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    Control Warrior Meta Confirmed with strong ability against Jaraxxus, meta-defining play!

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    I think this card generally is cool! Without the 454 guy, rogue needs sth to hold the board. While this card fills the mana curve smoothly, it also provides a "revive" mechanic, which can be thought as a free minion to be played after you played four cards in a turn. So I think this card is similar to patches, which is not powerful on itself, but if you treat it as a bonus, it is quite decent.

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    If we look at the card itself, it is quite good as it is a great board-clear when you don't have a board. However, I think this card is not compatible with the new meta Shaman's decks, which are elemental deck and murloc deck. Murloc deck will try to fill their boards with murrrrrrlocs and not possible to play volcano, and for elemental deck shaman already has some good plays like the primal lord and maelstorm portal. So, I think there may not be a place for volcano to be played in these decks.

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