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[First Time LEGEND] 79% WR Obey The Call of Legend

  • Last updated Feb 13, 2016 (Explorers)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 10 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 2520
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 1/30/2016 (Explorers)
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This Is My First Time Legend After 7 Seasons Of Ranking I Finally Made it to LEGEND With this Deck, The Only Deck i Have Fun Playing with...

This Deck Reached Front page in Hearthpwn, Thx so Much for This amaizing Support :D As i Promise i'll be updating the guide Adding Matches and the Strategy i Use for them From Time to Time, Glad that my first Legend had this Impact Thx all specially to those who Uploaded Content like videos and Images !! Check them out and Subscribe to their channel




This is Brought to you By PandemoniumProductions, Thx for the Support on my First Legend Deck i Appreciate it, Here you can see the gameplay and the decitionmaking that involves playing hunter :D If you like This Video Support his Youtube channel as well

Rank 5 GamePlay:

More Videos:

 +5 UpVote Content: Sir Finley Mrrgglton

- Renolock, Control or Dragon Priest and Warrior: You Want Life Tap Cause this Match its not gonna end before Turn 9-10 ( Except for CW That Usually You win pretty fast, Unless he draw Perfectly or with tons of Removal ), Your Only Way to beat him if is you dont run out of Cards (You can Win by turn 6-8 But in most Cases it wont Happen). Other Options Are situational. Like in all control matches you can give yourself time to comeback with Armor or Heal


- Both Handlock: This Match Its Hard Cause you have to Plan your Lethal for Turn 6-7 Max or He will get Out of "Hand" to deal with, So You Might Not want to Trade Here Power or If you Have to Fireblast for Hunter's Mark Or Life Tap to Find Lethal.


- ZooLock FaceHunter, Murloc Paladin and Secret in Most Cases: You Want Fireblast, Thats it


- FaceShaman: This is Tricky, If found Succes with Both Fireblast and Lesser Heal


- Mid Range Paladin. Druid or Hunter: Fireblast Is the First Option Unless you are in a winning situation wich you dont wanna change your Heropower, Or get something to Give you an Edge Like Life Tap Shapeshift wich are more offensive


- Freeze Mage: Your hero Power its the best Option here cause you might wanna proc Ice Block and Ice Barrier Inmediatedly, plus Your hero power wont trigger Ice Barrier. But if you are too far behind you might wanna Armor Up! to avoid the Alextraza Kill turn


- Tempo Mage and Rogue: The only Time to Change your hero power if when you are losing and its situational but Usually Life Tap or Lesser Heal Worked for me to stabilize the board.


In General the Decition to Switch hero power its Situational, And demand a lot of thinking. One Unused hero power is Druid that situationally work wonder, specially to kill 4 Health creatures with bow that you will normally wont get cause most your spell and creature early stage only have 3 damage ( Flame waker, Cultist, Totem Golem, Keeper of the Grove Etc )

Note (DANGER): Avoid Changing to Dagger Mastery, cause counters your bow and wont be much usefull for anyways

Listing the Tier List in My Experience is:

Life Tap > FireBlast > ShapeShift > Lesser Heal or Reinforce > Armor Up! > Totemic Call > Dagger Mastery

+10 UpVote Content: Specific Match WinRate

This is From the Tracker ( HDT Ver: 0.13.9

Druids: 15

- Mid Range: 13 Games: 11Win/2Loss (Slightly Favorable Match 65%WinChance)

- Silence Druid: 1 Game: 1Loss (Even Match 50%WinChance)

- Egg Druid: 1 Game: 1 Win (Favorable Match 70%WinChance)

Hunters: 5

- Mid Range: 3 Games: 3Win (Even to Slightly Favorable Match 50-60% Cause Of this is a Different Variant of Mid Range, That Works better than Normal MidRange)

- FaceHunter: 2 Games: 2Loss (Unfavorable Match 30%WinChance)

Mages: 9

- Freeze: 4 Games: 4Win (Favorable Match 85%WinChance)

- Tempo: 5 Games: 4Win/1Loss (Favorable Match 75%WinChance)

Paladin: 13

- Secret: 10 Games: 5Win/5Loss (Slightly Favorable Match 60%WinChance)

- Mid Range: 1 Game: 1Win (Favorable Match 70%WinChance)

- Aggro Buffadin: 2 Games: 2Win (Favorable Match 75%WinChance)

Priest: 3

- Control Elise: 2 Games: 2WIn (Unfavorable Match 35%WinChance)

- Dragon: 1 Games: 1Win (Highly Unfavorable Match 25%WInChance)

Rogue: 5

- Deathrattle: 1 Game: 1WIn (Favorable Match 60%WinChance)

- Oil: 2 Games: 2WIn (Slightly Unfavorable Match 40%WInChance)

- Mill: 1 Game: 1Win (Slightly Favorable Match 60%WinChance)

- Mech: 1 Game: 1WIn (Favorable Match 70%WinChance)

Shaman: 4

- FaceShaman: 4 Games: 4Win (Slightly Unfavorable Match 45%WInChance)

Warlock: 13

- ZooLock: 6 Games: 5Win/1Loss (Slightly Favorable Match 55%WinChance)

- RenoLock: 2 Games: 2WIn (Slightly Unfavorable Match 45%WinChance)

- MalyLock: 2 Games: 1WIn/1Loss (Unfavorable Match 35%WinChance)

- HandLock: 3 Games: 3Win (Highly Favorable Match 85%WinChance)

Warrior: 9

- Control: 4 Games: 4Win/2Loss (Favorable Match 70%WinChance)

- Patron: 2 Games: 2WIn (Highly Unfavorable Match 20%WinChance

- Mech: 1 Game: 1Win (Highly Favorable Match 85%WInChance)

Note: This is a Subjetive Opinion Based on my Own Experience, So you might differ from me in this, but i've played 2000-3000+ Games on Hunter and This is what i think about the actual meta.

The Win Chance % Is Based not on my result but on what i think is your winning chance against that deck, cause even in the most unfavorable match (Patron Warrior, That will absolutely destroy you if he gets more than 3 patrons turn 5 or 6, you can still push face and win, and that doesnt mean you are favored agaisnt it)

I hope you find some use on this :D Thx for the Support

+20 UpVote Content: Card Choice and Thought on Them

- Hunter's Mark: Self Explanatory Gonna Help you against Nasty taunts or Big Creatures that try to stop your face damage and control the board


- Sir Finley Mrrgglton: Discovery Is the Most Exciting mechanich that HS has, Cause you can have 3 outcomes to choose from, This is your Only 1 Drop and being a 1/3, Instead of a 1/1 or 2/1 Make it a good 1 drop cause can trade and battle for some early control, specially against paladin Muster for Battle, and survive the initial trade, changing hero power was explained why this is needed in this meta wich in my opinion if you see my matches is more control than aggro oriented so face face face is over over over.


- Traps: This is The Versatile spot for changes But I think Snake Trap will just get ignored 90% of the times, no kidding, and couldnt really find succes with Dart Trap in the testing :( Shame on You LOE But the trap decition is personal and suggested to changes, but this 3 i think are the most usefull and compatible with this meta, and why 3 not 2 cause if you draw 1 the scientist gonna lose all his power, and they are very powerfull as well.


- Knife Juggler and Mad Scientist: I tried for many months to find a way to work without juggler and its simply impossible, hunter doesnt have another reliable board clear so juggler is eternal, and Scientist is a must have.


- Haunted Creeper And King's Elekk: This are the other 2 drops, King's Elekk Works wonder as you have more than usual 4+ mana cost cards to draw and draw its hard to find in hunter, i choose to run 1 instead of spider, cause most 2 drops have 2 HP or 3 and this is the main reason to get elekk over second creeper Northshire Cleric, that needs to go down inmediatedly if he draw 3-5 cards from him or buff him you are done.


- 3 Mana Hunter Cards: Kill Command Some people is opting to not include this, i think its a huge misstake with a beast in board this the your best damage output card for 3 mana. Eaglehorn Bow trap synergy, Animal Companion and Unleash the Hounds Self Explanatory.


- 4 Drops: Houndmaster Just 1 its one of your taunt sources to stop aggro, but depends on having a beast, and its what makes it a bit of low tier for a 4 drop as his stats are not great, but keeping 1 cause when you get the combo, you are in the best spot you can. so i replaced other for a belcher

     - Piloted Shredder vs Tomb Spider: This has to be the most controversial card in here, many would say Spider is more a Arena card than contructed, but Discover Again, the best mechanich that HS has brought to us, Too good to let it go, you can get all kind of Beast Dreadscale, Acidmaw, Savannah Highmane, King Krush, you have no idea how many game this won for me, and shredder even thought is more sticky has his downside, in getting Doomsayer or Explosive Sheep, Unstable Ghoul, or some worthless card like parrot or engineer, That cost me more games than it won me. The difference between spider, slower than shredder but not by much, is that you can choose when to play the beast and not having it there and nothing you can do about getting full cleared by Doomsayer


- Sludge Belcher: This is Interesting pick of card for this deck, i gotta say that the decition for this over houndmaster a faster 4 drop was pretty tight, but belcher is a more reliable taunt with a taunt deathrattle (Druid Combo, FaceShaman, Aggro decks Watch out) and if you get KT, WOW you wont get beat up ever xD


- Loatheb: This card is Important, he can drop a line between having a huge board and getting cleared completely, he can single out win games against Priest, Druids Combo, FaceShaman and All type of Mages so yeah, as much as i want to replace it, i just cant :(


- Savannah Highmane: lol No Explain needed, Strongest Card in hunters set


- Dr. Boom: This Balance The deck :D gg and wp


- Kel'Thuzad: The Star of the Deck, I choose to trade 1 early game dominance card for this, and here is why: Witch tons of deathrattle and the need of fight and win board control, KT will shine, he is by himself a taunt with great stats and not being BGHable, unless he somehow manage to buff him, the possibility to win the brawl in warrior match and give your whole board entirely its awesome, and not getting lightbomb kill inmediatedly will surely win many priest match, and having Savannah or Dr.Boom Diying with this guy in board wow, plus this is the reason this deck is a bit better in the "Mirror" match against the others midrange hunters you will trade your savannah better than him ;D


So This is My Opinion you Might Differ from me in this, but remember its just my opinion, thx again for the support in this and hope you keep enjoying the deck and find succes :D

Happy Hunting !!

+40 UpVote Content: Tech Cards And Thoughts

Ok here im gonna list the card i'll recommend switching, remember this is just my opinion on my deck, you may differ from me in this and is up to you taking in consideration this information or not but remember i never switched 1 card in this deck along the way from Rank 13 to Legend !! :D


Core Cards That By No Mean Should be Replaced at All: 23 Cards

Hunter's Mark, 3 Traps (You Might choose others But the Number Has to Stay), Knife Jugglerx2, Mad Scientistx2, The 3 Drops Section (7Cards), Houndmaster LoathebSavannah Highmanex2, Dr. Boom, Kel'Thuzad


-1 Sir Finley Mrrgglton: +1 Dreadscale or Quick Shot, as there is no really 1 drop compared to finley, this 2 possible tech can supply the demands of power than finley provides

-1 Explosive Trap: +1 Freezing Trap or Snake Trap, this is a personal choice but snake trap is easily ignored by aggros or removed by control so be aware

-1 Haunted Creeper Or King's Elekk: +1 King's Elekk Or Haunted Creeper, depending on how ladder is you might wanna get 2 creepers or 2 elekks :D make your choice or get 1 of either like i did :D

-1 Ironbeak Owl: +1 Hunter's Mark or Haunted Creeper this could work in most cases, but i believe 1 silence is required in this meta too many target out there :D but this is a solution

-1 Tomb Spider: +1 Houndmaster I would not recommend shredder, i really dont like the RNG factor in the only match i find really really really full use of shredder is warrior control match, thats why if you wanna tech get houndmaster

-1 Sludge Belcher: +1 Houndmaster or King of Beasts (If you Switched for a +1 Haunted CreeperSnake Trap and Houndmaster) Cause belcher is pretty strong anti aggro taunt, the ladder is more control oriented now with reno IMO, but there is still a bit of aggro in it so this are the possible helpfull card in this.

+70 UpVote Content: Mulligan and Specific Match Up Strategy (11 Matches Up)

The First Thing About Mulligan is that, You are a very oriented mid range deck, so early stage is important, as all mid range decks you need to mulligan hard for 2 drops but not traps... That being said i want to point out what card and 2 drop exactly for each match up, im gonna start with the popularity of the decks and be posting from time to time as i get time to do so.

i'll Put them in priority, And Match Specific cards are the ones you can keep but not mulligan for them, But remeber if they are high cost do not keep the specific match card duplicates ( Ex: 2 Unleash the Hounds in a paladin match with coin or not. If you have more concerns about the matches ask in the comments i'll try to give more info on them.


- Secret PaladinMad Scientist > Haunted Creeper > Knife Juggler > Sir Finley Mrrgglton / With Coin: Eaglehorn Bow > Animal Companion

          - Match Specific: Unleash the Hounds > Hunter's Mark / With Coin: Explosive or Bear Trap but not Both, Piloted Shredder(Only If you have atleast 2 of the 2 Mana drops).

To Beat the Most Cancer Deck out there xD lol You Need to have board control, Kill the Knife Juggler and the Secretkeeper is Priority, clean everything in the board if you can, avoid letting the Avenge or Blessing of Kings buff, for the Challenger turn if you have theHunter's Mark its gg its practically the only threat there unless he has the Triforce (Dr 6,7 and 8) wich is more likely he will win. To beat the challenger turn, you need to have 2 or 3 creatures, or simply go full face against them and race them, be aware that the only thing that will save him is Playing Sludge Belcher Before challenger or having both Noble Sacrifice, if they use it, just taunt up and go face, you can race him most of the times. Freezing Trap could find its way here as an MVP. and unleash the hound can help you pass the challenger turn too. So you definedly have tons of tools, and if you get KT, even if he Aldor you will win more likely.

Note: Finely can have lots of use in here as he can trade to muster for battle and getting theFireblast hero power is Huge to get them out and the Noble Sacrifice


- RenoLock: Mad Scientist = Sir Finley Mrrgglton > King's Elekk = Knife Juggler > Haunted Creeper / With Coin: Animal Companion > Eaglehorn Bow

          - Match Specific: Hunter's Mark Ironbeak Owl With Coin:  Loatheb = Piloted Shredder(Only if you have 2 of the 2 mana drops)

I Gotta Say this match is Complicated and hard, I found Finley Here to be Huge, If you can get the life tap, This is not a Match that you will be abble to beat easy or rush him !! I mean it, He is very spell oriented to clear the board and has potent heals till he find Reno Jackson or Lord Jaraxxus (Sometimes Mal'Ganis), and could be combo oriented too so be aware, but been that said you are gonna run out of cards most opf the time or get stopped by Sylvanas Windrunner, you gotta understand how many board clears he has, how many he used before dropping good late games like Dr. Boom or Kel'Thuzad cause they are gonna mostly win you the game, as savannah will mostly be getting all the board clears and he is really good to eat all kind of spell, if you have Loatheb and can find lethal turn 6 to 8 do so if not, dont rush the board cause if you play a full board getting Twisting Nether will destroy you save some card unless you have lethal, this match its managable like Handlock, cause he can put gigants and taunt for free then reno heal for 30 and thats gg. This requires patient and good play !! LIKE I SAID BEFORE WONT BE A QUICK MATCH AT ALL MOST TIMES.


- Freeze Mage: King's Elekk > Knife Juggler > Ironbeak Owl > Eaglehorn Bow > Animal Companion

          - Match Specific: LoathebKill Command = Deathrattle Cards, Hunter's Mark / With Coin: Savannah Highmane > Dr. Boom

This Match Is no problem for hunter atleast in my experience, i almost never lose, you gotta push for face as fast as you can Mad Scientist or Sir Finley Mrrgglton are non factor here, he wont proc traps more likely he is gonna beat you with spell, and you wanna proc Ice Block and Ice Barrier fast and your hero power ignores barrier and can proc block, Loatheb locking his spell will doom him, but he doesnt have use in Mages turn 9 and beyond as he can alextraza you, the most dangerous turns are 6 to 8 cause is heavy spell focus for clears. Silence the Scientist if you must but save it for a good Doomsayer the one that destroys your board not the doomsayer that will only kill 3 to 6 damage in your board just go face and let that board dies, use that turn to hit spell or summon a casual deathrattle that will give you some damage next turn, Dr. Boom Have Many use Cause is he hasIce Block and puts a doomsayer, just proc the ice block and play Dr.7 when his turn start bots will explode and kill him or simple dont proc ice block and let boom bots die to doomsayer the explotion damage wont proc ice block. KT will save your board, specially if you deal with doomsayers early, he wont be able to kill him fast without losing important turns for him leaving with a full board always to keep pressuring damage.


- Control Priest: King's Elekk = Knife Juggler > Hunter's Mark > Mad Scientist / With Coin: Eaglehorn Bow > Ironbeak Owl(Only If you have 2 Drops)

          - Match Specific: Kill Command = Animal Companion > Piloted Shredder / With Coin: Loatheb > Savannah Highmane

This is Second moust harder class for you to face, He has several hard removals: Lightbomb, Entomb, SW:D and SW:P, Holy Nova that they will wreck you up if you let him, but have in mind that in order for him to apply this removals he has to pretty much spend a whole turn on them, specially the case of Entomb if you have 2 hard hitting creature lets say Boom and KT or Savannah Boom or something, Its gonna be hard for him to handle in the early turns 6-9, and you can take this on your advantage, Loatheb played after Savannah is huge !! but the most important thing is, is that you clear his whole board, specially the Northshire Cleric, dont let him get Power Word: Shield if one of the reason you dont wanna leave minions in his board, even if is a 1/2 o a 1/3, the same thing for Velen's Choosen, Hunter's Mark is something you wanna mulligan for, as many of them run Deathlord, and if you dont kill him fast or if he buff him, you are scrub, you wont be abble to apply face damage for pressure or build a board as he will take you down and heal, finley can give you card draw to avoid the whole board clear and still have something to win. KT is Supper huge here, he can be the target of Entomb or SW:D Leaving boom and Savannah out of that range, and he cant kill your board with KT in the full clear if you have KT in it !!


- Control Warrior: King's Elekk = Knife Juggler > Animal Companion > Mad Scientist > Eaglehorn Bow  / With Coin: Piloted Shredder

          - Match Specific: Loatheb / With Coin: Savannah Highmane, Dr. Boom

This Match is Quiet easy, he is very slow unless he has great curve with weapon and brawl wich is the most devastating thing from him, he is gonna armor up hard, so finley can help here with lots of card draw and never getting out of steam, in this type of long match tomb spider is usefull if you get another savannah even more than getting a king krush, but either one of those is fine, Thundra rhino isnt that bad either, specially if you keep the coin for a combo with savannah same turn. But avoiding the brawl is important, like renolock dont spamm the board with minions or when you have a good board just put loatheb and finish him, KT can do wonders in this match as a self taunt and as a trader with your other creature, and like has happened to me before KT winning the brawl is gg, cause when he plays brawl he is out of resources to kill your board more likely.


- FaceShaman: Mad Scientist > King's Elekk > Knife Juggler > Haunted Creeper > Eaglehorn Bow

          - Match Specific: Loatheb, Animal Companion > Bear Trap / With Coin: Piloted Shredder(If you have 2 Mana Drops) > HoundmasterHunter's Mark

Well this match is hard, he can get you from like 20 to 0 in 1 turn :/ Wich is total /(&$%$ if you ask me, but ohh well Bear trap is good to start and stop the early damage but play mad scientist always as a !! priority !!, If you can coin bow to clean the trogg that will help a lot, cause that a huge source of damage, dont be afraid to trade him, you need to control and stabilize the board or you will lose, loatheb after doomhammer play is huge, cause after that doomhammer there is gonna be spell spamming time, so big taunts are important, the biggest the minions to taunut with houndmaster the better, his hardest removals is Lava Burst, so dont be so confident on 5 hp taunts, belcher is awesome as he drop the slime too, but they usually run 1 or 2 Earth Shock, and the hunter's mark only target and one that should die or get freeze is totem golem dont hesitate on doing so.


- ZooLock: Mad Scientist = Haunted Creeper > King's Elekk > Animal Companion

           - Match Specific: Unlesh the HoundsExplosive Trap

You need to control his board, the main problem probbably is the turn 4 Imposion, wich is huge for him, filling his board, withour answer thats a defeat, if you have to spend the explosive trap or hounds on it, do so fast !! Your Silence must go on Nerubian Egg inmediatedly or in the void caller (Not many zoolocks run that card now, but some do, so always have that in mind), your most important thing is to get his board clear cause he can combo with really low 1 mana drops, so until you get savannah on te board pretty much clean or go face if you cant clean, He wont be abble to deal propperly with savannah easy, so thats your advantage, if you do good the first 4 to 5 turns you won the match more likely.


- MidRange Hunter: Mad ScientistIronbeak Owl = Haunted Creeper > Knife Juggler > King's Elekk

          - Match Specific: Unleash the Hounds = Animal Companion / With Coin: Piloted Shredder

This is a Mirror match so whoever gets the best card/curve wins, As both of you are a class that spamm the board to win, whoevers gets control early more likely will win, so Mad Scientist specially if you can get Freezing Trap, so if you can silence his, do so, always spamming the board is not ideal, specially if you controlling the board, hold on card sometimes, or you could get killed. this is cause if you flood the board cause can get a reverse sweep by Hounds, so be carefull, Kill commands is a thing and a big one, so NEVER, NEVER let a beast survive if you are close to lethal or somewhere around 10-15 health turn 6 and beyond, cause hunter can pull a big combo those turns with huge burst, even if its a 1/1 hound token, KILL IT !! I made that misstake once before !! trust me its not fun !! unless he obviously doesnt have spell damage card, and its whatever, but if you can get KT in the board first or if he doesnt have it !! you are in the best spot probably.


- Tempo Mage: Mad Scientist > King's Elekk = Knife Juggler > Haunted Creeper / With Coin: Piloted ShredderAnimal Companion

          - Match Specific: Eaglehorn Bow / With Coin: Ironbeak Owl > Loatheb

This is Not a Hard Match in my experience, If you get Bow or spells to control the early minions will help, Dont let Wyrm or Sorceres Survive long, as they boost this deck damage, and give this deck an early game, The silence must go on flame waker or scientist to avoid the tempo rush they have wich is huge, the only effective spell to kill waker is kill command having a beast, be aware, but if you got finley and can pick a Mage hero power idealy or druid to clean him with weapon that would be nice, for the rest is pretty much not a hard game, save Hunter's mark for antonidas or boom or some other huge minions like rag, but if you have to use it on waker do not doubt about it !!


- Mid Range Druid: King's Elekk > Knife Juggler > Eaglehorn Bow (With Coin This is High Priority) > Haunted Creeper > Mad Scientist / With Coin: Animal Companion

          - Match Specific: Hunter's Mark > Bear Trap > Piloted Shredder / With Coin: Loatheb > Sludge Belcher = Explosive Trap

This Match is not that simple, the thing in here is that you are favored against him, but the problem is that he can burst you down with combo :/ (14-15Dmg From Hand), so you could be winning the match and he can beat you in 1 turn :(, so always be aware that if he is holding card in hand is because is the combo, so play like he has it all the time. This is the only match where getting trap is not something that you mulligan for but if you get them you can keep, the bear thap is usually good to keep as they like to attack into traps to proc the flame trap, if you play trap turn 1 or 2 you are getting a free beast, or he thinks he can freeze his Darnassus Aspirant (And having a 3/3 that can deal with aspirant for free is sweet), that one must go down inmediatedly to avoid the tempo rush, playing your 2 drops specially those that can take him down is important or bow into him, you mark and silence must go on either Druid of the Claw or Ancient of War not everyone has AoW so if you see a druid of the claw that you cannot take easily just use it !!, mas scientist is not ideal in turn 2, cause if he play darnassus plus wrath and you get freezing trap on darnassu you just gave him the game, loatheb belcher and explosive trap must be hold in hand specially to deal with the combo or to protect something valuable, try not to play those just for curve they are your combo destroying cards


- Rogues In General: Mad Scientist > King's Elekk = Knife Juggler > Haunted Creeper / With Coin: Animal Companion > Piloted Shredder

          - Match Specific: Bear Trap Eaglehorn Bow / With Coin: Loatheb

This matches are pretty much the same, mill shouldnt be hard and he give you cards, no lack of steam on hunter is awesome, but oil wich is the most comman, he is favored, and he can sap your 6+ mana cards, and get huge tempo out of it, control the board and much as you can, if you find yourself with no board turn 6 and above try to play 2 or 3 little minions instead of just 1 big creature cause most of the time they will sap it and you will lose a turn, tempo and the game, save your spells for lethal and use minions to clear the board. the only big creatures oil have is Dr Boom or Edwin so Hunter's mark not a big factor here, and with BGH your Dr.Boom is not save. Loatheb have a huge impact in here, play it in turn 7 or above idealy to save your creatures, or before if you have a decent board.


For a Propper Mulligan you need to Know how the enemies Deck is structured and mulligan according to that, so always check out the popular deck is a way to learn and not get caught by surprice and lose.

+100 UpVote Content: Season By Season Update

First At All my appologize for the low commenting this wekk, i started my work at the hospital and this wek has being insane, i hope i can finish the other sections in between tomorrow and friday, but lets get in subjet:

So far This season i played more casual than ranked (Only 5 Ranked Games: So Far 5W/0L ranked) and doesnt seem to be any changes on the actual decks or the meta from last season, so i dont see how this will not work like did in the previous season.

Faced: RenoLock, Mid range Druid, Egg Druid, Zoolock x2. Rank 16 to 14 so far, Wich means its working against the aggresive low rank meta so far !!

Note: Even thought i havent play this deck much this season im being inform from comments and my cousin that he is playing this deck and ranking, really fast !! 


03/Feb/16: added 5 matches strategies in the section. Started the season by season game comments

04/Feb/16: added 3 More Matches stretegies in the section. Put some images on the Gallery :D

07/Feb/16: Added 3 more matches to complete the guide of mulligan and common matches, thx for all the support :D and sorry for the silence lately :( the work is a pain :(


Sir Finley Mrrgglton Action:

This Game I was 1 Damage Short From Lethal after i used my Hero power, So summoning Finley refreshes my Hero power and i had 3 options for face damage, Dagger or FireBlast or Druid hero power, 3/8 possibilities i took a chance i found lethal :D so yeah finley works


Kel'Thuzad Action:

This is Brought to you by a user Name Raiy0 To See some more of hte power from this deck


How Good is Tomb Spider? #KripparianVoice: I Actually had to Kil Command my own Gazhrilla plus Mage Hero Power Courtesy of Finley ;) But got the lethal damage just in time for Justicar, wich you all know what that means, 4 Armor Every Turn, when that is settle there is pretty much nothing you can do, but thx Tomb Spider for this Beast and finley for mage HP ;)


Some Images From last Season:

If you Like the Deck, Comment and Upvote Plz !!  ;D

If you have questions ask ;)