About Me

Just an ordinary 'Murican making fun Hunter decks. Even though I have no American DNA I am proud to be under the Red, White and Blue... Wait, or is it because I am Toad? :L

I also have a World of Warcraft account with the Hunter class, Hammerpunch, but low and behold I got locked out of THAT account as well xD (If you didn't know yet, I got locked out of my original Hearthpwn account, Hammerpunch, so I use this from now on). So now I spend my lonely days on Hearthpwn creating somewhat acceptable Hunter decks designed around mechanics not really suited for the class anyway.

Questions that a few suspecting people may ask:

Q: How long have you played Hearthstone?

A: Funnily enough, I have been around when Hearthstone was still in Beta and luckily I got the key to access it and report any issues. Although I only really reported 1 in the end I still felt like I accomplished the main point of beta testing stuff, the game already got my attention even though it was still under development. Despite having long experiences with playing the game I only ever make it to rank 15, though this is really because I play off-meta decks all the time :U.

Q: What decks have you made?

A: I've made numerous decks over the years in Hearthstone, and most of them of course are based around the Hunter class. A lot of these are just gimmick decks like Taunt warrior (before the Warrior Quest from Un'goro was a thing) or ideas came up before like Dragon Hunter. Other than that, I literally never played any meta decks because it honestly feels boring seeing and playing the same stuff over and over again. Even though the same thing can be said for my fun decks when played consecutively, they at least feel unique in its own right whereas you'll run into mirrors of the same deck with only a couple cards changed :P. Do I lose often with my off-meta decks? Yes I do, but I still get a kick out of finally being able to fulfill the full potential of my deck anyway so it doesn't matter.

Q: Why do you like Hunter so much?

A: Yeah, as you may notice I do emphasize the class a lot even though I only posted a few Hunter decks. I like the Hunter class ever since I first discovered its ability to tame beasts in World of Warcraft. When I was 8 years old I used to play Druid on my older brothers account, but since we have to alternate and share time with when we play the same account my older brother decided that I should have my own account. So as my older brother set up my own account for me I looked on his screen and saw a Hunter with a Core Hound pet, and from there I would pick out a Tauren Hunter named Hammerpunch. Currently it is level 85 and I am still locked out of my own account to this day but I had amazing memories of getting my first pet back in Wrath of the Lich King. Funny thing is, back then you couldn't tame things like Kodos and I had always wanted to tame one, but I guess in Legion you can with Beast Mastery.

The love of the Hunter class branched into Hearthstone, where it was one of the 9 classes to pick from. Hunters were normally the underdog class of both games and I always loved the feeling to accomplishing amazing feats with a class that aren't as highly regarded. 

What I found interesting is that in both games, Hunters initially start out as one of the most powerful classes because in World of Warcraft, they develop their powerful abilities early on and the kiting technique can easily beat any melee classes where in Hearthstone their cards started out as very broken and powerful. But as you level up in World of Warcraft many of the other classes develop abilities which can give them many advantages over Hunters and would absolutely stomp on them in a duel or PVP. In Hearthstone they begin losing presence in the ladder and in arena since I would notice that Hunters would receive very eccentric-designed cards such as Cobra Shot or the recent Toxic Arrow.

So today I play Hunter because it is the same class that got me into World of Warcraft even more and my play style eventually fits with the class and the cards.

Q: What is your favorite Legendary?

A: King Krush, because he "Krushes" my opponents, oh honhonhonhon~.... -_-

Q: Do you spend money on your packs?

A: No I don't, I am what you call a "F2P" player since I have a bad history of spending a lil' to much money on in-game stuff anyway so I steer out of spending any money on it if possible. Since most of my deck recipes aren't from any meta decks, which I lack many of the key cards anyway, I decided that I'll stick to making very weird Hunter decks instead just because I already have more cards of the class than the others anyway.

Q: What is your favorite card?

A: I'll name my favorite based on expansion set and rarity

Basic: Magma Rager, because memes.


Common - Druid of the Claw, since it is a card still widely used today and it's flexibility makes it a very fun card to play.

Rare - Defender of Argus, whenever I see someone from youtube play this card I enjoy seeing the overall mechanic of this particular card and what it can do in a lot of situations.

Epic - Gorehowl, since not only is it my favorite Wow lore weapon but also it has a very cool ability as well. Being able to continuously remove minions with only hurting the damage by 1 point makes it a very efficient weapon if you're playing a Control Warrior or an archtype that involves gaining a heck ton of armor.

Legendary - King Krush, cuz he's a dinosaur (reason is above this section xD).

Goblins vs. Gnomes:

Common - Piloted Shredder, because having a sticky minion on board is how I enjoy annoying the crap out of my opponents :P.

Rare - Bomb Lobber, "SPECIAL DELIVERY!!!!" <--- I say this whenever I do a perfect underhand serve in MANLY VOLLEYBALL and score for my team :P.

Epic - Enhance-o-Mechano, I like the idea of buffing your board of minions and possibly giving your large minions windfury to win the game.

Legendary - Dr. 7, no explanation needed.

The Grand Tournament:

Common - Mukla's Champion, since it was one of the few beast cards that helped me gain an edge as a Hunter back in this expansion, so I grew fond of it overtime.

Rare - Coliseum Manager, since I honestly just like his emotes and interactions with Adventure bosses.

Epic - Kodorider, the endless generation of Kodos are "MOO"arvelous.

Legendary - Bolf Ramshield, since he's the one that can ACTUALLY take the hit, if you know what I mean :P.

Whispers of the Old Gods:

Common - Mark of Y'shaarj, because it became a staple in my Bast Drad (Beast Druid) deck, it makes my beasts, especially Flappy Bird, more powerful and an extra draw won't hurt :P. #Synergy

Rare - Servent of Yogg-Saron, because RNG.

Epic - Call of the Wild, it is in my Control Hunter deck an primarily serves as a recovery card against a medium-sized board. I just like the idea of summoning 3 moderately powerful beasts and have a good comeback because it just seems to fit the Hunter class.

Legendary - Ragnaros, Lightlord, because I gain hope whenever he tells an insect like me to live :').

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan:

Common - Ancient of Blossoms, since it's a good taunt arena card and stalling out my opponent helps me analyze the situation, specifically what they have if they interact with this card.

Rare - Potion of Polymorph, and I mean who doesn't feel satisfaction of making your opponent's 14/5 Windfury Stealth Galvadon turn into a 1/1 sheep, right?

Epic - Kabal Trafficker, because getting a random demon (which the clan in general has several powerful ones) is very good anyway, since it's stats is normal for its cost along with its powerful ability I just like using this card whenever I play as Warlock in Tavern Brawl or ladder.

Legendary - Knuckles, because unlike Sonic, he doesn't chuckle :T.

Journey to Un'goro:

Common - Stubborn Gastropod, tearing Swamp King Dred's hopes in dreams since 2017.

Rare - Volcanosaur, since being a hunter myself, using this monster as part of my beast deck is something that I was waiting for ever since it was revealed. Not to mention you get a free golden one if you were logging in the right day prior to the release of the expansion.

Epic - Dinosize, because never has a Silverhand Recruit become more scarier than ever.

Legendary - Elise Trailblazer, I just like the pack card that she puts in your deck. *sigh* If only we get as lucky in our actual packs...

Knights of the Frozen Throne:

Common - Cobalt Scalebane, because with the reintroduction of more Dragons this card alone synergize with Dragons and helps buff any non-Dragons anyway. It's fair stats and effect is powerful enough to make this card fun to play and a good way to bring back some Dragon decks, or even create new ones.

Rare - Shadowblade, since the weapon's stats are comparable to Eaglehorn Bow I'd say this card is pretty good with its power. The effect also helps absorb some damage as Rogues are not known to heal as much which this weapon keeps them to last a little bit longer.

Epic - Ultimate Infestation, and I don't think I have to explain why :).

Legendary - Deathstalker Rexxar, because I like playing decks that aren't generally the traditional setup of how you play Hunter and this fits very well with Control-type Hunter decks anyway. The hero power is fun to play because the opponent not only doesn't know what you could've made, but the fact that the power level of these zom-beasts are typically far above its cost makes the hero card very dangerous if you're losing against this hero card.




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