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    posted a message on I am very proud to my very own deck which took me to legend on EU servers.

    I made this deck tk beat meta. It does EXTREMELY well against Secret Pala, Aggro Hunter and Spell Mage and very well against Rush Warrior and usual Control Priesr. From D5 to Legend it was smooth ride with minimum loses.

    Yeah I know that Kibler was playing something similar. I brewed this deck before his youtube video actually. I checked it out and if I remember correctly he was not playing 4 mana AOE minions, which are key cards against aggro decks.

    Johnny's Priest

    Class: Priest

    Format: Standard

    Year of the Gryphon

    2x (0) Desperate Prayer

    1x (0) Raise Dead

    1x (1) Draconic Studies

    2x (1) Renew

    2x (2) Horrendous Growth

    2x (2) Insight

    2x (2) Thrive in the Shadows

    2x (3) Apotheosis

    2x (3) Hysteria

    2x (3) Palm Reading

    2x (3) Venomous Scorpid

    1x (4) Blademaster Samuro

    1x (4) Xyrella

    1x (5) Dark Inquisitor Xanesh

    1x (5) Fleethoof Pearltusk

    2x (6) Lightshower Elemental

    1x (7) Soul Mirror

    1x (9) Carnival Clown

    1x (10) N'Zoth, God of the Deep

    1x (10) Y'Shaarj, the Defiler


    To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

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    posted a message on Is Paladin too strong?


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    posted a message on Hunter needs to be nerfed

    Welcome to HS where classes with cheap devastating spells, mana cheating and free minions are dominating. Aggro mana cheating HS entertainment since 2014.

    There are several problems in HS since day 1:

    Charge mechanics and cheap face damage (charge was almost eliminated years after developers finally realized they fuck up) - cheap face damage means damage from generated spells and any direct damage spells from mage, rogue or shaman (also cheap and doing too much damage for its cost) and cheap indirect damage (that rush beast in Hunter now, 0 mama buffs in Paladin, that 8/8 minion in demon hunter, new Alextrasza etc.)

    Buffs are problem - weapon minion, doesnt matter.

    Some mechanics destroying whole round for opponent - counter spell.

    In some cases there is not problem with card itself, but that some classes can't counter that.

    Look at Priest for example: they don't have weapons, secrets, direct face damage, good buffs, they have a lot of healing this expansion and two mana cheating spells (which are probably best priest cards right now), but usually spells and minions are too passive and too expensive to counter damage spams from opponents.

    Lets say that elemental for 6 - 6/6 taunt with 8 healing.


    It is too expensive for a little healing ans bad stats. It will just delay your devastation about 1 round. Any 1 cost or 2 cost spell doing 3 damage will clear half of it, second half weapon and that 8 heal is irrelevant in this scenario.

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    posted a message on Tickatus is good or bad for this game because...

    When I play against Warlock with my Priest Tickatus is basically the only card destroying me.

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    posted a message on Deck Of Lunacy Needs another revision/Nerf

    Fireball should be hofed long time ago. Or should be made legendary or something.

    I died too many times by 2 fireballs in my face, sometimes three because one was RNG.

    It is Leeroy Jenkins of spells. Definitely top 3 spell in Hearthstone.

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    posted a message on Report your post-nerf standard experience!

    Good, annoying Rogue was shining long enough. Hope this class will Vanish (pun intended) for a few years together with overpowered 0 and 1 mana spells and cycling through all deck before turn 7.

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    posted a message on Lunacy experience remains the same

    The problem is mage spells in general. Fireball is crazy, 6 dmg for 4 mana, compare it to the similar rare spell of Warrior where you have crazy condition to do 6 dmg for 4.

    Counterspell usually causes auto lose, but fortunatelly spell mage doesn't have minions for counterspell to be that relevant.

    But they have more cheap face damage. 5 dmg for 5 mana create 5 mana minion, lol. Janice who was nerfed do similar effect and it is legendary card, but there you have a chance to clear it next round.

    7 mana deal 10 dmg is ridiculous. On top of that the generated spells usually contains that 4x3/5 minions going face.

    Yeah, the deck is broken. Whole game is broken. I have just tried Paladins and didnt feel any weakening there.

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    posted a message on Playing since 2014 and last year meta was the best

    I actually stopped playing two years ago because HS got really boring. I tried it last december again and it was best meta I have ever experienced. Of course Shaman with evolve weapo  was very annoying, but it was not Quest Rogue or Shudderwock annoying.

    After Shaman nerf the meta was amazing. Any class could beat any class basically, there were huge amount of various decka in Tier 1 and Tier 2.

    Now we are back on the old trail and I see reasons why I quit Hearthstone before. I hope the nerfs will help, but I don't think that Paladin/Mage/Rogue will stop being dominating classes.

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    posted a message on Nerf suggestions / ideas – emphasis on soft nerfs

    Nerfing Pen Isgrinder makes total sense. It is most played card in all decks at this moment. It has effect like legendary minion yet it costs 1 mana. It is too powerful in decks which are already too powerful even without Grinder. It is mind blowing that they marked it as common card. Design fail in tier of old good Quest Rogue. Turn 5 board full of 5/5 divine shields.

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    posted a message on This expansion surprised me

    I believe that last expansion was probably best. Every class had strong deck, tier 1 and tier 2 had like 15 different decks. You could play bomb warrior, highlander mage, ress priest, galakrond warlock, pure pala, miracle rogue, otk demon hunter, totem shaman, big druid, highlander hunter and have a chance against all other decks. Every deck had second variant with same strenght - demon warlock, big warrior, big priest, aggro hunter and rogue, pen flinger paladin etc etc 

    Now you have literally 2 competetive classes with 3 competetive decks....





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    posted a message on What is up with Priest?
    Quote from C_A_W >>

    - Blizzard and Iksar hyping Shadow Priest for like 2 months for them to print a better Shadowform for Mage.

    - Every class got a win condition or something cool this expansion. What did Priest get ? same old removal and healing for 6th expansion in a row. Ever since RoS, 2 years ago, Priest has only lost win conditions and didn't get a single one in return.

    - The last time Blizzard intentionally printed a win-con for Priest was in KFT with Anduin.

     Yeah it is kinda sad that priest gets 0 mana or 1 mana heal 5 every time - amazing, so now you have play 1 more round before you die (if you are lucky and you will not get 7 mana 10 - 12 damage to the face.

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    posted a message on This expansion surprised me

    Hs from 2014, this is one of worst expansions ever. Facing 7 mages 2 paladins and 1 warlock in 10 games is no fun. The only worse metas were 1. quest rogue - it was pure cancer 2. shudderwock shaman - it was pure cancer. Now you have at least 2 decks to play with and 1 tier 2 deck if you are bored with mirrors consisted of who will get better random cards.

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    posted a message on Kirin Tor Mage to 4 mana

    No Kirin is fine. The problem since forever is Counterspell. That card should be just deleted. It basically shut down any board clear answers and if you dont have cheap spell or saving coin, it wins games because it will ruin whole round for you. There is no way to play around counterspell even if you know the "secret"

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    posted a message on Zephrys the no so Great (sometimes)

    Yeah the pool of cards seem really narrow. It usually gives you AOE when u r at 10 mana aginst big board, but nothing amazing around 5 mana when you face aggro. It never gives you good healing (well there is not many good healing cards now) and when you place him when you need card draw or you face Tickatus and you need more cards, it gives you complete crap like Tyrion.

    On the other side if you face Mage burning you down with spells, it gives him always Fireball to finish you off...

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    posted a message on The game is the worst I've ever seen right now.

    This took me to legend this month:

    Against Rogues keep taunt and cheap AOE and healing card (same for Hunters and Demon Hunters),

    Against Druids keep cheap AOEs  and against Pallys keep 9 mana AOEs and other AOEs. Against control Warlocks the only way to win is to copy paste their 5 mana legendary shuffle 3 cards with Soul Mirror and then ressurect it few times (but it works surprisingly well). If you can't copy paste dont use any card draw during whole match. It is pretty hard to master Priest to be honest, so just copy that deck is not enough I believe.




    ### Big
    # Class: Priest
    # Format: Standard
    # Year of the Phoenix
    # 2x (1) Renew
    # 2x (2) Insight
    # 1x (2) Penance
    # 1x (2) Shadow Word: Death
    # 2x (3) Breath of the Infinite
    # 2x (3) Hysteria
    # 2x (3) Palm Reading
    # 1x (4) Archmage Vargoth
    # 1x (4) Holy Nova
    # 2x (5) Convincing Infiltrator
    # 2x (6) Khartut Defender
    # 1x (7) Soul Mirror
    # 1x (8) Catrina Muerte
    # 2x (8) Idol of Y'Shaarj
    # 2x (9) Blood of G'huun
    # 2x (9) Mass Resurrection
    # 2x (9) Plague of Death
    # 1x (10) C'Thun, the Shattered
    # 1x (10) Scrapyard Colossus
    # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone






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