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Easy Wins; Hidden OP-Tavern Brawl

  • Last updated Feb 17, 2016 (Explorers)
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NOTE: This deck was for a previous Tavern Brawl.  If you enjoyed my off-beat deck, why not check out my new turbo healing Shaman Tavern Brawl deck!


Don't waste your time playing Valeera, the amount of taunts here will make your opponents concede in a fit.  As of writing this, under an hour into the launch of Blingtron's Beauteous Brawl, I am 5-0, all wins by concession.


Keep Dread Corsair, Southsea Deckhand, and Acidic Swamp Ooze, throw back any spells that aren't Innervate.  Otherwise, a 2 mana taunt is always worth keeping in hand, if you have nothing else to hold on to.


Card Options:
Grim Patron: I think he's amusing, but he's honestly a holdover from a previous iteration of this deck that featured Unstable Ghouls and other cards that have synergy with self damage.  It's still a viable option, that can work, but I moved away from it.  However, I still maintain that a 5/9 Grim Patron with taunt is downright hilarious.
   -  Harrison Jones: If you don't have him, either another acidic swamp ooze or anything that gives you card draw (Gnomish Inventor or Azure Drake fit within the theme of making high value trades)
   -  Volcanic Lumberer: Arguments definitely can and have been made against this card, and you're welcome to replace it whatever you'd like.
   -  Ancient of War: I imagine this may be an excellent addition, however I don't own it!  (Same goes for a second Ancient of Lore.)


-  Save your Acidic Swamp Ooze for the nasty threats, never waste it on any weapon with an attack of 3 or below.  There are 23 weapons total, by my count.  SIX of those have strength less than or equal to 3, 11 weapons have 2 or less.  If you use your ooze on a 3attack weapon, you only have a 52% chance of reducing the strength of your opponent's weapon, and a 26% chance of giving him/her something better!  (Of course, one of those is doomhammer, which is a good idea to get rid of vs shaman/rogues!)  IF, however, you remove a weapon of 4+ strength, you only have a 13% chance of helping your opponent, and 74% chance of improving your situation!  This also factors in to when to use your hero power to replace your own weapon.
   - Play around the idea that you WILL get a cursed blade.  Don't play hoping for a good RNG just because Eaglehorn Bow isn't the Truesilver Champion you wanted, rerolling could get you something much worse.  For my part, I only reroll Cursed Blades and Light's Justice.  If it was a good idea to reroll all the time, Savage Combatant would be mandatory for this deck.  Most weapons can be cycled out in two or less turns, and unless you're fishing for lethal, I've found it isn't worth the risk.
   -  If you ARE going to use your blingtron hero power, either do it AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE ON YOUR TURN, so you can play around what weapon you end up receiving!  For example, my usual turn two is to hit face (get rid of Foam Sword), check out what weapon I have, and then spend my two mana to either reroll a cursed blade, or play a taunt minion.
   -  Keep track of, and play around, your opponent's removal spells.  Usually in Hearthstone, it is a good idea to spend as much of your mana as you can each turn.  However, having a board full of taunts isn't going to help if your opponent blade flurries their gorehowl!  My advice would be to play the biggest minion you can each turn, within reason.  Maintaining board control is useless if your opponent can wipe the board, and you're out of cards!


Oh wow, this deck is getting more attention than I thought it would, thanks to everyone who commented and voted (up or down).

The main theory behind this deck is that giving everyone constant access to a weapon encourages very aggressive play.  More than anything, aggro decks hate taunts, so that's what we're throwing out, high hp taunts that can make aggressive and high value trades, fight for board control, while your opponent spends all their cards and their hp just trying to get on the board.

2/4/2016 Update:  If you're having trouble with this deck, it looks like the Tavern Brawl "meta" may be changing to adapt to decks with lots of board control.  I'm seeing a lot more Mages, and a lot more Ironbeak Owls.  Still, the number of people who are changing their playstyle to adapt to what's being played likely far smaller than the number of people who just throw together a deck and play, I'm still having quite a bit of success with this deck.

2/5/2016 Update:  As many (many, many) people in the comments have noted, this deck isn't the winning machine it was when the current Tavern Brawl launched.  It still wins more often than not in my hands, but I have to do a lot more of keeping track of what removal your opponents have played, and I'm not getting those wonderful "oh, I have made a terrible mistake in deck construction" turn three concessions.  To that effect, I ended up making what may be a cardinal sin of Druid deck construction and took out the innervates, they just weren't doing enough; drawing innervate after turn three often felt like a wasted card because the lack of card draw combined with the mana curve meant it just wasn't too useful.  I replaced them with some card draw minions, to make the minion:spell ratio a bit better for this style of deck, also they don't have taunt, so you can get full value out of the spells.  I just went 6-2 doing my daily quest for 60 gold, most were easy wins, one loss was a pure RNG disaster, and the other I simply got outplayed.


Final note: It's Tavern Brawl, have fun!  Sometimes that rogue is just going to find a Doomhammer, with two Tinker's Sharpsword Oil in their hand!