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    I feel this shouldn't be a question. If you already have Dr. Boom, then there is no need to get GvG packs as they will be worthless in Standard mode when it is released. If you are planning on playing some Wild mode when it's released, then go for it if you want. If you don't have all of the Classic and TGT cards, then I would recommend getting one of those packs.

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    I have a very strong point for this.

    I used to play the Trumpet when I was in 4th grade until I was in 8th grade.

    I often had to practice the Trumpet instead of playing games at home.

    Trump is in Trumpet

    I do not like the Trumpet

    I do not like Trump. 

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    I may also put a Flare in place of Boom actually
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    So I recently decided to take up Midrange Hunter as my first complete deck, due to the high dust cost of Combo Druid. Unfortunately, I had dusted 2 Highmanes a while ago, sooo I had to spent dust on them again (pain in me bum). Once I go this deck up and running, I had to start from the bottom like Drake (No... not Azure Drake nerds; the rapper).

    This meant I had to start grinding from rank 20, despite my bonus stars from my incomplete Combo Druid deck getting me to Rank 16 last season. (I tried SMOrc and it didn't go so well...I was desperate. :(  )

    In Rank 20 thus-far, I have battled only 3 opponents and went 2-1. The first game I simply did not get my Mulligan's, and eventually board control did no good as I was unable to identify the mage as a burn mage (not the deck's fault).

    The next two games I was mentally ready however, and won against a Control Priest (stated as favorable in the guide) AND a Face Hunter (stated as 40/60 matchup in guide). The reason that's bold is because once I got the groove of the deck, it was obvious that to win you simply need to put some damage on the aggressor (hero power when possible), and control the board with traps. I played smart, and eventually had more cards in hand than the Face Hunter about turn 6 (I had 6, he had 3). Freezing Trap and Bear Trap further ensured victory on his last attempted assault (yes...that is a felony kids).

    I know it's Rank 20 and it is pitiful, but this is just the beginning. I will edit this post with my Rank and winrate whenever possible as the season progresses. Happy net-decking boys! :D

    Rank 18 with 1 star. Winning streak yet to be broken.

    Update: Rank 15, 4 stars

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    I agree with this. Living Roots is a strong card for getting board early, regaining board, or even dealing 2 damage that is necessary somewhere.

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    Just put this in my main rotation among my Midrange Hunter and Egg Druid. This deck does no disappoint so far. I misplayed my first game against a Control Warrior as I was not used to this type of aggro deck. Once I did get the hang of it however, I wound up winning against a Fatigue Rogue in the 20th turn somehow. The top deck ability is obviously incredible as long as you play smart and don't give up. 

    Hope to make it far on the ladder this month :)

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    I replaced a decent amount, but still got my pack first game. Thanks :D



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