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    posted a message on Curve ball - mini-set: golden or normal

    Never spend more than what you -think- you need to enjoy any game, the absolute minimum. 

    Cosmetics, golden cards, battleground skins are all temptations to spend spend spend without really getting anything special in return.

    One day you will stop playing hearthstone like I did, I can guarantee you that. And then you will be looking back and thinking how much you’ve spent on something that simply wasn’t worth it… 

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    posted a message on Blizzard can’t even get the terms of use change right!

    So I try to log on and I got the click continue to accept the “change to the data controller” document. 

    I then click on the link to see what they are talking about… guess what “404 - page not found error”!! Needless to say that the link to accept and continue is active! 

    a games company who cannot even create a working link to a legal document… useless

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    posted a message on Which was the bigger failure, Mercenaries or Duels?

    Totally agree with OP, however the mercenaries pre sales and marketing was an obvious scam - they were selling packs before announcing what the cards would be / how the mode would work. 

    it was said on this forum a number of times so I don’t feel pity for those who purchased merc decks. It was a shot in the dark buying from a company known for its money grabbing attitude so it was to an extent deserved 

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    posted a message on Tips getting out of silver with Libram Paladin.

    You can’t beat blizzards sophisticated matchmaking! It matches you against decks that have higher win rates against the deck you are playing. Two options 

    quit like I did

    keep on grinding until the algorithm thinks it’s the right time to lvl 

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    posted a message on The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results
    Quote from FlyingCarrot >>

    Im trying to get the legendary card back. 

    I don't care about the extra pack, but i have kept seeing people who already have it in diamond 5.

    I have played this game for since black rock mountain, i have never hit legend and i don't want to humiliate myself by using these brain dead net decks to receive the achievement.. 7 years of meta decks, 7 years of trying to have fun, 7 bloody years.

    I want to finally end it, i get the legendary card back and that will be the end of the grinding forever.

     The thing you complain about is what kept you playing for seven years. Hearthstone is a mediocre and expensive game. There are far better games out there. The reason it kept you playing for years is purely gambling psychology.

    The whole game ( rng, matchmaking, draw order) are all part of this and they are all carefully programmed to keep you playing 

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    posted a message on Magister Dawngrasp, the most pointless hero card in HS history?

    This thing when people like the op post card names without linking them assuming everyone knows all the hearthstone cards by name is so frustrating… 

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    posted a message on Ready for tomorrow guys?

    OP could have started a thread titled “I’ve completed the rewards track” as that’s just a show off…. Clap clap you are ready for today…guy

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    posted a message on Delete all stormwind quests
    Quote from ChosenOne >>

    when will HS playerbase realize the game has been in same meta shift/rotation since forever!

    Either too long control fights where aggro players cry like little babies, OTK where control entitled players feel their superior whale wallet has been targeted, or current midrange/tempo with turbo quests.

    They want a 49-51% winrate for all classes at all times, this is how they balance the game which is ******** game design philosophy! They want you to win some lose some, which is why the game is a rock-paper-scissor

    ^^ this

    even if quests disappear ( pointless post by OP but anyhow) the meta will still be a Rock Paper Scissors - worst game design ever - to keep win rates close to 50% 

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    posted a message on Identify What is Wrong With Battlegrounds

    The single thing that is wrong with battlegrounds is the electronic roulette algorithm that drives it.

    Who goes first, who you play against next, whether you get a triple, what minion gets hit and in what order… the list is endless and the entire thing is controlled by software.

    There’s nothing that the player can do. No strategy can mitigate any of the above as it’s all controlled by software. 

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    posted a message on new annoying quest

    Same here - 100 frost damage!!! I mean how are we supposed to do this?? I re-rolled it

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    posted a message on Gonna try for legend

    If you think that a “top tier” deck will easily get you to legend you are either new to the game or quite naive… the matchmaking will make sure your win rate is kept at 50-52%. You win 9 games on average and lose 8 and the endless boring grinding begins 

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    posted a message on Chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov is diamond 5 in Hearthstone

    I can’t believe people think “he’s into hearthstone”. How naive.


    It’s obviously a marketing campaign. He’s getting paid so ranking and the passion about hearthstone is part of his job.

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    posted a message on Zeddy is unhappy about new balance patch


    Quote from Lobodomy >>

    Random nobody is angry about something, yay.

    Random nobody has more than 37,000 subs on YouTube - I find him more honest than the majority of hearthstone streamers.

    He knows that the game is rigged and that rage sells and his channel is quite popular. I prefer to watch zeddy than blizzard fun boys. I can’t find anything he says that I don’t agree with…. 

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    posted a message on No mercenary in pack?

    I’m glad I haven’t spent any money or time on mercenaries.

    The monetisation system is a joke that resembles gambling more than any other microtransaction process used by blizzard. 

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    posted a message on Future of Heartstone.

    Ive been losing interest for months now… I had said in this forum several times that the game is going downhill, some times due to frustration after losing a game, sometimes because I found the meta boring. But I kept on playing… less so every day but I did.

    However in the last 6 months or so I have genuinely lost interest and I play significantly less. Every meta is a bit more tedious than the previous one, rng is well controlled centrally, activision charge so much for something that will become obsolete so soon…

    is it worth it? Probably not for me. Will I keep playing? again probably a few games a day but not in the long term

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