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    You have to find a way to keep his armor down, but freeze mage vs warrior has always been terrible.

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    Quote from PoeticStanziel »

    What about [random thing I want here]?

    What about you let people suggest what ever they want? His seems like a popular suggestion.

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    Plan out your turn with the cards you have in your hand - if you can make a good turn and have 2 mana left over - then draw first and check if you can make a better play. 

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    My cuts would be:

    Drain Life does half the damage of Shadow Bolt, and your deck doesn't seem like the kind of deck to need healing (not alot of endgame).

    Nerubian Eggs - you have no efficient way to "activate" them, so they only serve as protection against aoe - but then what if your opponent doesn't aoe.
    Maexxna - doesn't really seem to fit either.

    Voodoo Doctor - Not really a good card.

     The stuff I'd absolutely keep:

    Argent Commander & Azure - these are pretty good starter cards for most classes, I assume you only have 1 of each otherwise you could prolly add more of those.

    I'd add free stuff like: Shattered Sun Cleric, a Hellfire or 2, Gnomish Inventors, maybe Darkscale Healers or Stormwind Champions to finish of the deck. 

    If you are looking for some cheap excellent crafts I'd go for the warlocks Flame Imps and for cards that can be used by alot of classes and also fit this value style warlock: Argent Squire, Harvest Golem, Dark Iron Dwarf.

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