paid £60 for your single player game that gave you about 20 hours of content and you moved on to the next one. You're fortunate to be sitting and playing a game for free and having the time to go online and complain about it, like it's the biggest problem in your life. There are millions of people in the world who would happily swap stresses and priorities with you. 

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    Quote from Krewger85 >>

    Fuck me this community is toxic, if the boy wants to speak, let him speak. Who are you to judge on what he finds fair or not? You should be with him (at least regarding the Blizzard greed), the cost of this game is insanely expensive and the more people speaking against it the better chance of positive changes. 

    OK... first of all, you can't start your post with accusing someone of being toxic because they are telling someone what they should think and then in the very next sentence do exactly that yourself.. 

    And I don't know if you've ever regularly received or given feedback but positive changes come from engaging the other party. You don't bring people round to your way if thinking with a temper tantrum and there's been sooooo many tantrums that I think a good amount of people are just bored of it. This isn't an official Blizzard forum. Slandering a company for being greedy does nothing what so ever for "positive changes" 

    Stop enabling bad behaviour under the disingenuous guise that the person's intention is to actively discuss ways to improve the game. That can be done constructively, in a way that allows different opinions because that's how things improve.

    This is just the equivalent of a toddler throwing themselves to the floor and crying because they want ice cream.

    It's childish, there are multiple threads it could have been included in that are already saying the same thing. 

    And not everyone finds the game "insanely expensive". If you do, fine, that's you and your circumstances. I've said it before and I'll say it again..... I don't stand outside Starbucks crying about it being a waste of money or trying to convince people not to go in because I don't like it. I just don't go there. It's fine. I live life without any issues and spend that time on things I do like. 

    Yes, the community could come together and say "hey, this isn't working for us and is causing some people to leave the game. Here's some suggestions" 

    But no. It has to be "wa wa wa incompetent idiots" and the like. I don't know if you've ever been called an incompetent idiot by an online man child but I don't personally see it as a way to grab someone's attention and for them to think 'hey, there's a person I should listen to more"

    You lot just want your little toxic echo chambers. Where you can insult people and get angry like a little group of villagers about to go on a witch hunt. Regis and Dekkster both made perfectly calm and reasonable videos that point out concerns with the pass. It's that type of coverage that will likely get some changes, not some man children on an unofficial forum spamming insults at a company. 

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    Quote from DemoN9111 >>
    Quote from sPacEtiMe19 >>
    Quote from DemoN9111 >>

    Lol im quit this game like since demon hunter update (last time i got preorder, and it was small and the big one as i used to do everytime). Ever since i did not wanted to come back at all. I keep the hs app on the phone just to play brawls if i got too bored with runeterra. But it barely happens once ir twice a week. Still got 20k dust on account. Dont planning to comeback any time soon. This free game is way too expensive for me. Runeterra is much more friendly, interactive and interesting in any possible terms for me :)

     Lol so you’ve “quit” for 8 months but you’re still coming to hearthpwn to talk about how you quit?

    Lol these like, cringy emotional “THATS IT, IM DONE!” Posts are hilarious. 

    There’s the god damn door. The world doesn’t need to know if you don’t like a game anymore. 

     Well i said i play just brawl and i came here to get another brawl deck. Thats it. And then i saw this and just wanted to add my 5 cents. And no, im not gonna ask you permission to post my opinion here haha. Who the hell are you? U r not THE WORLD for sure, just a little silly boy in short pants 

    It's just weird when people like you loiter around forums of games they no longer like or play, trying to convince others to feel the same. 

    If I were you, I'd probably be on a Runterra forum, discussing a game I enjoy. 

    No one is suggesting you can't be here, you've missed the point completely if you think that's what it is. 

    It's just fucking weird is all. Like a desperate attempt to get some validation or something. Or you're being dishonest and you actually play and are more actively interested than you're letting on, you just don't want to say that for fear of undermining your point. 

    Either way, weird.... 

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    posted a message on Hearthpwn news about blizzard Q&A magically disappears
    Quote from pagem >>

    Time to look for other sources of Hearthstone info if Hearthpwn are just that, pawns :(

     Great idea, why don't you make and run a site? 

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    posted a message on You people deserve sweet f all - Opinion on the community
    Quote from b1ak1ce >>

    I understand why people may disagree with complainers, but I don't understand why some go to such lengths to defend the actions of a corporation to the point of calling the (top 20% high use) consumer base ungrateful for daring to criticize an unpopular decision. 

     It's not about criticising a decision, it's the way they go about it. Constant ad-homminen attacks and blustering of air. Just stick to the point in a calm manner. 

    I feel like Dekkster and Regis both levelled complaints at the pass but did so in a completely different way to the hostile, arrogant, aggressive trash you read on here. You can't engage in discussion with these people. They are the Internet forum equivalent of a squirrel foaming at the mouth with rabies and trying to chew your leg off.

    Therr are much more effective ways of going about discussing, criticising and finding solutions to things. There's a reason you don't see people acting like this in any professional or productive setting. It's childish and unhelpful. 

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    posted a message on You people deserve sweet f all - Opinion on the community
    Quote from 3nnu1 >>
    Quote from DropDeadCynical >>

    Yeah, you made your point and I respect your views. I just disagree with them. We aren't talking Prada bags, we're talking Hearthstone and Blizzard. I'm not really a 'bend over and take it' kind of guy when I feel like any company is deliberately trying to screw over their customers.

    So how does this translate to other products?  Like, you could divide every product available into roughly two groups

    1.  Products that are worth the money (i.e. you will buy them at their current price, either regularly or at least under some circumstances)

    2.  Products that are not worth the money (i.e. you would never buy them at their current price but you might at a cheaper price)

    I have no idea what products you would put into each group (it doesn't really matter and it's a personal value judgement).  For me, examples of products in group #2 would be Macbooks, Fanta, Sugar Puffs, Audis, golf club membership, Beats headphones, Tony Romas, the list is near infinite.

    So in order to avoid "bending over" do I need to go to all of these companies, spam their Twitter feed, spam their Facebook page, post on reddit etc complaining loudly about how I consider their product is too expensive?  Or should I just shrug my shoulders, spend my money on other things instead (things that are in group 1) and just move on with my life?

    And if the answer is the latter (and I'm sure for all but the 0.0001% of really crazy people it is the latter) why should it be different for Hearthstone?

     Because we have a time investment in hearthstone and don't want to throw it away. To be sure, that will be the eventual result, driving away the customers you did not want anyway, But in addition to driving us away, you also create a vocal group of people who have been burned by Blizzard who will continue to tell the truth about the company. 

     I don't have an issue with people complaining but ffs don't be so naive and childish about it. That's what is annoying. 

    Truth? What hidden secret are you threatening to expose for crying out loud? If you feel it's too expensive, fine, no problem there. But it's not some hidden charge, it's advertised. 

    You're the sort of person that makes threats and uses words you don't understand. I've managed within regulated complaints for 14 years, I see your sort allllll the time. Leave out all the huffing and puffing and just keep to the point you're unhappy with. 

    If I had a penny for every person that told me they were going to 'spread the word on social media' about my evil, horrible, incompetent, non customer friendly, greedy company or that they had 'spoken to a solicitor' or any number of other, stupid, asinine comments the moron wants to make. It's the adult version of a temper tantrum. 

    I've seen plenty enough to know that the average consumer is an idiot. They don't really understand what they are buying half the time, so companies have to well and truly spoon feed them. The customer is not always right, the customer is usually stupid and thinks that shouting loudly will mean anything. 

    At a time when everyone is so enraged about pretty much everything, complaints just aren't impressive for the most part. 

    Think about what you've said here. You have invested your time, at your own discretion, into a game and you've placed such value on that time that you don't feel you can leave it. You also then feel that you need to be catered for by somebody else, all because you've imposed your own sense of entrapment and inability to leave the game.

    The poster above absolutely hit the nail on the head. If you don't value the product, don't bloody buy it. I do it every single damn day. There's plenty of over priced stuff that is garbage in my eyes and like they said, I don't spam forums or websites every day with posts about what a disgrace the pricing is. 

    If you enjoy the game but feel priced out, fine, just say that. Just say 'I can no longer afford this game and it's a shame because I enjoy playing it'. 

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    Quote from TheArcanist236 >>

    Why do they always give old packs in these bundles? I have pretty much all the Scholomance cards while missing quite a lot Darkmoon Legendaries and Epics.

     It's a fair question, I assume it's because this isn't aimed at whales or people who rush to buy the latest expansion. Those people have the pre order bundles which are discounted value. This is likely more at the audience that doesn't pre order and doesn't have the disposable income to collect a new expansion within a day or even weeks of its release. 

    Not all offers will appeal to all players, this seems specifically designed for the type of player that I'm assuming you are not. 

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    posted a message on what the blizzard deck recipes tell you about their understand of the game
    Quote from moshimosh >>

    1. They make those decks well before thousands of people test the meta and find optimal compositions

    2. They probably low ball some decks so they're not crazy expensive

    3. Adding as many new cards as is reasonable to promote the expansion

    4. Merely outlining new decks & paradigms to inspire deck creators

    Putting the best decks as possible for their recipes isn't the only, nor even their first, consideration. Complaining about everything is sweet n all but use your brains a bit

     It's sad you have to even post this. The Internet really has encouraged the lemmings to type before they even engage their brain. 

    It's really quite shocking to see how much society seems to be regressing in its communication and critical thinking. 

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