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    posted a message on [LEGEND] because i hate reno????

    The guy is funny. He is just like a breath of fresh air. Pretty pissed of also. But i get him. Nowadays everybody has the right to question everything. 

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    posted a message on Ben Brode: The New Player Experience Needs Work

    I think they should make more mechanics in the ladder rather than boosting everyone.


    Rush decks should have higher chance to be matched up together aswell as control decks.

    Control decks that have high winrate should be matched more often against rush decks.

    More stars to gain at each rank. Don't loose rank. No more winning spree.

    More ranks.

    Very high rate winning decks should be matched against eachother.

    At end of season rewards should 3 types

    1. based upon total number or wins (don't care about looses)

    2. Rank achieved

    3. Number of games (if your win ratio is above 50% to avoid concede abuse).

    More rules to the matchmaking. Make very efficient decks match against other very efficient decks. win ratio should be a matchup rule

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    posted a message on The Meta is Actually Healthy, Contrary to Popular Belief

    Yes.  As a renolock i face.  Fell from 6 to 9 climbed to 6 fell again to 10 climbed to 7.. Wtf? 

    110 matches

    28 shamans

    37 pirate warrior

    9 priests

    9 locks

    ... The rest

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    posted a message on The phone of a face Warrior

    Super great.  I guess it's your's 

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    posted a message on Drakonid Operative needs to be nerfed

    The card will be nerfed naturally when the rotation comes.  Many dragons will dissappear. And "if you have a dragon"  will be a big downside

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    posted a message on Reno-Zakas Mage

    Rank ?

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    posted a message on Jai/Coexist Pirate Warrior - Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

    There are better cards for synergy and close to 20dmg in one turrn combo... Moar weapon buffs

    Also you definately need some card draw. Heavy taunt/ooze/harrison decks will rip you in pieces

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    posted a message on New Legendary Card - Mayor Noggenfogger

    Best board control ever

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    posted a message on Card Reveal Stream

    10 pst


    8 cet


    6 gmt

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    posted a message on New Card Reveal: White Eyes

    Entomb buff - check

    Sylvanas + SW : Death buff - check

    Mind Control buff - check

    Hozen Healer + Auchenai buff - check

    No more cards in deck to win the game - check


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    posted a message on New Druid Card - Jade Idol

    Thouthsteal, mind vision.  Oh boy.  Need to play more steal cards deck

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    posted a message on Malfurion Miller

    Get gadzetzan

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    posted a message on New Druid Card - Jade Idol
    Quote from trickster54321 >>

    After thinking about this card for a bit, I think that a deck built around this card has the chance to get crushed by something more aggressive.  

    Outside of the crazy combo that you can achieve late in the game by running this off ofGadgetzan Auctioneer, this card rapidly depletes your card draw for very limited effects early on.  A deck dependent on a lot of these MUST use the first one to add 3 to the deck, and collecting those early on lead to you running out of cards very early OR being extremely vulnerable to a hard board clear. Innervate combined with this card will allow you to get INSANE value out of the card after turn 6, but people are going to start saving their removal against Druids, who can't hide the Auctioneer like Rogue.  


    1. For this card to be effective, two of the first 4 times you play it, it has no effect on the board, loses you tempo, and takes up space in your hand.

    2.  The insane Gadgetzan combo looks to be like a stretch that can only be achieved realistically in a control deck, and can only be effective for  a single turn before your opponent destroys the auctioneer.

    3. Even if you save all the cards for the "insane gadgetzan combo" on curve (Innervate ,Jade Idol,Gadgetzan Auctioneer), an opponent can still hit you one more turn to burst finish because none of the jade idols have taunt.

    4. I really like the way this fits into a spell druid, but its going to reduce early game consistency a lot IMO.

    5...the summary:  This card is VERY unique in that it gives you the chance to abuse the mana curve, but at a heavy cost of both Tempo, and card advantage...for this card to be effective, I think it needs to be placed in a deck with a HEAVY emphasis on card draw...but that kind of a deck has a chance to really screw you in the early game because the value that your cards spend on card draw.

    If you compare its potential to other late game cards, this card even at its best can't protect your hero and is an aggressive move that leaves you VERY vulnerable to all burst damage from your opponent.

     On mana 6 you abuse fandral staghelm. 
    On mana 10 you abuse gadzetzan. 
    Use card draw a lot and ramp up
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    posted a message on New Druid Card - Jade Idol
    Quote from Oshigawa >>

    I think this is the first time in history nobody clicked dust it :O

     There's a guy that can't read!!!
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    posted a message on New Druid Card - Jade Idol

    This card is incredible.

    You send it back first time. Play your ramp minions/ jade golems. Use it once if needed. Send again. It's an AUTO WIN if it take more than 14 turns. You only need card draw and fandral for ultimate WHORE combo - Mana 10 - Fandral - Nourish - Jade Idol - Jade Idol - Jade Idol - Innervate - Jade Idol - Jade Idol. 

    Next turn .. Aya !!! Clear that board bitches. Changed my mind.

    Thought Steal - Mind Vision > LET THE GAMES BEGIN

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