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    posted a message on The game is the worst I've ever seen right now.

    If u see ramp paly or braindead druid, just use warlock or priest with aoes. I have hit legend with warlock last month and ress priest this month. Farming those aggro netdecks is easy this month with Priest.

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    posted a message on The Pepper Thread - Share your good vibes!

    I have just hit the legend second time in row after 1.5 years of inactivity.

    Ress Priest is way to go this month. With the flood of braindead Rogues, braindead token druids, netdeck Paladins and me go face Hunters it was smooth ride from rank 5 to legend (I had like 2 losses).

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    Is it fucking normal Blizzard to give all tools to fucking Treant Druids in Duels? I mean turn 2 full board of 3 3 is little overkill. You should return money for this scammy shit. Died two times against savage roar treant combo board full of 8/8 and now turn 2 board full of 3/3s what a joke. In the meanwhile other classes has powerful cards banned. Fucking test your game. 

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    Control was never alive because retarded face decks were always pushed forward and most annoying class in hearthstone history, Rogue, always getting tools to finish everything before turn 5.

    Remember Quest Rogue? Remember Kingsbane Rogue? Miracle Rogue? Now they have 5 mana legendary summoning 2x 5 cost minions, 1 mana card - rotate my deck and find card I need, infinite combo card generator, they still have most powerful removal Sap for 2 mana and eviscerate (should be hofed long time ago), crazy weapon with crazy buffs (card giving plus attack to minion and weapon was rotated long time ago because of power level and they took it back lol). But I feel Rogue is weakest ever now even all these tools because my control healing discarding opponent deck taunt warlock can be healed finally!

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    posted a message on Help me reach Legend and quit the game for good.

    I wasn't playing HS for two years almost (multiple legend before that).

    I startrd last week of December without knowing anything about new keywords and stuff. Got to platinum 4 in few days with Pure Pala.

    Got to legend first week in January with Gala Warlock adjusted slightly to meta (meaning I was beating evolve shamans pre nerf).

    It is not that hard. You just need brainz a little and not just blindly copy paste net deck. I used Warlock with that 6 mana sticky healing minion, 7 mana choose 2 abilities legendary and 2 doomsayers to prevent evolve shaman, aggro and big minioj decks to play after cleaning boards so I can play tickatus. I cut out that 4 mana epic which draws 4 cards (it was always dead card in most of matches) used that 7 mana legendary draw 4 cards.

    But for some reason legend rank is full of braindead aggro decks tryharding instead of players enjoying custom decks and Warlock has no use there, so I switched to control priest and control warrior and I am eating all those zoolocks and demon hunters and OTK decks for breakfast.

    Just play, use brain and tech in cards to adjust to meta.

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